[Review] Steadify, The Shooting Stick Attached to You

Okay, Tom, what the h!#$ is it? Well, honestly it threw me for a loop too when I first saw it at SHOT Show (this year). A number of entertaining comments, and even some pointers to similar products, were posted by you readers. That said, I still received one to actually spend some time with, and I found it to actually work pretty well.


Basically it is a formed leather “board/plate” that has a ball and socket joint mounted to it. The “ball” portion is attached to a collapsible stick/rod with a locking mechanism and a rubberized “fork” at the end.

Rubberized fork at the end.

Rubberized fork at the end.

The part that rests against your body, the “plate”, has slots for a belt. The unit comes with a one and a half inch length of flat webbing that has a side release buckle attached to it.


So, I first used this at a local 3-Gun match. It was fortunate in that the course ended with three long range rifle shots. The intention of the course was to move from the last pistol position and transition to a prone-ish position about ten meters away. With the Steadify, I was able to engage the targets while standing, as soon as I retrieved my rifle from the staging box. A definite savings of time. Despite the initial pokes and jabs from the other competitors, there was some begrudging respect for the utility of it after I was able to take the shots and make them without having to move (initially I had missed a couple of shots because I had just changed to 75 grain ammo and neglected to re-zero my rifle).

The blanket just above and to the right is the intended shooting position.

The blanket just above the guy in the blue and to the right is the intended shooting position.  The end of the lane on the right side of the photo (next to the grounding box) is where I was able to shoot from.

I then decided to use it in what I assume is the more standard way, a more static rifle shoot. I tried it from both standing and kneeling positions, and with a couple of different rifles, including a heavy bolt action. I found that it really absorbed the gun’s weight–not technically correct, I suppose, but it definitely altered my perception of it’s weight.

When bringing the Steadify up, I also found that I could keep my eyes on the target. I would imagine with traditional shooting sticks there would be a downward glance to confirm placement on the ground (not having used a set, can anyone confirm?). In any case, there is no need to confirm placement since you know right where the rod is.

A decent amount of extension from the base. Easily enough to support a rifle or optics.

A decent amount of extension from the base. Easily enough to support a rifle or optics.

I also tried it with my spotting scope to see if it would provide an stability for that. It actually worked pretty well. There was a little bit of shaking at the terminal distance (it is a 60x scope), but not so much that it was unusable.

As an adjunct support, I think it worked very well, especially once I practiced with it and dialed in the operation. It did take a few tries to get smooth with extending the rod and locking the sleeve in place. I found that if I had the rod twisted a little wrong to begin with, it would bind up as I tried to rotate it around the pivot point. Once I realized that the issue was with the way I was resetting it, it was an easy problem to fix.

Until I figured it out and practiced a bit, it was binding up here.

Until I figured it out and practiced a bit, it was binding up here.

There are two main things I disliked about it. The first was moving with it. It kind of interfered with my leg movement as I was running around, and I did have a lot of crap on my shooting belt all around it. Again, this was an issue of using it outside of it’s lane (i.e. in a 3-Gun match), but still something to note. It is a stiff board that overlaps your inguinal crease, so the mechanic of lifting your leg, as in walking or running, has to move the board up as well.

The second complaint is that the belt portion has nothing anchoring it, so the buckle can slide right off. I think if you were seriously using this, it would be attached to your own belt, but I would have at least like to see a simple stitched fold on the end of the webbing to stop it from unthreading completely.

Potential to unthread from the buckle.

Potential to unthread from the buckle.


Now that I have been to a “legit” 3-Gun competition, I’m not sure that the Steadify is all that appropriate in that venue. That said, my understanding of Open Class 3-gunners is that they will try nearly anything for that millisecond advantage… 🙂

Regardless of that, I think this product definitely has merit for shooters/hunters that need a stabilizer, and for shooters that may have orthopedic injuries (e.g. can’t go down to a knee or prone). It is also rapidly deployable, so as an on the spot support, it works very well.

I can also see the utility for optics, like spotting scopes, and even possibly cameras with large lenses.

Comparing to “shooting sticks” I think this has an advantage in weight, size and speed of use. Having not directly compared to shooting sticks, however, I cannot evaluate if one provides more stability than the other.

You can find out more information at: https://www.steadify.de/

Tom is a former Navy Corpsman that spent some time bumbling around the deserts of Iraq with a Marine Recon unit, kicking in tent flaps and harassing sheep. Prior to that he was a paramedic somewhere in DFW, also doing some Executive Protection work between shifts. Now that those exciting days are behind him, he has embraced his inner “Warrior Hippie” and assaults 14er in his sandals and beard, or engages in rucking adventure challenges while consuming craft beer. To fund these adventures, he writes medical software and builds websites and mobile apps. His latest venture is as one of the founders of IronSights.com; a search engine for all things gun related. He hopes that his posts will help you find solid gear that will survive whatever you can throw at it–he is known (in certain circles) for his curse…ahem, ability…to find the breaking point of anything.


  • Don Ward

    I was going to ask where the shooting stick attaches to you. But then I figured out where you can shove it.

    • TVOrZ6dw

      If you have to ask “where does this go” you are going to have a bad day.

      • Don Ward

        Considering how much stuff is hanging off of guns these days and the fact that you need to carry something else around to steady a 12-15 pound Franken AR, it does make me wonder where exactly these guys are sticking their shooting stick.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    The article pictures don’t actually show this device in use. I went to Steadify’s website which does show it in use with a rifle.
    A. It looks like it probably really works.
    B. I will never own a device such as this, even if it works.
    I can’t imagine a future where this is seen in common use in competitions. Just doesn’t seem right.

    • Clay-in-UT

      Seems like it would be nice for handicapped individuals to use.

      • Doc Rader

        That was my thought.

    • Doc Rader

      I can’t imagine someone using it in a comp. but then again I never thought I’d see someone caddying around their rifles in a baby stroller (rather than in a pack)… 🙂

  • derpmaster

    I give it 3 shrugs out of 10. Not worth the price they are asking at all.

  • m-cameron

    yeah….if you need a telescopic strap-on in order to shoot your rifle…..you need more practice.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I still dont know what the hell this is.

  • spotr

    When you do article about mystery items, can you please include a “how it is used” picture please! Like this>

    • Doc Rader

      Ha! Yeah, sorry.

      This was one of those rare times I couldn’t get a pic in action. At the match there was not a good angle and when I went back out I was solo…

    • Ryfyle

      Well not terribly useful with my current case of jiggle thigh.

  • Southpaw89

    See some potential for this in my hunting kit, there are times it could have come in very useful.

  • SCW

    Hardly a new item. I saw a very similar product years ago at an Eastman gun show. The guy made them himself. His just hooked over your belt. No elaborate mounting system needed.

  • Tuulos

    For some reason I couldn’t find this article under the reviews section in the top.