KAK Barrels Article And Why it Was Deleted Or Posted At All

Technology is a wonderful thing—when it works. This morning as Patrick was following up on some information on KAK barrels and documenting that information the technology failed. It seems the iOS application Patrick was trying out for the first time had some problems. Rather than saving his work the application on his phone published the article without him initially realizing (normally our blogging software prevents posts going live). He continued to update the post, thinking he was working on a draft post (there is no obvious distinction between a live post and a draft).

One thing is certain and that is the post was never considered to be ready for publication. Much more checking and confirmation of the information needed to be done.

Patrick contacted Steve and myself as soon as he realized it was live. I deleted the post as soon as I saw his email, a few hours later. Both Steve and myself generally work on admin tasks in the morning and both initially missed his email. Because only editors can delete posts, Patrick continued to update the post and reply to commenters after he became aware it was live, until the post was deleted it.

For those readers who may not have read the post it concerned information Patrick had received of a possible headspace defect in a small batch of KAK barrels. After further checking I confirmed the information was entirely false. I contacted the president of KAK and between the information I supplied and his records over the past two years it was found that neither the person or company who alleged receiving the defective barrels had ever placed an order with KAK for any products including barrels. Apparently this was another case of an individual not being truthful for whatever reason.

For those who may have read the article our apologies for this information being posted. Had the software worked as expected you would never have seen the information since we would have finished the work on it and found the information to be completely untrue and not published it.

My thanks to the president of KAK Industries for his help in getting to the facts and accepting our apology.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Andrew

    “Please don’t sue us, KAK”

    – TFB

  • JD

    its nice to see when a mistake was made, that you step up to it. Let us know what happened, how/why… and when you need to issue a retraction, you do so.

    Its how you react after the mistake that often matters more.

  • DanGoodShot

    Scandalous!! lol

  • PeterK

    Ouch. That’s a crazy mix-up. Glad Kak is being understanding. The thrust of the article being “check your stuff” not being at all malicious hopefully helped.

    • When I last talked with the president of KAK things were fine between us. He really helped me a great deal by checking his orders with the info I provided. It was still a long day getting to the bottom of things and learning this source was just lying. It was a crazy day for sure:-)

  • Data Venia

    Taking responsibility and apologizing instead of pretending it didn’t happen? Am I on the internet? Hell that puts you ahead of BBC. Well done.

    • Thanks I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • CavScout

      Are you sure?? Probably WAS an issue with the KAK barrels. Would it be surprising with how many bad economical barrels are getting sent out these days??

  • The_Automator

    I was in that comment section yesterday and there was absolutely no indication that the post was a mix up, there was the president of KAK asking why he hadn’t been spoken to and the writer told him it was because the source was trusted.

    I get that you’re trying to extinguish a burning bridge here, but there’s no reason to try to cover up what happened by blaming a phone. The guy posted a knee jerk article based on conjecture. The fact he even wrote said article in the first place casts a light on the author that isn’t exactly favorable.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      We maintain drafts in WordPress as a standard practice, it helps keep our writing staff on the same page as far as who is writing what. It certainly helps with communication since we have writers all over the world.

      As for defending the information, I have no excuse other than to believe what I had at the time as factual. But the article was not supposed to have been published since there was further research required.

      It was in fact the WordPress app on my iPhone that caused the post to be published. As Phil stated it made the post live when I saved a revision to the draft. I also had an issue with the GunMag Warehouse article as well where I edited some information and it reverted to an earlier form as well as removing it from our site. I had to call Phil again to get everything squared away.

      My deepest apologies to KAK, the story wasn’t intended to be malicious in any way. I really appreciate the understanding that they have shown us.

      • The_Automator

        So why not say as much in the comments instead of just defending a poor source? Why wouldn’t you say, “This article was published too soon due to a WordPress error and the claims it makes are unsubstantiated,” instead of, “No my guy who builds guns says it’s legit it’s legit?”

        Why didn’t you say “The article was not supposed to have been published since there was further research required,” yesterday?

        • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

          I had no idea what to do since this hasn’t happened before, call it ignorance. I made the wrong choice to roll with the mistake, once the editorial staff became involved they decided to pull the article an publish an apology.

          • The_Automator

            You could either continue slandering a company based on rumors a friend told you or you could say that this is a rumor and will require further research.

            I’m kinda questioning your judgement here.

          • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

            It was a poor judgement call on my part, I won’t deny that.

          • BillC

            I’m ready to move on and continue The Strike Industries Blog, or whatever this place is called now.

        • gunrunner

          I read both the article and your comments yesterday. Poor judgement isn’t really applicable here, lack of journalistic ethics is. If your story and explanations of actions are to be believed, there is no point in you writing anything that requires any sort of unbiased thought for this or any other publication. If you know the article published in an unfinished form and the subject of the article (that was never contacted) is communicating with you in the comments, and your judgment tells you to continue down a defensive and potentially libelous path with obviously sketchy hearsay as your only back up rather than engage in a dialog about the issue, that pretty much says all that needs to be said about the value of your unbiased opinion on things. I normally don’t view things in such sweeping terms, but this is so egregious it is warranted. Ignorance isn’t an excuse. All of this is moot if you’re lying, but would obviously raise its own issues. Like I said in yesterday’s comment section, everyday this site reminds me more and more of Buzzfeed for firearms.

          • gunrunner

            Meant for this to be in reply to Patrick, sorry automator.

          • The_Automator

            No worries, you said what I was thinking but didn’t communicate properly.

        • He just said it—– I did write this yesterday after spending several hours working on it with KAK and doing a background on the source. That all takes time. Most of my day actually.

