NEW Hungarian 9mm Carbine Uses Scorpion Evo3 Lower

Thanks to John Uram for sending us this our way. A some of you may know I am partial to the CZ Scorpion Evo 3. They made a short video about a new Hungarian 9mm Carbine. It uses a CZ Scorpion Evo 3 lower. The rifle is called the Steiner Bark.

One aspect I am curious about is if this could be sold as a plain upper receiver like an AR-15 upper. If that is the case what happens when you put it on an Evo3 lower since the Scorpion Upper is the registered/serialized firearm?

We made a short video from the latest hungarian carbine development, the “Steiner Bark”. The carbine is in 9×19 mm only, it’s made in 3 barrel length. In the video we shot the longest 17,7 inches (45 cm) version. The upper is improved from the hungarian Danuvia VD-01, the lower is from the CZ EVO 3. We shot from 50, 100 and 150 meters with Fiocchi, Remington, Geco and Magtech ammunition


steiner-bark steiner-bark-9x19


Edit: Thanks to my friend Jan Lučanský, the designer of the Scorpion Evo3. He told me that this gun is actually Slovakian. It is called the Balko Bark 9. Check it out on their Slovakian website.


Nicholas C

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  • borekfk


  • anon

    so now i can replace my 9mm pistol caliber carbine thing with another pistol caliber carbine thing that uses the same lower?

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    It would be nice to see the aftermarket latch on to the Scorpion like they did the AR15. It looks to be about as modular.

  • Jambo

    Nowhere near as attractive as the scorpion, but I’d have one.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Why would anyone buy this when the EVO 3’s polymer magazines have fragile feed lips?

    • Nicholas C

      Not all of them break. And there is a fix for them.

      • PK

        One of my very favorite multi-tools!

    • hking

      There was a small batch with an issue, which CZ corrected and replaced any mag from that batch for free. The Evo magazines are actually very durable and reliable, not “fragile” as you believe in any way shape or form. I have over 4k rounds through my Evo (RIP 2 quarterly bonuses), through 4 different mags, dropping them on concrete in my indoor range, or gravel at my outdoor range, dozens of times each, with absolutely zero issues or signs of damage. So even if you were to break them, which so far I have been unable to do through very rough use, they are only $20 as Nicholas C has pointed out.

      • A Fascist Corgi

        I doubt that the “small batch of bad mags” excuse is true. The design is inherently flawed due to the materials being used. Polymer magazines that don’t have steel-reinforced feed lips will eventually break if you store them fully loaded. And I don’t care how cheap the magazines are to replace. That’s not something that I want to worry about with a defensive weapon. I’d gladly pay more money for durable magazines.

        • Nicholas C

          I have not heard of any ETS magazine breaking. And Magpul PMAGS are not reinforced. They are polymer magazines. They dont break.

        • They’ve been building mags for seven years without significant issue. Thus I’m inclined to believe that it was a bad production run. And my multiple loaded Pmags defy you.

    • De Facto

      Given the popularity of the EVO 3, especially as it gains more market share, I expect magpul and (fingers crossed) lancer will make after market mags for it.

      • I’d love Lancer mags for it but am thinking that’s not super likely considering Lancer makes the OEM mags for the SIG MPX. It’s possible they signed an agreement as part of that deal to not to make mags for competing 9mm PDW type guns. Maybe not, but it seems likely to me.

        • De Facto

          You’re probably right, but I hope not. Lancer mags are nice, it’d be a shame if they were locked out of that market segment – for all that the MPX may be a nicer gun, its higher price point means the Evo will likely outsell it.

  • Cal S.


    What do I have to buy first and how should it be configured so at no point during the process am I in possession of an unregistered SBR? Do I just not act suspicious and not get my house searched during the build and then pretend it never happened? 😉

    • Red McCloud

      Buy the Scorpion pistol/Scorpion pistol lower receiver first, then the upper. You can convert pistols to rifles, but not rifles to pistols.

      • Cal S.

        So once you do it this way, there’s no going back? Bummer. But thanks!

      • TCBA_Joe

        Except since the upper is the serialized part, you would have to register the upper as an SBR.

        Then when you buy this addition, you’d need to register it too as an SBR since it too would be a firearm.

  • Red McCloud

    I start thinking of the Danuvia VD-01 out of nowhere, and then TFB posts this article.

    This happens so often I’m not even surprised anymore, but I definitely want to pick one of these up someday.

    • PK

      As interesting as this carbine is, the VD-01 captured my attention much more fiercely. What a wonderfully odd little machine pistol! I wonder how difficult it would be to source a magazine or three for building a semi-auto clone for myself…

  • thedonn007

    You can get the CZ EVO as a carbine.

  • Sasquatch

    Sooo why not an AR-15? I get 9mm carbine in a small, light and handy package. But a long barrel with a scope? Nope. But hey diffrent strokes for different folks.

    • Kelly Jackson

      Because it’s Hungary. You’re the kind of person that makes people hate Americans.

      • Sasquatch

        Care to elaborate on this?

        • Badwolf

          I’m guessing ar15s aren’t allowed in Hungary, so they have to find alternative platforms like the evo for their long barrel and scope needs.

          • Sasquatch

            That’s why I ask for an elaboration.

          • Kovacs Jeno

            AR-15s are perfectly legal for sportshooters’s licence in Hungary as far as they are semiauto.

  • I actually prefer Lancer mags—