GripShot, The Rail Mounted Serpa Pistol Holster

GripShot is an adapter to mount either a Safariland ALS or Serpa holster to picatinny rails. The GripShot mount costs $135.

The premise is that it is faster to have your sidearm in your field of view and it is faster than drawing your pistol from a traditional hip mounted or drop leg holster.

The video is a bit misleading as the Traditional shooter takes a rather long time getting his gun out of his holster. I have seen much faster manipulation on drawing a pistol out of a drop leg rig.


Here are some other examples of the GripShot.


AR57 upper with FNH Five Seven pistol.


AR57 with Five Seven pistol.


Revolver rail mounted?


Non Lethal Taser option.


Taser rail mounted

GripShot address the “Isn’t it heavy?” comment. However they address it with misogynistic ridicule and the rationale that more guns wins gun fights. This will be quicker than drawing a side arm from a traditional hip mounted holster, so they believe.

Another feature is drawing the side arm when someone takes the rifle away. First of all, I don’t think they should be walking so close to a suspect to have the problem to begin with, but I am not LE or MIL.


Also for less than lethal shotguns you can add a taser to pump your shotgun.

They have not addressed the issue of Serpa holsters and the users who have had negligent discharges or when the Serpa lock seizes up and wont release the gun. I have not heard of Safariland ALS holsters failing so perhaps they are better off using those.

Another possible issue is mounting a handgun to a rifle. Now I think they avoid the issues of making the pistol into an SBR since the gun technically cannot be fired when it is in the holster.

I am not sure if this solved a real problem or just another tacticool accessory for mall ninjas.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Pete M

    Not just no. But hell no.

    • Tom

      Followed by a why oh why would you do such a thing.

  • Giolli Joker

    The Taser option is the only one I could think it might be somehow sensible, especially if it can be shot without un-holstering.

    Everything else seems really stupid to me, but I’m no operator.

    “Another feature is drawing the side arm when someone takes the rifle away.”
    Giving you the chance to lose rifle and pistol at the same time!

    • Pete M

      I’m actually surprised that Taser hasn’t made a rail mounted version. Maybe it’s the liability of having lethal and non lethal options up at the same time.

      • BattleshipGrey

        They did make a rail mount for Tasers. Haven’t heard much about the shotgun tasers in a while though. Maybe it was the $100 per shot that kept agencies from taking it too seriously.

        • Cattoo

          These days it seems to be less expensive to just kill the suspect outright. Why spend $100 on a 12ga stun gun round when it’s a buck a shot for defensive ammunition?

          • Mazryonh

            Rubber buckshot and bean-bag rounds aren’t as expensive as Taser shotgun rounds. Less-lethal “rubber slugs” similar to large rubber bullets are also less expensive than Taser shotgun rounds.

      • Nicks87

        Yeah I think you are correct. Too much of a risk for a sympathetic response. “I meant to pull the trigger on my taser, instead I filled the subject full of buckshot.”

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Unless the taser was used first.

        • nova3930

          I wonder how a rail mount taser placed flashlight style where it requires weak side manipulation would fare in that respect.

        • Bill

          There are actually two different systems: a TASER based shotgun shell, and a rail mount for the “normal” TASER. I’m not certain the XFlite or whatever it was called ever really reached the market, at least I’ve never heard of one in actual use.

          The ability to have a TASER mounted on a long gun does have some merit. Many situations involving less than lethals being deployed also need a lethal backup, and being able to go less-lethal easily may preclude the necessity to shoot.

          • Nicks87

            In that case you would want two separate officers, one armed with lethal, one with non-lethal. Combining the weapons doesn’t work and there are former cops sitting in jail that confused their pistols and their tasers that can attest to that. Crazy things happen to our motor skills in high stress situations.

