The CZ 452: My Favorite .22 Rifle

CZ out of the Czech Republic makes some absolutely stellar .22 rifles that are often overlooked in the USA because of preference for semi-autos or domestically manufactured products, but abroad CZ rimfire rifles are hugely popular. While they do have a following in the USA, in Europe CZ rules the roost and they are a favorite for small game hunters or target shooters across the continent.
In this episode we show off a CZ 452-2E and do some shooting with a suppressor.

Steve says: FYI: Alex’s scope is now called the Nikon P-RIMFIRE.

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Transcript …

(insects buzzing and gun reloading) (metal ding of target being hit) (gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) – [Voiceover] Hey guys, it’s Alex C with TFP TV.

If you follow our program, then you know that I keep a madsen m47 in 30 ot 6 in my vehicle on the ranch in case I see a coyote.

But I keep a much smaller gun in case I see a different animal like a rabbit or a squirrel.

That gun is cz 452-2e with a threaded barrel usually equipped with a coastal gun p22 suppressor.

It’s a very light and handy 22 and it is, of course, a bolt action that can accept five or ten round magazines and it’s actually one of my favorite guns to shoot.

Who doesn’t like ringing steel with a 22 rifle all day? The cz 452’s receiver is made from a single steel billet and sports a hammer forge 16 inch barrel.

The trigger’s adjustable to the shooter’s taste and it can accept five or ten round magazines.

Although I prefer the flush fit five rounder.

While the barrel’s thread pitch was half by 20, I bought a half by 28 adapter for 20 dollars so I could run my 22 suppressor.

With an overall length of just over 33 inches, it sure is a handy little thing.

I put on a pretty big optic for a rather small 22, a Nikon p22 two to seven by 32; it’s served me well.

The radical’s very nice with clear marks for drop compensation at fixed distances.

But let’s shoot it a bit.

(gun loading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (metal ding and gun reloading) (gun shooting a blank) (metal ding and gun reloading in distance) (metal ding and gun reloading in distance) (metal ding and gun reloading in distance) Shooting steel with a suppressed 22 never ceases to entertain.

It always blows my mind how much louder the bullet impact in the steel is than the actual report of the rifle.

It’s also a great way to teach new shooters.

The rifle isn’t very intimidating because it doesn’t make too much noise.

(birds chirping) (gun loading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) (gun reloading and metal ping) So obviously the number one, most important factor to look for in a 22 or any rifle you’re going to use to hunt small game with is accuracy.

A squirrel or rabbit is a very small target.

And if I’ve learned one thing while hunting these animals, it’s that you can’t expect the animal to sit there and wait for you while you shoot it.

(gun firing) The cz-452 is a great option for most of our viewers and I say that with some confidence because being a bolt action, it’s not only 50 state legal but it’s also legal in restrictive countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and so on and so forth, pretty much anywhere you can get a fire arm, you can get some sort of bolt action 22.

That’s probably the least restricted fire arm in the world, that and shot guns, of course.

That being said, there’s other variants of this gun.

And there’s also the cz-455 which is somewhat similar.

I’m just a little biased because I’m so familiar with the 452 and having a lot of trigger time with this example, I just know that it’s a great gun.

I really like shooting it; it’s fantastic.

And thing is how it’s so popular around the world.

I’ve seen lots of videos of people in the UK using a variant of this gun.

There’s gonna be parts availability all over the place.

While the ruger 10/22 is kind of, obviously, the most popular 22 in the United States, semi automatics are more restricted in places like Australia, so this is an option for our Australian viewers to look at.

It’s a great rifle; you don’t have to wear the cowboy hat while shooting one either.

So that was test at about 80 to 85 yards right there.

And it grouped the first group of five rounds was about an inch.

And the second one was much less.

I almost same holed with every single one with wolf ammunition, which is good ammunition.

Really guys, this was kind of a self indulgent video.

I just wanted to showcase one of my favorite rifles, my favorite 22 for sure and hope you enjoyed it.

Special thank you for watching and hope to see you next time.

(gun fires and reloads)

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Ludwig_Vorgrimler

    Friend of mine owned an Ultra Lux version of this rifle for a while and I was very impressed with it. With the long barrel and subsonic ammunition, the trigger pull and the sound of the projectile hitting the dirt was louder than the gunshot.

    Great fun, and quite accurate.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Ya. My 455 Lux cut down to 16″ is stupid quiet as it should be, but also the most fun rifle I own with open sights.

    • Jay

      the Ultra Lux is definitely a keeper. Great irons on it, and also happens to be gorgeous. I have one of those and a pair of 452 Scouts for the kids.

  • Lemdarel

    Alex, have you ever played with the trigger using a spring and sear shim kit? I’ve gotten mine down to just over 1lb with no creep.

    • Mogwan Boggie

      Add a $30 Yodave shim kit to one of these babies and it’ll shoot better than a $1500 Anshutz. I own a lefty 452 American and a 452 Lux. build quality and accuracy are superb. Unfortunately, BRNO stopped 452 production about 3-4 years ago (they continued them in Lefty only till around 2015) and went to the 455 with interchangeable .17HMR-.22LR-.22Mag actions/barrels on the same stock. Personally, i think the 452 is a better firearm however many reviewers say the newer design is superior… you won’t find better iron sights than on the 452 Lux and American was specifically made only for scopes.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    And there’s also the cz-455 which is somewhat similar.