          • Budogunner

            It would be good to see this article updated to note Patrick’s admission that he chose to defend the article after it went live, that he admits this was an error in judgement, and that apologies to KAK have been made for not just pulling the article immediately. That would show full honesty and ownership of human, not technical, error.

            Also, that TFB allows authors to post from their phones explains a lot. I don’t know how to ask this without sounding rude, but please discontinue that practice. The typos TFB are known and mocked for will decrease if authors work at an actual computer.

            Moreover, I would feel I owed it to the companies I was writing about to take the time to sit down at a real workstation and craft content carefully. That this KAK article was whipped together on a phone, without proper research by the author’s own admission, adds insult to injury.

    • BillC

      Yeah, I did a Google chached search, and this wasn’t a “mistake”. The “article” was finished and the author was fully engaged in the comments saying the source was “trusted”. If this was actually a mistake, you call the people who can fix it. Not wait hours for an email and blame it on software. This is a BS “coverup” and a poor excuse. Better to have said nothing than lie.

      • BillC

        Cached. Wrote too fast.

        • Whatever guys I said what I know happened and you can believe it or not your choice. Ah no not a phone the software being used which I stopped using months ago when I had trouble with it.

      • DanR

        Came here to post the same thing, the bantering in the comments section yesterday does not support the “software issue”. Now that you’ve painted yourself into a corner, giving us this childish BS excuse really undermines your integrity and credibility as an author. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for an internet blog or Forbes, true character is character.

        No professional would just “roll” with an unsupported position. Own it, learn from it, and move on.

    • USMC03Vet

      You nailed it. The comments and responses gave it away.

      Hopefully they don’t use that “source” ever again.

  • iksnilol

    “IOS application… had problems…”

    Say no more.

    • Renegade

      Almost as bad as Android. Or even Windows Mobile!

      • Windows mobile—argh!

      • iksnilol

        I’ve never tried windows mobile, though I was tempted by the 41 mp camera on the Lumia phones. Android has been troublefree for me for a while now, I enjoy it greatly. Glad I made the change.

  • Bob

    “Apparently this was another case of an individual not being truthful for whatever reason.”

    On phone as I type this, the above statement is over an ad showing both Hillary and Trump. Heheheh. So much for no politics… ;D

    • We had a talk about that and were told there would be no more ads along those lines. We don’t have control over the ads that comes from higher up.

  • Garmanarnar

    You guys delete a lot of articles. My RSS picks up everything and there are always a handful of entries in my reader each month that load into Article Not Found pages.

    • Cymond

      Did they delete am article on Ops Inc?
      Our maybe I read it on another blog (but I don’t read many.)

    • That’s simply not true. There have been a total of three deleted in the last 7 years.

      • Garmanarnar

        I mean, it is true.

        • I won’t play back and forth but I know exactly how many articles have been removed and that number once again is 3 period.
          RSS feeds like browsers can glitch and fail to load an article and give you that same message it doesn’t always mean the article is gone.

          • Cymond

            There was a time when articles seemed to disappear. I would hit ‘reload’ and it would be gone. Looking at the main blog, the article was still there, but the date changed in the URL.

            Like, the address on this post is /blog/2016/07/25/kak-barrels-article-and-why-it-was-deleted/
            Imagine if that suddenly changed to 2016/7/26 for no clear reason. The original link would be broken.

          • Cymond

            And then there was the phase a few months ago when articles simply refused to work. I usually check the blog daily, but I quit for weeks because it was so frustrating that I couldn’t open most of the articles.

  • Billym

    And this is the last we will ever hear of it. Gotta make that money.

    • Nothing wrong with that and it cost a lot to pay the bills. We all have to make money yourself included if you want a roof over your head and food to eat.

  • J.K.

    This is a terrible post incident narrative for fire control.

    I work with WordPress. Readers do not get to comment on draft posts.

    Patrick was actively replying to comments defending his “trustworthy” anonymous source. Patrick was actively defending this source against the president of KAK’s request to allow him time to research the facts.

    Then the post suddenly disappeared.

    And now Patrick has also redacted his Disqus posts defending his source.

    • You didn’t read my explanation then. The app can and has posted that draft as live—period. I also have to check the dates after articles are scheduled since WP sometimes puts in the wrong date such as the last date it decided to use which was the year 4444

    • No readers can’t comment on drafts but if the software had worked correctly it would have stayed as a draft and not gone live.
      The post disappeared because Patrick called me and I deleted it. We’re all human and make mistakes. After the software glitch he compounded the problem and knows it and he has apologized. I don’t know what else he can do.

  • DAN V.

    Incoming “TFB KAK Review”

  • Bierstadt54

    I did not read the article. My impression from the comments of those who did is that Patrick screwed up, which we all do from time to time. As a blogger I have always feared accidentally posting a draft article. But if it happened and I could not delete it I would immediately update it to remove the text and change the heading until it could be deleted. Not doing that when the comments started coming was Pat’s main mistake in my opinion. I understand the temptation to defend your shiny new article, but until you are done with all your research you just can’t. Full stop.

    This is a learning experience applicable to any blogger. As a fellow human being who has made mistakes I give Patrick a pat on the back. I have enjoyed reading his articles and will continue to do so. At least he does not post short summaries of well-known issues and rely on the comments section to provide the meat of the article…

    Nothing bad about being reminded that good journalism requires care and work, and our technology is inhabited by little red demons that feast on our frustration. They also write most of our laws and run our Presidential primaries…

    Finally, kudos to Phil for owning the mistake and getting things taken care of the right way.

    • Thanks and i agree with what you said. In fact he was just given the ok to publish directly so I know he wasn’t entirely familiar with the app. Later in the day that same app actually deleted a post. Patrick had to call me to get it back online.

  • Rock Island Auction

    Honesty in journalism? That’s no way to succeed. 😉

    Thanks TFB.