          • Bill

            Having two officers is the norm; but in cases like dynamic breaches and such it might be nice, but not paramount, to have both options available to the first guy in the stack, or a solo officer on a traffic stop without backup dealing with someone who may or may not need to be shot, depending on how the situation evolves. Both methods involve compromises, but the ability to resolve a situation with a lower level of force is always a good thing.

            There have been cases of equipment confusion, but not THAT many, and they are solved by training, policy and equipment placement. In high stress situations our motor skills will function as they were trained to do in high-stress training.

          • Kivaari

            I wrote our original less lethal policyfor our SOP manual. Rule number one, was a single officer response is not done with a less lethal option (this was before TASERs were common). Lethal force was to be ready for use until there was enough backup to bring less lethal devices into play. There is a big reason to do this. First is the responding officer may have his less lethal weapon out and ready, when he instantly should have had his gun out. Don’t create situations that can backfire on you. Second, is you have a chance to live without killing if you can. The back up knows that he is heading into a scene where they can be ready with less lethal options knowing the first officer can deliver lethal force. Less lethal devices fail too often.
            Thinking hitting a suspect with a bean bag will solve the problem, when in reality bean bags and baton rounds fail to stop people.
            TASERs fail. OC spray fails, baton strikes fail and even bullets fail to stop bad guys.

          • Cynic

            Was used to shoot a British murderer iirc

        • Kivaari

          Then there is the case where a SWAT member was holding a hostage taker under his shotgun sights and wanted to use a less lethal round instead of buckshot or slugs that may have hit the hostage. I did a round swap using the brail method. He “thought” he had a bean bag round. He actually put n a breaching round. He fired ant the suspect without injuring the hostage. The suspect was DRT.
          Using the NTOA testing methods for less lethal rounds, I fired 12 Ga bean bag rounds at a B27 at 15 yards on an indoor (windless) range. The bean bags would hit 12 inches from the point of aim, in a random order (which is no order at all). Using rubber baton loads would hit at point of aim in a cloverleaf manner.
          The point being is select one weapon for each task. We only issued shotguns with rubber baton loads, and did not inventory lead ammunition.
          Keep the handgun in a holster on your belt. just like you wear it every day. Keep your TASER in a different place, so it takes thinking to draw it. Stacking a handgun onto your long gun in this manner is simply a stupid idea. Why? Why would you ever want to add junk to make your long gun harder to use?

          • And that’s why I don’t believe you should mix “less lethal” loads with normally “lethal” weapons.

            I get the idea of flexibility – but the risk of human error shoots up dramatically.

          • Kivaari

            At the time I wrote the SOP about half of the agencies using them at that time, now14 years ago, used the same shotgun for lethal and less lethal. There were too many unintended deaths. I firmly believe a distinctly painted shotgun, dedicated to the role is the best plan. Even less lethal rounds kill. At the time there had been at least 5 unintended deaths using bean bag loads. That is why I did the testing and shifted every round t baton loads. The square bags being so unpredictable, and hitting at odd angles and randomly hitting 12 inches around point of aim made them too dangerous to use. At 15yds, it means the officer could miss, hit a hostage, or kill when that wasn’t the plan. Remember the BP officer Brian Terry, his team was packing shotguns with bean bag loads, when facing Fast and Furious AK fire.

          • Mazryonh

            If Brian Terry and his team at least had some shotgun slugs on them they might have been able to respond more effectively, unless the less-lethal shotguns you’re referring to were specifically modified to reject lethal shotgun ammunition.

          • Kivaari

            We eliminated the storage of, purchase of lethal ammunition in shotguns ammo. We only inventoried rubber baton loads. The SOP stated that NO LL weapon would be introduced to the scene, until adequate lethal weapons were present. Meaning, not just our two handguns (G17 or G19 and a M642) t either an MP5A2 or an M4 Carbine. This was written, by me, before TASERs were common. We did not want an officer grabbing a less lethal weapon until they knew what they were facing. It was up to the second or third officer to deploy the less lethal 12 Ga M870.