  • Sometimes I forget how much fun shooting can be. That was a fun day.

    • Blake

      “Anyone who has not made a small target dance with a .22 autoloader has deprived themselves of one of life’s simple pleasures.” –Chuck Hawks

      I’ve wanted a CZ rimfire for a long time now. Might have to do something about that soon…

    • me

      We’re you shooting standard velocity or subs?

      • iksnilol

        Standard velocity is most often subsonic 🙂

        • IndyToddrick

          Yes, but most ammo labeled “subsonic” is not enough pressure to operate semi auto guns (I’ve heard most are 22 Short powder levels). Standard Velocity works in most semi autos. I use standard velocity, and I think Alex must be using standard velocity to achieve that accuracy at 85yds. I sure wouldn’t mind having a CZ bolt gun for ultra quiet shooting, but I am pretty happy with my 10/22 and Kel Tec SU-22 (4lbs). I’m more tempted to get a dedicated 22lr suppressor, since my 5.56 one is bulky and doesn’t seem to be any quieter than a much smaller 22lr can. I get jealous when I see those skinny little cans on the end….

          • iksnilol

            That’s a bonus, no action noise 😉

          • IndyToddrick

            Yes, and presumably slightly better accuracy from a bolt gun. I haven’t tried it, but I’m pretty sure you could easily hold the bolt closed on a semi to prevent it from cycling. I wish every semi auto had an adjustable gas block, but of course 22 semis are direct blowback, so there is no gas block, but a locking bolt would be a cool option.

          • iksnilol

            Was done on German trainer rifles. The bolt handle could pivot down like the bolt on a bolt action rifle would (Which would hold the bolt in the forward position).

            That way the same rifle could be both a semi and bolt action.

    • Madcap_Magician

      I have a CZ 452 with the military trainer iron sights. Hands-down the best-designed iron sights I’ve ever seen on a rimfire rifle. Beautiful rifle, nice trigger, cloverleaf accurate.

      Shooting pistols or centerfire rifle almost seems like work to me sometimes, but six hours of Zen mode just shooting cans or trying to shoot small five-shot groups with a bolt .22? Bliss.

  • Bob

    I got me an early Marlin Glenfield Model 25, which is similar, being a bolt action .22LR with seven round mags, which I have been known to shoot while wearing a cowboy hat. I might take it out sometime, now that I’ve seen this video…

  • Kelly Jackson

    I like the super compact “Youth” model but I have a hard time justifying the price of a .22 bolt action when compared to a Ruger 10/22. Actually I have a hard time justifying any .22 other than the Ruger.

    • Tassiebush

      Gee that looks handy!

  • Darrell

    .22 lr Lux and .22 wmr American 452s here, both are tackdrivers and beautiful to boot.

  • sean

    I got the 452 military trainer about nine years ago, to this day I’m still surprised when i whack a ground squirrel at 70 yards with open sights…I love that rifle.

  • plingr2

    cz 452 is not bad, but ZKM 456 is queen

  • Nicholas C

    Alex, how would you compare this to the Ruger American Rimfire? I did not think much about a bolt action .22LR until I bought the American Rimfire. Now it is one of my facvorite guns to shoot. I like it because of the high capacity 10/22 mags.

    • Bub

      Not trying to jump ahead of Alex, but the cz452 is leaps and bounds ahead of Ruger. Not that the Ruger American is bad and does have a nicer mag, but the cz is feels more like a quality centerfire rifle.

      • Ed Forney

        I’ve had a 10/22 for about 55 years, and with a 4 power scope, it’s the most accurate rifle I’ve ever owned.

        • iksnilol

          At what distance?

          Any group sizes?

          Am genuinely curious.

          • Ed Forney

            Had a target with a 2″ circle at 50 yards at the range earlier this year. Hadn’t shot it for years. Didn’t even try for a group, just put 60 rounds in it at a fairly fast pace with 50 year old ammo. I also shot at some small pieces of paper on the hill at the 100 yard mark, and made them jump all over the place. Held the crosshairs right on, and didn’t hold over at all, which kind of surprised me. When I was a teen, my grandfather had a huge walnut tree. I shot every walnut off that tree freehand. Grandpa was pissed ! Actually, I’m taking my AR to the range today, if it doesn’t rain. I’ll take the Ruger and see what it can really do.

          • Ed Forney

            I drove 35 miles to the Delaware County State Parks shooting range (Ohio), and found it closed. Apparently, it’s been so hot and dry here, that big caliber rounds have been ricocheting off the rock hard ground, passing over the 15 foot tall dirt backstop, and landing in the reservoir, about 300 yards behind the range. The fishermen were getting pretty upset with bullets hitting the water around them. Going to be closed for at least a week, so the DNR can make the backstop higher. The most popular outdoor shooting range in the state.

