Indoor Optical Training Aid: Dry Fire Your Bolt Gun Indoors

My friend Ryan Hey of Magneto Speed shared this gem. It is called the Indoor Optical Training Aid (IOTA). It goes over your scope and changes the focal distance to about 11 feet. Something much more manageable indoors. This allows you to practice your dryfire on a long gun indoors.


The IOTA reduces the amount of light going into the scope so you need a lot of light on a simulated target. One easy option is to use a laptop and display an image on the screen for the scope to focus on.

Here is a photo I found on Sniper’s Hide. The person that posted this photo said the image is clear in the scope. He just can’t take clear pictures.


Here’s it set at 12x on my Vortex PST FFP 6-24×50, distance to the target was 11′ 1″. Through the scope at this power setting the target was in focus so don’t blame the IOTA for a blurry sight picture, blame the photographer.


Here is what the IOTA looks like and packaging.

– The IOTA can be ordered by contacting Chuck Neller at:

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  • Goody

    I just use a bottle cap on the back fence

  • Major Tom

    I have strictly iron sights on my bolt gun.

    • Jack

      Good for you!!

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      What if I told you that doesn’t make you any better than anyone else?

  • Bob

    I’m not entirely sure here why this would be specifically for bolt guns, as it goes on a scope… Anyway, I have forty foot of basement to work with and don’t need this, though I could see someone in an apartment finding this handy.

  • Joe

    Thanks for the head’s up! I did the research for my godson’s 1st hunting rifle, and I bet this would go great with the Dime/Washer drill that his father and I am familiar with.