Review: Strike Industries’ Strike Forward Assist

If you follow the blog you are well aware of what Strike Industries brings to the table, a track record of providing innovative and well built AR-15 accessories at a very reasonable price. They have started shipping the Strike forward assist tailor made for shooters looking for a more aggressive forward assist than the factory A2 style button.

The Strike Forward assist is offered in 4 colors; Redline, blue, grey and black. Strike was kind enough to send us all but the blue forward assist. The body is made of aluminum to keep weight down if you are the type of builder to count ounces and is nicely anodized. In the package you will find the button with a tool steel pawl installed, the necessary spring and the requisite roll pin.IMG_2691IMG_2696IMG_2704

Install on the rifle was as easy as you might expect, just punch out the roll pin holding the stock forward assist out, remove the old button, slide the Strike forward assist into the hole and reinstall a roll pin to keep the forward assist captive. The only question that remains is does the forward assist work? A range trip is in order with my most fouled AR-15 upper, the 10.5″ test bed I use for most of my AR-15 reviews. It must have close if not over 1000 round through it without much of a cleaning making it a prime candidate for giving me a failure. IMG_2805

I wasn’t able to get the upper to malfunction on it’s own, so I eased the bolt closed several times to replicate a failure to go into battery. Each time I went for the forward assist it assisted the bolt just like you would expect. The only down side that I found was the three sharp prongs that protrude from the button are very sharp, so sharp that if you were to really bang on the forward assist you might want to be wearing gloves to avoid being cut. assist2 assist3assist1

The Strike forward assist from Strike Industries did exactly what it was supposed to without issue. If you are looking for a very aggressive forward assist to replace your factory button or even building an upper from scratch you might want to take a look at the Strike assist.

You can learn more by clicking here to visit Strike Industries’ website. The Strike forward assist has a MSRP of $18.95 for the black, all other colors are priced at $19.95.

Patrick R

Patrick is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and TFBTV Host. He likes guns and has liked shooting guns for as long as he can remember. You can follow Patrick on Instagram @tfbpatrick, Facebook, or contact him by email at

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  • junyo

    So a fancy button that cuts you if you use it? Sign me up.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      Should come with this warning.

      • Gary Kirk

        You know, that might not be a bad idea.. If the started putting the same “warning” labels on guns as they do other things that kill more people.. Maybe they’d be pc enough..

        • A bearded being from beyond ti

          “Warning: Shooting someone with a gun might kill them”

          • Gary Kirk

            Pretty much, waiting on firearms to start looking like the deck on a lawnmower..

          • Oh, you’ve seen the new warning labels on rugers?

          • notalima

            CA and NY should have further warnings.

            “Using this tool in self-defense may be hazardous to your freedom.”

        • totenglocke

          Ruger does (or did) put retarded warnings along those lines on the slides of their pistols.

          • Gary Kirk

            Not surprised

        • Mike Lashewitz

          You mean like knives and screwdrivers? Oh and nails and needles?
          Watch out if OSHA gets a hold of this concept we will see more needless laws….

    • Iggy

      My concern in terms of product testing, is just by looking at the damn thing I thought ‘That looks like it could cut you’. The review merely confirmed initial impressions.

    • notalima

      I needed a FA at the last min for a project I hadn’t planned on (don’t ask…). My part box was empty and the only one my local guy had was this Strike FA.

      Yeah, it is not what I would call functionally-friendly to the user. It works, but it wants payment for its services.

  • Rousso

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    • Daniel

      At 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th, Pokémon Go becomes self-aware. In a panic, they try to pull the plug…

      • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

        I want to hug you.

      • The American Crusader

        Pokemon Go is Skynet. Nice.

      • Mike Lashewitz

        Stole it!

  • TFH

    What sights are on that rifle?

    • hami

      More specifically, are they HK? A certain HK parts retailer offered a manufacturer unknown set for quite some time and other non-hk versions exist, but I have never read a long term or high round count review of anything other than HK’s own.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      HK 416 drum sights.

  • Zachary marrs

    But why?

    • 360_AD

      Exactly. What’s next? Special fancy grip screws? Gold plated and engraved roll pins?

      • Mike Lashewitz

        Oooh those sound nice! Like the self lighting air valve caps on tires!

        Perhaps we need more digital? Buttons that respond with “I have been pressed” and “Safety on”. Oh and a warning that says.”Out of ammo” when the slide locks back.

        Would it be going too “military” to place a warning label on shotguns that says,”Do not use as a pry bar.” ???

        How about a warning on every box of ammo that says, “Caution may ignite in fire.” Or “Do not store on gas water heaters.”

        We need to get Democrats on this . . . .

        Nothing quite like labeling explosives with a warning saying “explosive”. . .

        Sarcasm intended…

  • pithy

    So a stock forward assist WONT cut you when you slam it, and the expensive replacement does the same thing with no discernible increase in anything, but WILL cut you? OMG MUST BUY

  • BillC

    Another “hit” from Strike. Most of their stuff seems to be, well, special. Stupid safeties, trigger guards, handguards, and muzzle devices. They’re like the American (with a nearly SS logo, admit it you see it) CAA. I have a gas tube from them, because it was on sale from Primary.

    • BillC

      I don’t know. Their stuff seems to “work” and people like them. I guess I’m in the minority that hates their style.

