Gill Arm Lock: Glock Forearm Brace

Thanks to my friend Jeff Q. for bringing this to my attention.  Gill Firearms has a forearm brace for Glock pistols.


The video shows some novice and beginner shooters and it appears to work. The shooters they used do not seem to know how to properly fire a handgun. You can see the majority of them using the teacup support grip. Where the left hand is under the magazine like the saucer of a teacup. This provides almost little to no support for recoil or muzzle climb. Now while I think an arm brace for a Glock is unnecessary when all you need is proper technique and practice, I do think that this arm brace has a use. Put it on full auto Glock 18 conversions. A lot of FFLs who have SOT have modified Glock 17s with a full auto sear. I have shot them and a real Glock 18C. The 18C was much more controllable due to the ported barrel and slide. I think this arm brace would make it much easier to shoot a non ported Glock 18 or converted Glock to shoot full auto.

Also, just like the SB Tactical pistol braces for ARs, this Glock brace could be beneficial for disabled people and help them shoot Glocks.

The Gill Arm Lock is $54.99 on but they are currently sold out.

Nicholas C

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  • DW

    A brace that is designed to work like one and doesn’t cost too much? WAAAAATTTTT

    I do think it’s a good idea on novices, zeroing sights (allows you do focus on the trigger better) and 10mm proper pressure loads.

    • Paul Joly

      Fairly priced and it doesn’t seem to lack rigidity, but the infomercial…

  • Zachary marrs

    This is stupid.

    The reasons why are obvious (apparently unless you are employed by the ATF)

    • Twilight sparkle

      I agree to a certain extent, this devise is probably useless for all of the readers on TFB but it does kinda make sense for teaching new shooters sort of as a training wheels device.

      • nadnerbus

        First thing I thought of was a girl, new shooter, I let shoot my G19. I tried to explain to her to keep her wrists locked, but she still managed to limp wrist badly enough that the brass hit her in the forehead.

        I’ve since learned to walk new shooters through the process by having them grip the empty gun and racking the slide by hand, so they can get an idea of the force that will be coming back at them. But something like this as training wheels could still be useful.

  • Edeco

    hrmmm… doesn’t cause cracking?

  • RickH

    How is it for concealed carry?

    • Kevin Riley

      100% useless for concealed carry.

      Definitely useful for the intended purpose.

      • RickH


    • nadnerbus

      Mount it on a spring loaded mechanism and wear a trench coat. Desperado style.

  • Will

    Pure crap/hype to separate a shooter from their money.
    This is so stupid it makes my hemoroids twitch!!!!
    Spend the money on a good training session with a certified firearms instructor who will teach you to hold a pistol properly unlike the hand in the photograph!!
    This is just a BS fix for a very minor problem that can be remedied in just a few seconds.

    • Kenneth Lee

      Or someone like my father who is slightly disabled and has hand strength issues that no amount of instruction will take care of.

      • Roy G Bunting

        My first thought was it could help shooters with grip strength issues who want to shoot something other then rimfire. Or shooters with smaller hands when the Glock is what’s available to teach with.

        A properly fitting pistol is important, but if you are taking new shooters to the range or introducing people to shooting, this could help.

      • Bill

        That’s a shame about your father, but physical ability is physical ability: either a person has it or they don’t.

        • Budogunner

          While I’m not a fan of this particular product I respectfully disagree with your viewpoint. We have come a long way in prosthetics and reconstructive surgery. Someone with no legs below the knees can now run marathons.

          I encourage the spirit and pursuit of finding ways to ensure ALL people have the right to life and self defense in a safe manner.

          • Bill

            I actually agree: if a prosthetic for the PERSON works, I’m all for it, but adding an adaptive device to a firearm doesn’t seem like a good idea. If someone is slightly disabled and had grip issues I wouldn’t want them running a chainsaw, unless they had a prosthesis or device that enabled them to fully control it.

            I can empathize, having had several relatives with disabilities, but firearms and chainsaws are inherently dangerous, as opposed to something like an adaptive spoon or pen. They demand full performance from the operator.