          • Ed Forney

            !” ten shot group at 50 yds. Can’t figure out how to insert a picture. Probably could have done better 40 years ago !

        • HenryV

          Now that is a long term test. 🙂

    • MissileMech

      I will buy a CZ one day because they are so well made and I love to hunt small game. The one thing I don’t like about the RAR is the magazine release hangs down right where you put your hand when carrying in the field. Why make the mag flush fit and then have a 1/2″ long lever hanging off the bottom?

      • Cymond

        Because the magazines were designed in 1964 and the RAR was designed in like 2014.
        The 10/22 used to come with a flush magazine release, but most shooters replaced them, so Ruger recently started including extended releases from the factory.
        The RAR just mirrors that lesson. If it really bothers you, it shouldn’t be hard to Dremel down the plastic.

  • The_manBEar

    I’m gonna need the technical spec on that cowboy hat

  • Joseph Goins

    Of non-tacticool 22LRs, this is a pretty sweet gun. I remember taking a ground hog at 200 hundred yards with it once. I say “once” because I doubt I will ever get that likely again.

  • David Harmon

    I personally love my Savage MKII FV-SR. Sub-MOA accuracy with the right ammo, and drilling golfballs at 100 yards with it is a blast.

    Either way shooting .22lr, especially bolt rifles, is the most fun I have had since I first started shooting. Between the actual challenge of it with your basic rifle skills and the ability to shoot all day for only a few bucks, well yeah…

    • Limonata

      Ha! I love my Savage as well. Glad to see there is at least one other Savage fan!

      • Salty

        I had high hopes for the fvsr too. I wanted to like it but all the machine marks and the cheesiness of it causedt me to sell it and get the Cz. it’s built like a real rifle but not real Rifle cost

      • David Harmon

        It’s better than any 10/22 I have ever shot. I would like to see Savage come out with a semi-auto .22lr as well.

    • Marcus D.

      My first firearms (other than CO2) was (and is) a Savage Mark II, ole enough to not have the accu-trigger. I bought it with a 4x fixed scope, though as my eyes age, I may get something a bit stronger. The gun was always quite accurate, and was a great gun for teaching, sonce you can’t just bang away as fast as possible (which kids are wont to do) until you hit something. Not a fancy rifle, but an accurate one. I haven’t had it out in years, sad to say. My son and I used to have lots of fun plinking cans at 100 yards with Remington Goldens. (The barrel had a preference for jacketed rounds.)

      • David Harmon

        Mine shoots Mini-Mags rather decently. It does best with the jacketed subs though.

        I mounted a 4-16x Millet on it that I had laying around collecting dust. At 16x it’s hard to miss if you can keep your involuntary movement issues in check.

  • Ezra Bristow

    The 10/22 is very popular here in the UK because we’re only allowed semiauto rimfires (and some funky not-quite semiauto AR15s) but yeah, the 452 is just a great little number, I love it!

  • Chris

    The author failed to mention they also make the
    CZ 452 in left hand for us gifted people.. ;0) I can attest
    this is one great little rifle especially after growing up
    using rifles with the bolt on the wrong side.

  • tb556

    I bought a 452 trainer last year, great gun

  • The_Champ

    My .22 rifles always seem to get neglected, and then when I do take them out it’s always a bit of a surprise how much fun they are. An old Anschutz sporter model is my go to. Also have a neat old ERMA semi-auto that is built to look like an M1 carbine.

  • Treyh007

    I’ve heard nothing but great things from the CZ bolt action 22’s, I grew up with Marlins and still have a couple but my favorite is my Savage Mark II FVSR, it too has a threaded barrel (Silencer Co Warlock II Attached) and shoots great. I think I paid around $250 for it a few years ago. Like you’ve said many times, shooting 22’s all day is extremely fun for the entire family! ????

  • HenryV

    They flatter anybody’s shooting. I adore them.

  • Y-man

    Restricted in my country!

  • Marcus D.

    The CZ has always been a well rated rifle, which raises the question about the (pricier) Coopers and the Kimbers that I never see reviewed. How about a shoot off?

  • RickOAA .

    I almost bought one of the scout versions for my kid…but he ultimately decided on a 10/22. It’s going to be set up in “liberty training rifle style.” That said the CZ is the most gun you can buy for the money. My 22’s had been ignored for years until my kid started shooting them.

  • Old Vet

    I bought one a few years ago, replaced the trigger spring, redesigned the trigger guard to look more like a Remington 514, shortened the trigger shoe itself, and then set about lapping the barrel. I ended up with a .22 that was more accurate than this old shooter could appreciate fully. I put a large optic on it and shot competitively with my friends that shot only Anschutz. I held my own with all of them. It favored Wolf ammo though. At that time Wolf was a little expensive to just plink with for me. One trick I used was to shoot one Wolf downrange and then I could follow with 3-4 accurate shots with even the junkiest ammo due to the Wolf lube, I believe, from the first fowling shot. Sadly lost an eye and I can’t shoot right handed anymore. I let a friend talk me into selling it to him….miss that little rifle a lot.