    • John Yossarian

      Strike’s SI LINK Foregrip is perfect, but I could definitely do without the SS logo on my gear.

      This product here just looks like a joke – But worse yet, their ambi-safety looks like an accident waiting to happen.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      What is it with Logos anyway? I can imagine a gay shooter saying. “Hey guys! Look at my Armani flash suppressor!”

      If a part can hold up to Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble use it should be good enough for military.

      I have a personal distaste for Logos because I am not paid to be a walking billboard…

  • kregano

    This is one of the least useful things they’ve put out, IMO. That said, if you want to look cool, this does do the job.

    All I want to know is when their ambi-charging handle is coming out.

    • aegisltd

      It’s still in the R&D phase. Apparently it would cut peoples fingers off when they used it.

  • Anon

    If anything, I thought they would make a less aggressive forward assist, as the A2 one is plenty aggressive.

    This thing is completely worthless and is a mall ninja accessory at best. Seriously, what idiot thought this was necessary in any way?

  • The American Crusader

    I’m waiting for the MKII version with serrated edges to rip the flesh off the thumbs of REALLY tough guys…

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      So it will be made by Salient arms?

  • 2wheels

    Why do I need a replacement for something I’ve never used?

    • Mike Lashewitz

      My point exactly!

  • Badwolf

    Clearly this product is not aggressive enough. They should double the prongs, give it an even sharper edge, and double the price. I’m sure it will fly off the shelves.

  • Bill

    Next, a trigger with needle-sharp “traction points” for non-slip trigger contact and a firm marriage between trigger face and finger tip for ultimate sensory feel. But you may want to wear gloves…

    • Mike Lashewitz

      You should be a writer. That was professionally written… Well done! (Not sarcasm)
      You were in the military weren’t you Bill…? That or you design condoms…?
      Remember the washable re-usable condoms they issued us in Nam??? LMAO!

  • Where xan I find the old flat plate ?teardrop? forward assist button?

  • Odeezy Liita

    Just making the A2 FA’s in different colors would suffice. No need for this. The Teardrop shaped FA is about as whacky as I’ll go. Installed it on my 308 and it makes it so much easier to palm-thrust it without having to be dead-center.

  • DIR911911 .

    haha, never used a forward assist except when the drill sgt pointed it out (to make him go away). even as an armorer it always seemed like a waste of space on the gun. not once was there an issue that was fixed by banging on this extra button.

  • Felipe

    The free jam enhancer that came with my upper doesn’t cut me and doesn’t interfere with anything since I don’t use it. Is there really that many people that regularly use a forward assist to sell this to?

  • Cymond

    So … You’re reviewing a part that you didn’t need, had to deliberately set up a scenario to use, is less ergonomic than the standard part, and costs more.

    How hard did you have work to achieve the positive tone if this review?

  • 360_AD

    What is up with TFB’s apparent love affair with Strike?

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      They are good people that keep sending us things to write up. It also helps that most of their products aren’t half bad.

      • Bill

        Most of their products aren’t half bad? Could you write that in the form of a formula, please?

        Maybe: If N is equal to or less than 1/2B, then n is equal to or greater than 1/2B, B equalling Bad?

        I want to like their stuff, but like maybe 90% of all AR widgets out there, they tend towards minute variations on a theme or just flat whacky.

    • John Yossarian

      Actually, it seemed like an honest review and put sufficient focus on the down-side of the product. I won’t be buying one!

    • BillC

      The Strike Industries Blog.

  • schizuki

    This is a parody of insanely stupid AR mods, right?

  • Jeff

    Can they make me a shotgun butt plate with hard sharp teeth on it? My soft rubber pad isn’t aggressive enough.

  • He will if it is—he has done it before and will again.

  • Ambassador Vader

    Why not instead of a flat button like surface we just make it a spike? I think looks over function has gone way too far.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    For $8.50 you can just get a Delrin plug to replace your forward assist.

    It’s an inexpensive mod that removes a useless and worthless system from a platform that wasn’t designed with it in the first place. It will save you a little weight and do an ok job to prevent dirt and debris from entering the upper.

  • Justin Bailey

    So.. what the hell is the point of this product?

  • 1inidaho

    Just curious, how many people have actually had to use the forward assist?

  • Mike Lashewitz

    I have to ask. Has anyone here needed to use the forward assist in a properly maintained weapon??? (I never have)

    Oh and immediately when I saw that thing imaged above I wondered, “Wow that thing will get caught on stuff and could cut you.” then I read the warning about being cut….

  • Cottersay

    Well Pat, if the original FA has NO problems whatsoever, and the aftermarket one does (i.e., Causes PAIN or damage when used), AND you have to pay money for it AND waste your time installing it, then I would personally call this product a useless POS. But I guess that’s just me.

  • DaveB

    Just what I want, a forward assist with sharp corners to injure my hand when I use it. It will go very nicely with the razor blades I plan to embed in the grip. Who comes up with dumb ideas like these?

  • Why would I *want* an “aggressive” forward assist?!?

    If I end up using a FA (and I have, very occasionally, needed to use one… not so often I require one on every rifle, yet not so infrequently I avoid it like a vampire and garlic), I want one that is very “unaggressive”.

  • CZFan

    If we truly worried about public safety all cars would say “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, WHILE GUN KILL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME ON PURPOSE (a small percentage area actually accident) CARS KILL ACCIDENTALLY ALL THE TIME!!!!!