  • Iggy

    “this Glock brace could be beneficial for disabled people and help them shoot Glocks.” This sentence seems ever so slightly over-Glocked.

    • Ken

      Glock lock?

      • OJS

        I hear a chicken!

    • noob

      It’s perfection.

  • Joe

    Too short for what it needs to be.

    *Wink, Wink.

  • MrFN

    I laughed so hard at: “I GOT IT!!!” Jeez, just let us have SBRs already.

    • me

      While at a range trip over the 4th my friends girlfriend had the same reaction the first time she shot his pistol, only when she when turned and yelled “I GOT IT” she flagged everybody. I about $h!t myself getting out of the way.

  • Vitsaus

    Guess this guy didn’t get the memo about why people buy arm braces.

  • Patrick M.

    So don’t learn proper form and just buy this gadget?

    • Trey

      Or do both.

    • iksnilol

      You could say the same thing about rifle stocks then. I mean, you can land effective hits on 100+ meters with only a cheek rest without a stock.

  • Bob

    Well, the young women I’ve seen shoot Glocks have a tendency to limpwrist them, at least during their first time shooting them, but I’ve not sure that a brace would be the solution. It is easier to just hand them a 1911 or a S&W* if they are only ever going to shoot once, and better to train them not to limpwrist if they are going to keep at it.

    *Yes, in my experience Glocks appear to be sensitive to limpwristing, so handing them any other handgun alleviates the problem, though doesn’t fix it.

  • Anonymoose

    Make it longer and let me strap it through my armpit. lol

  • OJS

    Limp-wrist creator

    • iksnilol

      Or wrist saver if they made one for big bore revolvers.

  • Andrey Martim

    I have tons of “Taxi Driver” ideas with this.

  • Xtorin O’hern

    i wanna see this with a full auto glock lol

  • Austin

    Hmm, Glock is a good starting point but I’m thinking it could be more useful on handguns that fire heftier bullets.

    • Heftier than a 200gr 10mm or a 230gr .45?

      • iksnilol


        Those ultramagnums that people use to shoot through polar bears and whatnot.

        • Austin

          Like you don’t want to shoot two X-frames at once

          • iksnilol

            With those braces, I would like it. Since my wrists would’a survived and all.

          • Austin

            See it has potential for making otherwise ridiculously chambered revolvers practical-ish

      • Austin

        Perhaps something with a 700gr hard cast or a gold plated semi-auto

        • You thinkin’ maybe a tail for a gold tiger-striped Deagle?

          • Austin

            It wasn’t preposterous enough

          • Bill

            Perfect duty gun

  • Bill

    The fact that they are sold out doesn’t surprise me a bit. Why put actual effort into doing something correctly when you can buy a Thing?

    I won’t let a person HOLD a handgun until the proper grip has been explained and demonstrated, let alone fire a round without practicing the grip, one handed and two, dry.

  • Whole lotta people up in here baggin’ on something that looks like it has a heck of a lot of potential for long range pistol shooting.

  • parabellum

    Maybe if the people in their video properly held the pistol, they could save some money by not needing this bulky device.

  • gregge

    Reminded me of one of Larry Niven’s characters, Gil the ARM.

  • SemperFlyBoy

    Great idea! I can finally use my tea cup grip just like the Charlie’s Angels. Who’s making a holster for it?

  • Archie Montgomery

    Very ingenious. Good marketing copy. Rather pointless.

  • BB

    I have a friend with a handicap that leaves his right side weak and palsied. He owns a Glock and shoots as well as he can left handed with no support hand. This is ideal for him and I’ll be sending him a link. All you people looking down your nose at it need to think a little further outside the box.

  • Anon. E Maus

    Combine this with an extended, ported barrel, and one of those pull rings attaching to the rear of the slide, and you’d have a very handicapped accessible pistol.

  • HAHA73

    suga bear needs a finger lock cause he cant squeeze nothin but a fart

  • David Sharpe

    I like the concept for new shooters or for handicapped people, but no gadget replaces proper training for able shooters.