‘HIT MAN’ Homemade Silencers (And Other Internet Hilarity)

I think i might have stumbled upon an internet equivalent of a comedy jackpot. In a HubPages post by ‘fr0gman’, the excerpts of a supposedly banned book HIT MAN: A Technical Manual For Independent Contractors detail how to build a “homemade silencer”. While the plans are funny in themselves, the user comments after the article had me rolling.


HIT MAN: A Technical Manual For Independent Contractors

In this article I am going to discuss the methods described in this book to build an improvised silencer for a standard, fixed-barrel .22 caliber pistol. This technique is very inexpensive (you can build a working model for around $40.00). The techniques are very effective and it is worth noting that production and possession of an assembled silencer or the parts used to make a silencer are illegal in the United States and many other countries. This information is presented for information purposes ONLY and you are strongly encourage NOT to attempt to build a silencer unless you have the proper authorization from the government.


HubPages Author ‘fr0gman’








Your finished product is whisper-quiet, the way a silencer is supposed to be! It is inexpensive, effective and reusable for over four hundred rounds before you will need to repack.

As promised, here are some comments about the ‘Hit Man’ suppressor that made me laugh out loud:

 Brandon Laden 8 years ago

man i think this stuff is bad you have won a lot of respect from me i hope this works but thanks becouse no other page i have read tells actualy how to make the silencer only how ellegal it is to make so thanks!!!!!!!

Hold Me Beer 7 years ago

well put frogman, this is very interesting information but do suppose it could work with say a 9mm, 40 cal, or 45

viper777 7 years ago

Hi man,

thanks for your suggestions. Really helpful and they work with bullets. I m trying hard to do something similar to a shot gun (not bullets) gauge 12. My results are close to rubbish.

Anyone has any ideas or help ?

2 loud .17 HMR 7 years ago

any chance you could tell me where to get one from overseas?

jigga 6 years ago

im too lazy to create this, i really need one… so does n e one know how to make one outta a 20 oz popbottle tape and insulation, and does it work.

bigcliffcole 6 years ago

i’ve made one from a soda can and a couple of old hats before but it is olny good for a few shots or so but it was still fun to make and shoot.

Numbah9 6 years ago

Change to a higher impulse powder with a smaller charge such that the end of barrel pressure is near, or closer to, zero. Longer barrel helps. Requires some experimentation but does work rather well. 17cal Finnish sniper rifle adapts well to this technique

Redneck 6 years ago

I just tried the pop bottle, I wrapped hi voltage tape around bull barrel 10/22 ruger slid on mountain dew bottle with 1/2 inch hole in bottom center, walked outside and racked off 6 shots and did not even wake the old lady and did not hurt anything, hell I left it on there for now. I would say it cut down the sound by at least 2/3. I think tomorrow I will cut bottle in half and glue some steel wool all along insides leaving good passage for the bullet. This should help some more hell Im not trying to kill anybody, But if I want to snipe a deer in the night nobody will know, and it did not show in my scope, I bet frogmans works great , It took about 5 minutes to make this one.

yadaddy 6 years ago

ur retarded . . . go buy a keyless drill chuck that has a max larger than your o.d. of the barrel . . . better yet anneal the end of the barrel and use a tap and dye set . . . better yet if you didn’t know this already study a bit on proper machining. a dependabl supressor requires baffeling come on now just promise me you wont ruin your pistols or rifles by applying f*ckin fiberglass wtf ? and i really don’t care if i mis-spelled a few words

samalamadingdong 6 years ago

i made one using a similar idea ive made about 15 of these ive never had one blow up in my face

Ray Murphy 6 years ago

Why would any gun enthusiast want a silencer any way .. The big BANG is half the fun

what’s it matter 6 years ago

several people that i know made these things and they work really well, all u hear is the pin hitting sounds like a missfire.and about it being legal,…who gives a f*ck? i bet these people never speed eather huh?and if someone WAS goin to kill someone im sure they don’t want to buy one, that would be real smart.i cant even remember the guys name that wrote this (thanks by the way) because ive been reading everyones bullsh*t.. if you just left a comment just to talk shit talk sh*t to yourself and get a life.

and yo teach… i could 2 shits less if i mizspelledd anything.

yours truly

……. outlaw M.C.

shoot em up 6 years ago

Appreciate the info…my neighbor a couple of houses from me makes them. I know a lot about making them, but this adds to it.