          • Kivaari

            At the time the ratio was running about 50:50 between departments mixing ammo and those dedicating guns. I favor dedicated guns.

          • Mazryonh

            DRT = Dead Right There? Usually you hear “dead before hitting the ground” more often.

            Compared to less-lethal shotguns loaded with flexible baton rounds, the FN 303 was supposed to allow more accurate shooting of less-lethal blunt-force projectiles, but even that platform started to lose accuracy after some wear.

          • Kivaari

            Yep! Dead Right There.

      • Kivaari

        There are already too many mishaps with cops thinking they have a TASER out and they actually have a gun ready to kill. Last week the reserve deputy sheriff was convicted on manslaughter for shooting a suspect with a revolver that he thought was his TASER. Such shootings are too common. Never try this at home.

    • Kivaari

      Except the trigger on the TASER could not be used, since it is in a protective holster to prevent its use. If you have a long gun aimed at a suspect, let your partner use his TASER while you keep your gun aimed at the suspect or home intruder.

  • Pete M

    With a loaded LBV, this product just adds to the bulk when the rifle is slung.

    Speaking of LBV, there are quality holsters that put you pistol in a better draw position.

    If you are carrying a rifle for defense, that rifle should be your primary focus. Adding weight, bulk and another system on top of everything else is just asking for trouble.

    • Kivaari

      I found that keeping the service pistol in the same place and with a holster that is the same as your everyday duty location you will get it into service without delay. My tactical vest was an earlier generation with belt loops placed so you could use your regular gun belt. I had a duplicate set-up, so I didn’t need the time to get the LBV set up. Going on a call with a rig that locates any piece of gear where it isn’t normally causes moments of Ohshititis. Pack a duty rig for years on end, and then put on your combat gear where everything is different is a bad thing to do. To lessen chances for screw ups, after I started using the G17 for work, I never tried other guns on the street. Revreational shooting is one thing. Swapping from a Glock to a 1911 or M9 is not good. For back up I carried a S&W Centennial. It works like a Glock. Squeeze the trigger DA and it shoots.

  • BattleshipGrey

    It’s like a bad informercial; “don’t you just hate it when ______ happens?”

    • me

      Does this happen to you?

      • Rock or Something

        Yes. Every. Single. Time.

        Please save me, I have money I am willing to part with.

        • me

          Well your in luck! For just 4 easy payments of 29.95 you’ll never spill your food again.

          • TheMaskedMan

            I’m releasing an improved version of this. It drills into your spine for maximum stability (you can’t spill your food if you’re paralyzed).

    • politicsbyothermeans

      If Billy Mays were still alive, I’d like to think that he would have gotten into sexy black gun accessories.

      • jcitizen

        HA! Hilarious! 😀

  • noob

    okay so if you were to be grappled and disarmed in a tight corridor so that the badguy now has your carbine, you can now try to reach for your pistol… which the badguy also has.

    • John Yossarian

      Maybe it’s like an angler-fish: Lure the prey in with the promise of a nice, juicy handgun.

      • Wouldn’t it make more sense to hang a vial of crack & meth as your bait?

  • Nigel Tegg


  • Major Fret

    Well, it’s a step above strapping a brick onto your rifle, so it’s got that going for it…

    • Anonymoose

      I didn’t they make a bridge-mount thingy that you could attach Glocks under an railed forend with? A Glock is basically a brick anyway.

      • itsmefool

        Be very careful…you may have just incurred the wrath of the Glockophiles!

        • iksnilol

          Yes, there’s an anonymous Norwegian one that is very butthurt.

          • itsmefool

            We should be hearing something in 1, 2, 3…

        • Kivaari

          Except Glocks DO work when needed. They weigh less than an empty M1911.

      • Anonymous

        The one for Glocks is a trick, you’re supposed to use one in .40 for that. Your rifle runs out and you let the guy grab it, and when he goes to shoot the pistol it blows up and kills him.

