Review: Mascon Accuracy Grip For The AR-15

Back in May we posted about the new Accuracy Grip from Mascon that is being distributed by our friends over at Strike Industries who were kind enough to send us one for review. The Accuracy Grip is designed to offer shooters an adjustable finger pad to help locate the pad of the finger in the perfect position.

The base grip looks a lot like a standard A2 with what looks like some extra seams from the mold, but in reality the side panels are removable do that you can replace them with one of the 10 panels that allow you to locate the pad of your finger in the optimal place.

To remove the panel the small door in the bottom of the grip needs to be opened so that you can slide the panel to the bottom of the grip. Changing the panels out is a very easy process and trying out every option that the Accuracy Grip has to offer is easy enough to do at the range without tools.  IMG_2758

The panels with the bump make the grip look like it has sprouted some sort of purposeful tumor. IMG_2760

Mascon ships the grip with a total of 10 panels ranging in size from no bump at all to extra extra large.  IMG_2767

Once I got out to the range I spent some time getting my super cheap scope dialed in at 50 yards using the A2 grip that normally resides on the rifle. Once I was happy with the zero I shot a 3 round baseline group to see if the Accuracy Grip really does improve a shooter’s ability. IMG_2773

Next up was the large grip that I found fit my fingers the best. The next 3 round string felt rather nice, I did notice I had a bit more control over the trigger. After I shot this group I changed the grip out yet again for similar product I have in for review to repeat the same test. IMG_2780

I was pretty pleased with the group that I shot with the Accuracy Grip, I had a uncharacteristically great range day in spite of the stifling humidity. IMG_2791

The A2 grip that i used as a baseline was not near as pretty. I am reasonably sure that I pulled that oops shot as a result of having too much finger on the trigger. I could be wrong there, I am not a precision shooter in the slightest. IMG_2793

So what do I think about the Accuracy Grip? I really like the concept a lot, there are some areas that I would like to see some improvement to though. The A2 style spur on the leading edge of the grip needs to go, there is no good reason that it is there. I also would like to see the grip offered with some P30 style palm swells to allow a shooter to adjust the grip to best fit their hand and not just the finger.

The Accuracy Grip has a MSRP of $ 39.99 and is being distributed by our friends over at Strike Industries. You can read more about the product on their website by clicking HERE.


  • DanGoodShot

    It doesn’t look to me that it maybe a big enough difference accuracy wise to spend 30 bucks on the ugly thing. And it’s ugly. Stick with my Magpul kgrip+

    • Austin

      If it’s significantly more comfortable it might be worth it.

    • Roy G Bunting

      Repeatability. If it’s comfortable and puts your trigger finger in the best spot first time, every time it’d be a decent choice for target shooting.

      We all know to use the pad of our finger, but having your finger not be able to be incorrectly placed would be an advantage. Tired, rushed, thinking about a difficult part of the stage or just forgetting about proper placement, this grip would make it so that it doesn’t matter.

      Might not be worth it on an ultralight gun, or one built for ambidexterity. But I could see the use.

  • Zachary marrs

    Make an adjustable A2, but make the one thing EVERYONE wants to change about it permanent.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Ya. I figured it was just a bad thumbnail, but nope, someone actually made a “custom” A2…. Lookout Magpul!

  • Anonymoose

    Looks like those bumps might interfere with the safety (especially if it’s an ambi safety).

  • DwnRange

    No offense intended here, but this is what an ERGO grip has always done for me and the reason I have always used one. The Magpul grip does the same, moves the web of your hand further from the trigger and making finger to trigger placement better.

  • jerry young

    I like this I just wonder if there is enough meat there to customize the fit once you find the panels that fits closest to your grip? there was a product out some years back that actually molded to your grip, I’m sure with the right side panels and a little fine tuning this would be a good addition, I want to try this!