Janie Hersch 6 years ago

My villain (in the book All’s Fair) is to be shot at Goodwood races (UK) I had no idea of the mechanics required by a Hit Man except speed, efficiency and secrecy. I am researching this now and am extremely grateful for the information on here. I thought a seach for Hit Man would bring a zero; this is welcome information, many thanks.

mikenet 6 years ago

Man, just use a short or low powder .22 round(in Canada these are subsonic), drill a whole through a potato, stick it on the end of the barrel, get within 30 feet of who your target is and shoot…you get the same effect…you all talk alot but know nothing about this…..and lets face it the only reason you would ever want a silencer is to kill someone…not for “target” shooting…. ofcourse if you have a proper baffling system you will only hear the click of the firing pin hit the shell if you use subsonic ammo, but most who want to kill do not have the Patience for that, the method i described will make a small pop sound, like a cap from a childs toy gun. I can say from experience if you use this method in a noisy environment no one will notice…except if they see you.

Bolshevik 6 years ago

Will this work with 50. Deagle and a ruger 9mm P95?I know it’ll probably work with the P95, but it’s the Deagle I’m worried about.

toecutter 6 years ago

awwww u guys are silly. u want quite? use a knife!

grind3r 4 years ago

Guys just try this. It’s a silencer for only one use, but it’s so free and so legal that you wouldn’t believe me. Take a coke bottle, put it on the end of a gun tube and wrap in isolation tape. Cheers! 🙂

cool dude 4 years ago

don’t bother with this pop bottle supressors work awsome just people don’t make them right you need to fill the bottle loosley with ripped toilet paper i shot 30 shots and it still worked

im being legit use black tape to seal it on also

interested party 4 years ago

could I use 1/4 inch black pipe(which measures out to be about .346 inches) and use rock wool instead of steel wool, because steel wool is flammable for use on a semi auto rifle and make it about 18 inches long?

DINO 4 years ago


** Do I even need to post any legality disclaimers here? I really hope not. **

God bless you fr0gman. God bless you.


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  • Justin Roney

    I have less and less hope for humanity every day. Most of those commenters should just give up the English language and go back to cave paintings.

    • Austin

      The cesspools of the internet should be avoided to keep ones sanity

      • Gary Kirk

        The cesspool of humanity should be avoided, but people jump in everyday.. Same could be said for the gene pool.. These morons obviously came from the deep end and couldn’t swim

    • Julio

      I appreciate the sentiment, but fear you do a grave disservice to cave painters.

  • Edeco

    In light of this the angle at which I look down my metaphorical snood at other commenters here has become less steep.*

    *I kid, I kid.

  • Major Tom

    And here if you wanted a cheap improvised sound suppressor for a .22 you can just simply cut the nipple off a baby bottle or pacifier and put that over the muzzle. It only lasts a shot or two each but if you’re doing a proper hit on a lone target up close that should be all you need.

    • Gary Kirk

      My guess is that these “hitmen” probably still have the baby bottles in their mouths.. So they wouldn’t possibly waste perfectly good nipples. What with all the pop bottles out there and such..

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  • vwVwwVwv


  • Gabriel Owens

    The last one….did drugs cause that?

    • Big E

      That or a 14yr old pretending to be gangsta. Either way it’s a little sad.
      My observation: If you are reading a ‘how to’ book because you intend to be a Hitman, you might not be cut out for that line of work.

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        Stuff like this always makes me think of Fozzy The Bear.

        Kermit: “Fozzy, where did you learn how to drive?

        Fozzy: “Oh, a correspondence course”

  • Captain Obvious

    Improvised suppressors are not new, nor are they rocket science. Long before the world wide web mail order places like Paladin Press and Desert Publications offered mountains of books and videos (for entertainment purposes only) on making suppressors. Some were of dubious quality but most of them worked to one degree or another including those mentioned.