        • Kivaari

          The .40 blow up when the ammo used is of poor quality. Bad hand loads including commercial reloads seem to be the problem. Like the M1911 the unsupported case head will fail if the loads are over common sense pressures.

      • SM

        “Rigging your sidearm to your rifle is an excellent idea, guardsman. Lets get that ran by the Mechanicus.”


        “It looks like that idea has already been used, therefore you must have stolen it. According to page 197 subsection B of the Imperial Guardsman’s Uplifting Primer, the punishment for stealing is execution.”


        – Another day in the life of an Imperial Commissar

      • Kivaari

        Except Glocks actually work when needed. If I was going to do this, even my wife would know I had finally slipped over the edge.

  • Anonymoose

    Pair it with one of those MULE stocks for even more firepower! 😀

    • Giolli Joker

      Well, if you use the same model of handgun, you keep the balance neutral.
      Win-Win! 😀

  • politicsbyothermeans

    What is this? I can’t even.

  • derfelcadarn

    Is there no limit to the insanity ?

    • Kivaari

      NO !!!

  • phryd wunderdawg

    Don’t taze me, bro!

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Yo dawg, I heard you like guns.

  • Roy

    Needs more MOLLE panels

  • DaveP

    …because there’s no such thing as “too muzzle -heavy”.

    • Swarf

      Next up: a helmet-mounted pulley so you can run a counter weight over your head and down your back.

  • Ambassador Vader

    Its cool, but it would be cooler if they attached on all 4 sides of the rail plus one on opt of the receiver. One side arm attached is kewl, but 5 attached is kewler.

    • itsmefool

      Yes, but I don’t have that many hands!

    • Kivaari

      Isn’t it supposed to be “Kewlier”?

  • Gorilla Biscuit


  • stephen

    Genius is a gift that should be used in excess. Stupidity is also a gift that no one should use.

    I think this product is a product of the later.


  • Mmmtacos

    +Faster than having to reach all the way to a proper holster, resulting in 0.02 seconds of missed fighting time

    -Super heavy
    -Looks stupid
    -You lose 0.02 seconds of being able to reflect on tactical decisions
    -If you need your pistol you didn’t bring enough rifle ammo
    -If you need your pistol you’re probably playing Call of Duty
    -Gives rifle much larger profile
    -SERPA holster
    -Costs $135
    -Usage of Gripshot automatically reduces all credibility

    -Why, just why?
    -How is this $135? It’s not even a holster, it’s a holster mount

    • Kivaari

      Well, you pretty much hit everything that is wrong about this silly device. Concise and accurate.

    • Cattoo

      Well they have to charge that much because they are gonna move so few of them( none).
      There is a recoup expenses clause in the business plan that will be needing to be addressed I’ll bet.

  • Don Ward

    And this is the sort of mall ninja-ry that the folks who are WAY too into 2 or 3-gun competitions get you.

  • itsmefool

    I’d be more impressed if they made something to attach my ARs to my sidearms!

  • Porty1119

    Not just hell no, but why? Why in the seven hells of Chaos would you even DO this?

  • SignalFromTheRim

    This is a joke, right?

    • KestrelBike

      I checked the date and it’s not the first of April. Not sure what’s going on…

  • iksnilol

    If you were to fire the pistol whilst holstered, wouldn’t it be an SBR?

    • Scott Tuttle

      give the ATF about 5 years to get back to us on that one

    • I would say so.

      • iksnilol

        Close the mounted holster loophole! 😛

  • Mike

    I want a beer can attachment

  • Mike

    Girlfriend attachment please

  • Erik B

    No. Never. Just wrong.

  • Phillip Cooper

    The answer to a question noone ever asked.

    Sidearms belong on your (say it with me) side. Period.

  • Who Cares

    As a Police Officer, I can tell you we are close to the suspect all the time. Frisk, pat down, handcuffing, FIGHTING, etc. This is ignorant, and shouldn’t even be talked about.

