New Colt Nines: Additions to the Rail Gun Lines

Colt 1911

Colt’s Manufacturing Company (aka Colt) announced a pair of new 9mm additions to the Rail Gun lines of 1911 style pistols. One of the new handguns will be a Colt Combat Unit model, while the other will be part of the stainless steel Rail Gun inventory. The Rail Gun lines are so named due to the fact that they have an accessory rail on them.

Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun

The 9mm Combat Unit gun will be largely the same as its .45 ACP counterpart, though with a slightly increased magazine capacity (nine vs. eight) and a savings of 0.5 ounces in an unloaded gun. It will carry the same suggested retail price as the .45 model: $1,499.


  • 9×19 Parabellum
  • 5″ National Match barrel
  • nine round magazine
  • stainless steel frame and slide with a black finish
  • Novak night sights
  • Colt logo G10 grip panels
  • dual spring recoil system
  • Series 80
  • 8.5″ overall length
  • 39.5 ounces

Colt Rail Gun

Like the Combat version above, there is little to distinguish the two caliber choices apart save the magazine capacity and slight weight savings. As with the 9mm Combat version above, the standard Rail Gun picks up an extra round in the magazine and drops half an ounce as compared to its larger bore brother. The pricing for the nine is the same as the 45: $1,199.


  • 9×19 Parabellum
  • 5″ National Match barrel
  • nine round magazine
  • stainless steel slide and frame with a brushed stainless finish
  • Novak three-dot sights
  • Series 80
  • 8.5″ overall length
  • 36.0 ounces

These new 1911 pistols are part of several announcements from Colt, including Vietnam era AR-15 reproductions and an update Delta Elite.

Richard Johnson

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  • Jolly

    Need moar double stack.

    • ozzallos .

      Shut your face.

  • LG

    There are lots of better fabricated 1911s available at better prices. The pony factory has not delivered quality in many a year. Colt tried to sell to the American people what the government wanted. Colt saw the government as their lord and master. They spurned the citizens. Now they wish the citizens to forgive them. Buyer beware. Can one really believe that the pony factory has changed it’s rider?

    • Springfield Range Operator is very similar and doesn’t have the 80 series trigger safety. If you want the frontstrap checkering and triggerguard undercut of the Colt, you’ll have a few hundred dollars left over to send it to a gunsmith.

      • LG

        I am sold on the Dan Wessons for day to day use. The pony shop can not even hope to approach their quality. Even Ray Charles can see and feel the difference!

        • TheMaskedMan

          If you’re looking to spend $1,000-$1,500, Dan Wesson or STI would be my first pick.

  • Series 80 = 🙁

  • Spencerhut

    Still with the Series 80? Will everyone please quit making Series 80 1911’s and just put in a damn titanium firing pin and a decent FP spring? And while you’re at it stop chopping the huge angle on the firing pin stop and put that back the Browning designed it.
    Between Colt and Kimber I can’t decide who’s 1911’s I hate more these days. Wait, strike that, I hate Kimber more.
    Long Live the Series 70!

  • retfed

    I thought the only reason to put up with a finicky, high-maintenance, Taft-era relic that incorporates design features that haven’t been used since before the Titanic sank was because it used the superawesome .45 that will make the bad guy do a backflip through the nearest plate glass window if you only hit him on the finger. Why combine an obsolescent design with a wimpy effeminate Europellet that’s only good for executing kneeling peasants?
    I’m confused.

    • De Facto

      Because there is no shortage of kneeling peasants? 😉

      Joking aside, I recently shot a kimber 9mm 1911 and was surprised by how little I enjoyed it. It just felt wrong. Not really sure why. Maybe a doublestack 9mm 1911 like RIA offers a better experience. IMO, definitely try before you buy. Personally, if adding another 9mm to the safe, I’d rather expand my CZ collection. YMMV

  • Richard

    They should add a model that includes a railed dust cover that extends to the muzzle

  • Bob

    “Oh, this? It’s my Colt Forty… 9mm.” *shame face*

    Actually I have been idly looking for a cheap 9mm 1911 for some time. If those Spanish Stars were more reliable…

    • Me

      I bought a Rock Island 9mm double stack 1911 last year and never looked back. For just a hair over $500 it’s been 100% reliable with everything from cheapo 115g umc to critical duty +p. Some people say they are sub-par 1911’s but I love mine.

      • ozzallos .

        Could get that 22tcm conversion to go with it.

        • Me

          That’s the one I got. The 22 tcm/9mm combo.

  • Jwedel1231

    Any time I see “rail gun” I automatically assume something using eletromagnetic rails and Mach 5+ projectile speeds.

    But no, it’s a 1911 with rails, something every other new guns has had since the 1990s.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    5 years ago I never would have considered a 9mm 1911. But with this and the Springfield options on the market there are lots of great 9mms that don’t cost $3,000.00. I don’t have a 1911 yet so I’m saving for two because my first 1911 has to be a 45!

  • Randy Graham

    When I saw the headline, I was really hoping Colt came out with a 9×23 Winchester 1911 again. It seems I missed my chance to get one and I’ve been regretting it ever since.

  • Cuvie

    I wish more people made more Hi Power clones without the magazine safety instead of 9mm 1911s

  • Louis Bethel

    They make a very good gun, but some of the small companies make great ones.
    You won’t go wrong with a Colt and a lot of folks ask for them.
    But they have really given up their share to Les Baer, Bill Wilson and Ed Brown just to name a few.
    Wish they made more SAA, we can never get enough of those.