New Crimson Trace Laserless Grips

Crimson Trace recently grabbed the firearms industry headlines by being purchased by gun giant Smith and Wesson (for a cool $95 million). And although that alone is definitely enough to capture our interest, they’ve also recently announced a new product that is notably different than the products for which they’re known. The new product? Crimson Trace Laserless Grips.

The new grips are made specifically for the Kimber K6 revolver and are actually stock grips. Jeff Goddard, Director of Crimson Trace OEM Sales, had this to say about the deviation from the company’s usual fare: “These new grips for Kimber’s K6s revolver open a large door for more growth by Crimson Trace, and customers and the industry can expect more to come. This project shows how versatile [the company] and our engineers are, and how our partners see our company’s products and insight adds value to their new products. It’s a win for Kimber, a win for consumers with our years of grip design incorporated, and a win for Crimson Trace to be part of this new handgun introduction.”

These laserless grips can be seen on the Kimber K6 at Kimber Master Dealers nationwide. Sometime soon people who purchase a K6 will also have the option of purchasing replacement grips. Those grips will be Lasergrips and will feature a laser sight. The expected release date on those aftermarket laser grips has not yet been announced.

This is an interesting but not altogether surprising move from a company that’s made a name for themselves with laser sights. I’ve used a large number of their products on a wide variety of guns over the years and have no doubt the laserless stock grips on the new Kimber K6 will be as reliable and comfortable as past designs.

Crimson Trace has been manufacturing their substantial line of laser sights and lights for more than twenty years now and will hopefully continue to do so for many more under their new ownership with Smith and Wesson.

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  • Jolly

    • TVOrZ6dw

      Thanks, I thought I was Nostradamos and could predict the future for a minute…

  • valorius

    Forget the grips, i LOVE that rear sight.

  • Wanderlust

    Well im glad it was reposted. Makes me consider investing in S & W as this will certainly help their products. I just get scared with the way the stock moves compared to RGR over the past several years.

  • Bill

    Great idea: leave what you are known for and move into a market already dominated by Pachmayer and Hogue. Helluva business model.

  • richard kluesek

    From photographs, (have not inspected a K6S ) the grip shape of the Kimber revolver appears to be similiar to a K / L frame round butt S&W, are these in fact interchangeable ? Would be a home run if they were. The K6S is reminiscent of the regretably discontinued Colt Magnum Carry D frame as well.

  • Jamie Clemons

    Laserless grips, What will they think of next? Scopeless rifles?