    • Nicholas C

      Ok. So given that you are that close, do you think Gripshots manipulation would be practical for what you do? Meaning crossing your arms to hold the rifle while keeping your hand on the pistol?

      • Who Cares

        No. Absolutely no. For one we don’t have the patrol rifle out unless absolutely necessary. If that’s the case usually an officer unencumbered by a rifle will secure suspect. I work in a large city and understand rural dept s may not have tha luxury though. Two, we like to have our weapons secure when dealing with anyone. Most officers use level 3 security holsters because we end up fighting more often than shooting. That video was presenting 2 guns to a suspect. I don’t think any dept would allow it short of the one that allowed Steven Segal to ride along (sorry, that was wrong). We are trained to talk to anyone with our bodies bladed with gun away from person, and if anyone goes for gun to drop the mag and hold weapon close to body. That setup goes against all training.

      • Bill

        …and if you absolutely cannot avoid going hands-on with someone, your sling should allow swinging the gun to the back, and a weapon catch will keep it out of the way.

      • Kivaari

        Having a sling makes your rifle or shotgun easier to manage. It’s preferable to putting it on the ground or trying to handle a suspect. Use a Blue Force sling or the Magpul version and you can snug it up tight.

  • Anon

    …Why the hell would you think this is a good idea?
    1. Do they really think you would have time and clarity of thought to try to draw the pistol while they’re trying to disarm you? Oh and slings exist, by the way.
    2. That will probably get in the way of gripping the rifle.
    3. Unnecessary weight hanging off your gun and also unnecessary balance issues.
    4. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket; that goes hand in hand with point number one.
    5. This would really go well with the Tufforce muzzle brake so you can be a Tier 1 operator.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
  • Raven

    A rail-mounted Serpa…well, at least you won’t be able to shoot yourself in the leg with this one.

    • Sean

      Oh, these guys will find a way…

      • Finger fiddling the pistol while the rifle is dangling from a single point sling.

        That mental.image just popped up, unbidden, without having to think about it. 😀

  • stephen

    Another con…

    You also have problems with excessive overswing because you added 2lbs to the front of your rig.

    Just saying

  • Lance

    Tactics cool getting even more ridiculous!

  • Bob

    I can imagine that there might be some sort of specialized LE or competition niche for this thing, but certainly not the vast majority of shooters, LE, or military. Heck, every time you read up on the miltary there is often a reference to at least one or two in the squad slimming down the crap on their rifle or forgoing a sidearm after the first deployment when they realize just how rarely they need X or Y and the whole ounces is pounds thing. I am certainly not interested, and I am neither LE nor military. My AK is heavy enough with the scope mount and scope on there, I have little interest in even 40 round mags…

  • stephen

    Now if this was a beer holder…

    • Kivaari

      You need a non-slopping cup. Like a Tommy Tippy cup with a rube and valve like your Camelback hydration pack. When you are sneaking up on the bad guys at the low ready, you spill too much of that golden brew.

  • Jeremy Star

    This is a little over a month late.

  • Eugene Lempert

    Adding more crap to ones rifle…tacticool…What happens to accuracy w all the cool guy crap hanging off or if the long gun gets hit ?

  • TJbrena

    Next level mall-ninjary.

  • Justin Roney

    This might actually surpass rails on suppressors and double barreled 1911’s in the realm of bad ideas.

    • Nicholas C

      Those products have legitimate uses. Very narrow uses but still a legitimate use. Picatinny rail for a threaded barrel gun with no rails. 2x barrel 1911 would be awesome in USPSA where two rounds are required on target.

