New CZ EVO and SIG MPX Stocks From Lage Manufacturing

Lage Manufacturing, the company known for the upper receiver that turns the MAC-10 submachine gun into a firearm that is actually enjoyable to own and shoot, just announced a series of new stocks and adapters for the Sig MPX and the CZ EVO pistol caliber carbines. Both guns are currently extremely popular with the short barreled rife (SBR) and suppressor crowd. However, both manufacturers have previously suffered supply issues when it comes to stocks and and adapters.

Besides different stock shapes, Lage has engineered the adapters to fold either to the right or the left and either straight or with a five degree cant. MSRPs range from approximately $100 to $200 depending on styles and options.


We have been developing a new line of stocks for the past 6 months and are finally ready to launch this new product line. We have the largest selection of different stock configurations than any other manufacturer for your CZ EVO Scorpion or SIG MPX carbine or pistol. 11 different stock configurations are available for the Scorpion and 14 for the MPX

We have fixed stocks of different lengths, left folding, right folding, compact and slim K-Stocks, fixed and folding AR 15 stock adapters and fixed and folding shooting brace adapters. All folding stock configurations are designed to allow the gun to be operated and fired with the stock in the folded position. Individual components are also available, such as stock adapters, folding mechanisms and stocks for your own custom application. Additionally, all of these stocks will fit on a gun that has an ACE Rifle Stock patterned mount (two #10-32 mounting screw holes spaced 5/8″ (.625″) apart and 1/4″ (.250″) pocket in the center).

CZ Scorpion EVO:


Sig Sauer MPX:



These are in stock and ready for purchase. You can order on-line from our webstore at Dealer pricing is available.


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  • nova3930

    NOW they launch new stocks and adapters. Looked at lage for my EVO but was concerned about interference issues. Ended up going with the Zhukov conversion, which has worked out pretty well. That 5 degree cant K stock looks like it would work really well though…

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      What’s the advantage of the 5 deg cant?

      • nova3930

        Doesn’t block the ejection port or the trigger. Fire while folded capability.

  • Dracon1201

    C’mon. We’ve been waiting on their MCX Ace adaptors and they give us more Scorp and MPX stuff…

  • Cory C

    Nice! My tax stamp should be in soon, and I was worried about the shortage of CZ stocks.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Glad to see all the support for the EVO! It’s price point and updated carbine version make it a very cool and affordable to own. They literally have ever accessory you could want someone offers. I do wish there was more selection in the aftermarket pistol grips.

    • Cory C

      I mostly agree, but my “inexpensive” EVO is already racking up quite a pricetag. Haha.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Yeah my inexpensive $500 Glock is close to $1000 lol and most of the parts aren’t even on it!

  • Malthrak

    I actually had a very easy time finding a Scorpion SBR kit (just signed on in everyone’s “notify me when back in stock” list and was able to find one within a couple of weeks, well before the stamp came back), but its cool to see the greater array of options.

    • Kelly Jackson

      This is just a stock, you’d still need a bunch of other US made parts to make a Scorpion an SBR

  • Anomanom

    Am I the only one who thinks that the *ahem* stock stock is actually pretty nice?

    • FarmerB

      Maybe, I don’t like it. It’s extremely difficult to manipulate.

    • Kelly Jackson

      It is, but it’s nearly impossible to find in STOCK

  • Cory C

    What’s the advantage to the cant?

    • NMac

      If it folds to the right it gives clearance for the ejection port

    • Cymond

      It doesn’t block the ejection port when folded.

  • Fox hunter

    No options for Thureon defense and other PCCs? CZ and Sig dont have scorpions and mpxs in 45 or 10mm.

  • Sasquatch

    I like both but will probably get the cz for the price. Sig what were you thinking.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Does anyone make an AR-15 stock adapter for the CZ Scorpion EVO and a Magpul K2-style vertical pistol grip that doesn’t look like it was made by a 3D printer?

  • James

    Cool stocks. Too bad the Evo is an over priced carbine/”pistol” with horrible ergos. Honestly, I’d rather have 2 sub2ks than one evo.