    • Cymond

      Yeah, but there’s no comment threads with mail order books, which is the real joke here.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Disqus screen name is… Appropriate

  • Cymond

    Yet another reminder what most internet comments are really like. Sometimes I forget.
    Thank you, TFB commenters, for being smarter than this.

  • Paul White

    These guys need the right to keep and bear grammar.

    • TheMaskedMan

      They do have the right, but they certainly don’t exercise it.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    Do you still wonder why the 2nd amendment is interpreted the way it is? It is them educated folks, they make it into the Supreme Court, and they don’t care about silencers.

    • Norm Glitz

      Them is it.

  • Gary Kirk

    Wow.. Sounds like a hallway discussion in the ghetto high school I attended. “Yo homie, I wunce did smoke like too duzen tugs.. Their wuz like ate of dem foolz main.. Iz wuz lucky to git owt live. Least iz had my silenced full spray mac-12 on me dawg, ya dig”

    • TheMaskedMan

      I honestly think half of these are 12-year-olds. At least, I really hope they are. Some of these are painfully stupid even for children.

  • The March 2015 issue of Jagter Hunter (an Afrikaans hunting magazine) shows how to make a nearly identical PVC suppressor for .22LR. In South Africa, where suppressors are unregulated, low budget home made ones are the norm. Even the professional suppressors for 7.62×54 are far less expensive than they are in the states and many hunters make their own. So, while the comments are something to laugh at, the build is something that will work.

    • iksnilol

      PVC suppressors are crap.


      They don’t suppress well, they wear out after a not long while. Also, I doubt anyone is silly goose enough to make a PVC suppressor for in centerfire rifle calibers.

      • The pressure from nearly all centerfire rounds would shatter PVC, but, for a .22lr.. Even if they wear out after 50 rounds, using one for hunting means making one every few weeks and spending almost nothing for it.

        • iksnilol

          Or spend like, the equivalent of a 100 dollars for a decent aluminium one which will last for… a pretty long time.

          • I can’t speak to the financial situation of others, but, in south africa the rand equivalent of $100 is a lot of money for most people. There’s a lot of reasons many guys there make their own.

          • iksnilol

            Heck, you could build a metal one for not that much. Using washers for baffles and cans from canned food for the body shouldn’t be expensive.

            (100 bucks was the price in Norway for a decent .22 LR suppressor).

          • There are some neat plans out there for building one out of a maglight flashlight. That would be fun to try if not for the fun killing ATF.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      It will work. But not on any of my guns.

  • gunsandrockets

    A little background.

    The book was originally a failed novel. The writer tried again but this time sold it as a how-to manual, and it had a small amount of sales that way from 1983.

    The book came to the public eye during a civil suit. The family of a some 1993 victims accused that a hired killer had used the book as a blueprint, and sued the publisher of the book.

    Anti-gun activists took up the cudgel, describing such books as “mayhem manuals” that should be banned.


    The publisher settled the case after the courts refused to dismiss on 1st Amendment grounds.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Great info. Thanks.

    • Tassiebush

      Yeah their catalogue changed quite a bit after that case.

    • Otm Shooter

      All this manual ever did for me was make me question every lone shoe I see on the side if the highway.

    • Phil Ward

      I thought this book was written by a house wife as a work of fiction, nice one 🙂

      • mikewest007

        Well, you weren’t entirely wrong… 😉

  • RealitiCzech

    A combination suppressor and pipe bomb! How ingenious!

  • Oh, Jesus. My sides.

  • Giolli Joker

    Canadians, be wary of potato carrying guys…

  • The fact that any dingus can make a more-or-less functional suppressor out of junk from the storeroom– and yet the annual rate of crimes committed with suppressed firearms is roughly “zero”– is the most glaringly obvious reason why it’s ridiculous that silencers are NFA regulated ~~firearms~~. A criminal who wants to shoot someone quietly will fold up a pillow from the victim’s bed or couch over the muzzle.

  • Ben Wong

    I like the part “you want silence, use a knife” that got me for some reason lol’ing

    • AD

      “Guns for show, knives for a pro!”

  • hami

    I need to see the one that used hats

  • Edeco

    erm, my metaphorical snood is a turkey snood, not a hat.