      • Justin Roney

        With all due respect, I don’t see a legitimate use for this, even as a range toy. As I pointed out in the other thread, any equipment placed on the suppressor rail is going to undergo additional stress it wasn’t designed for, not to mention further reduce the chance of successful cycling of the weapon…bad idea. The dual 1911 might have some limited role in competition, but no one short of a Bond villain is going to ever carry it or use it as anything other than a range toy…a fun experiment, but still a bad idea. Putting your sidearm some place that it won’t always be with you, on something that can be ripped away from you, WHILE interfering with your primary weapon? Bad, bad idea IMHO.

        • Blake

          Uh how exactly is a light/whatever mounted 2″ farther forwards going to incur any more stress than it’s rearward brother?

          • Justin Roney

            It’s all about acceleration forces, or G-forces. The majority of pistols today have a tilting barrel, which also rocks the suppressor (and attached accessory) in a sharp up and down movement when the action cycles, and over a much shorter time span than a normal recoil impulse (watch high speed video and see how fast the slide reacts compared to the overall recoil impulse on the gun and shooter’s hand.) Weapon light manufacturers (that aren’t cheap Chinese companies) will have designed their products for a certain recoil impulse + a safety margin. Increasing the amount of stress to levels the device (probably) isn’t designed to withstand will greatly increase the probability of failure. The heat radiating off the suppressor won’t help either.

          • Anonymoose

            A light+suppressor combo on a fixed barrel pistol like a Makarov or a B&T TP9 is okay, though.

          • Anonymoose

            If you look through the Stone Mountain Machinegun Shoot article, they’re putting RMRs on suppressors now! D:

          • Justin Roney

            Like I said, you can do it, but you have to be willing to accept a much higher failure rate of your accessory. I’ve seen reports around the Internet (usually from high volume competition shooters) having their slide mounted red-dots crap out on them because they break internally from the stress.

        • Kivaari

          The twin .45 is another example of man’s ability to come up with stupid ideas.

          • Giolli Joker

            Not really. That one is a toy by definition, nobody is trying to propose it as a solution for LE problems…
            As a toy, it’s an interesting one.
            This GripShot has no redeeming factor at all. 🙂

      • Kivaari

        This is really a dumb idea. The pistol cannot be fired in the holster. It will take more time to grab and clear the long gun than using your regular holster on your hip. If the long gun can’t solve the problem facing you, then let go of the long gun and draw your handgun. After 30 rounds of 5.56 or whatever caliber you use, if you still have a problem, you better be looking for cover while you get your pistol out. This thing is enough to make the entire firing line burst out in laughter and ridicule

  • El Duderino

    I can kinda see the utility of the taser. The pistol, no.

  • Rick5555

    Are these guys/company for “real?” This has to be the dumbest idea or attachment for a carbine. You’re just adding weight and towards the end of the barrel. Simply learn how to sling up your carbine and properly drop the rifle and draw your side arm. You know, it’s called proper training and practice. I bet this company doesn’t last to long or sell many products.

  • Rick5555

    In the Element of Surprise video. These guys are nothing but wanna-be’s…what? I’m not too sure of. However, why would someone get that close to a person? If you suspect them. Best way to contend with the element of surprise, is to be aware of your surroundings. And use plenty of common sense. Something these people didn’t use, when creating this idiotic item. WOW is all I can really say, I would love to see how these guys would try to convince someone, why they should have this mount on their carbine. I bet the BS would flow with such ease.

    • Kivaari

      People will be found drooling and unresponsive because they couldn’t make up their minds about which gun they were supposed to use while confronting the enemy forces.

  • Why is everyone saying the Serpa is a bad thing? Obviously they did it so that you can fire before you’ve even finished the draw WHEN FRACTIONS OF A SECOND COUNT!

  • nova3930

    Today in Useless BS news…

  • Coebruh13

    Not really related to the product, but doesn’t the AR57 upper use P90 magazines and eject out through the normal AR magazine well?

    • Nicholas C

      I believe so yes.

      • Coebruh13

        So not only do these guys make a terribly pointless product but they also don’t understand how the guns they’re using to show it off work.


        • Nicholas C

          Actually you may be confused by the AR magazine. A feature of the AR57 is that it spits the empty brass down the mag well. So you can use an empty AR mag with no follower or spring as a brass catcher.

    • Yes, it does. I have one. Makes collecting the brass easy – remove the follower and springs and saw the feedlips off a cheap crappy polymer mag, and you have a brass catcher.

  • OJS

    But if your pistol is for fighting your way to your rifle..?

  • I can’t wait to see The Gun Collective roast this!

  • ZF

    Wouldn’t the addition of an extra gun kinda make the rifles front-heavy? Also I think it be really awkward to try to unholster the pistol since you have to reach out and grab it as opposed to reach down.

    All and all this looks like a really terrible idea.

  • Independent George

    Before playing the video, I was 99% sure this was a parody.

    • Kivaari

      It was supposed to see print on April first.

  • jess

    The Serpa needs a quad rail.

  • DW

    Remember when someone made rail-mounted knife sheaths? That’s a better idea than this. And it’s still terribly stupid.

    • Bob

      Well, rail mounted knive sheathes might be good for some kind of survival gun which you want to be able to grab the gun and go with whatever gear on the gun… But I suppose it was advertised for the tacticool crowd…

      • Kivaari

        Have a bug out bag with such things. Adding junk to your guns that don’t have a real use being there, should be elsewhere.

      • If I had a survival knife on my survival gun, it would be a small folder (probably a multitool) in a pouch on the sling. But, given the situations where I’d be most concerned with a “grab and go” survival rifle, I’d probably have said knife in the aviator survival vest I was already wearing, because I’d be in an airplane.

        Anything less space constrained than an ejection seat, and I’d be more inclined to have a BOB with a rifle attached to (or broken down inside) it – not vice versa.

  • MrEllis

    Heh. People will buy anything…

    • AD

      Let’s hope this is an exception and that no-one buys it.

  • AD

    I’m pretty sure this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my entire life by a large margin. I’m have to believe that they don’t actually think it’s useful, rather they are just trying to make some money off what they perceive to be a clueless market for anything with the word “tactical” in it. To me it reeks of contempt for the consumer.

  • AD

    Wow, I hadn’t seen this one before.

  • dvldoc

    Yet again a solution for a problem that never existed! There is always someone trying to reinvent the wheel, which in this case they took a round rubber wheel and turned it into a square stone one. There are so many things wrong here, but previous comments have addressed most of them. As said before…just not no, but HE’LL NO.

  • As the dumb NFA violations go, this is dumber than most.

    The only redeeming feature of this rail-mounted chocolate teapot is that someone is inevitably going to mount a Hi-Point pistol on the side of a Hi-Point carbine and create something so magnificantly stupid that it will have its own sitcom deal and Facebook page before the end of the day.

    • Doom

      how is this an NFA violation? they cant pull the trigger to fire it.

  • alabubba

    Just because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should do a thing.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I don’t want to live I this planet anymore

    • Kivaari

      You can leave early. Please do not use a gun as we don’t need more bad press.

      • BrandonAKsALot

        Morbid SOB. I’m taking about moving to mars. I’ll start my own gun club with black jack and hookers.

        • Kivaari

          Don’t serve any Yukon Jack, it’s dangerous to drink and shoot. But then again there wouldn’t be many other people around.

  • Cal S.


    Well, at least the negligent discharges will go in the right direction.

  • Oh about a dozen plus—— We aims to please!

  • Jim Drickamer

    I actually like the idea. I like options. Offer it to the public, police, and military. Let the guys on the frontlines decide whether it is a good idea or not. I think this is much like having a 12 ga mounted to an AR15 or a grenade launcher mounted to it, except you can fire them while mounted to the rifle. In some environments or situations, a full-size service handgun is impractical when worn on the body, especially where concealment is mandatory. You could mount this thing on your rifle which is stowed in a car trunk, closet, or whatever. When it is time to act, you could just grab the rifle and have a service handgun available all in one motion. The handgun mounted to the rifle should be a back up in case someone does take the rifle away from you.

  • NeoBlackdog

    This appears to be an idea whose should never have come…

  • CJS3

    When using a belt holster your pistol is always with you. When using this latest picky nose attachment, your pistol is wherever you laid your rifle down.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the primary purpose of a handgun to be the gun that is always with you, even when your rifle isn’t? So this is self-defeating…

  • Mike11C

    This just proves that some people will buy ANYTHING that is put on the market. I thought the shellacked moose turds they sell in souvenir shops in Alaska were stupid but, this thing surpasses even that.

    • Oldgringo

      I have a preserved Buffalo Chip from Canada. And it is mounted.

    • Kivaari

      But the moose turds don’t cost $135. And you can take fresh ones home and create your art at almost no cost.

  • Jarhead0369

    Well, maybe if you are in your jammies and worried about doing a NY reload?

  • rancherfred

    Perfect accessory for Glock owners who also have AR15’s. Same fools who drive around in lifted Chevy3500HD with a diesel engine and Mud Terrains and their pick up has never seen grass.

    • Kivaari

      I have Glocks and ARs. I sure as hell would never buy this stupid device. I wouldn’t buy a big Chevy as you describe. I view trucks with super tall lift kits and $8000 worth of tires to represent an inverse ratio to the IQ of the owner. The higher they go, the dumber they are.

      • rancherfred

        You still have a Glock

        • Kivaari

          Yes. I just needed to replace them and get a few ARs back into the small pile. Glocks and ARs. Every AR needs a Glock or other fine service pistol. One for show and one (or more) for go.

  • Kivaari

    OK, This is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever seen in all my years in the business. Who in their right mind came up with this insanely stupid idea? In retrospect, I should not have asked about people being in their right mind, when no normally functioning person would come up with such silliness.

  • Kivaari

    Yes! How about a gyroscopic damper that runs on CR123 batteries.

  • Alan Colon

    >>I am ***not sure*** if this solved a real problem or just another tacticool accessory for mall ninjas.<<
    Yes, you are.

  • Cottersay

    I fear for the human race.

  • J Garcia Sampedro

    Only use I can think for this would be if the taser can be fired from the rifle without unholstering and moving your hand such a long distance.

    • Mazryonh

      Taser International already made something like that, they called it the “X-Rail” mount. Better than this given that it could actually be fired while attached to a long gun’s rail mount (usually the bottom).

      • And as you pull the TASER trigger with one hand, you sympathetically pull the AR trigger with the other, simultaneously tasing him and blowing his vital organs through his spine.

        Um, yay? I guess?

        • Mazryonh

          Since trigger discipline can be trained for, then it shouldn’t be too hard to teach shooters how to refrain from pulling both triggers at once when a Taser is attached to a lethal long gun.

          • I’m a military systems engineer.

            “Training” is pretty much the *last* choice for preventing a safety issue. In fact, with ordnance safety, it is literally the, “We absolutely *must* have this capability, and there is *no* way to provide it otherwise,” answer. And that’s in a field where killing your own people by mistake is considered *acceptable* under certain circumstances. (And yes, I’ve been in meetings where the *safety* review board has said, “Well, this could knock one of our own birds out of the sky, but the alternative is losing the whole ship. Approved.”)

            There is no corresponding justification in law enforcement to rationalize the risk of mixing lethal and less-lethal in the same platform.

          • Mazryonh

            Well, the Taser X-Rail (see below) isn’t the only underslung less-lethal weapon by now. There was the FN 303 Less-Lethal Launcher, and the F4 Tactical Rail-Mounted Pepper Spray (which was covered elsewhere on this blog). I’ve heard that someone deploying a less-lethal weapon is supposed to be covered by backup with a lethal weapon, but at least weapon combinations like the above hypothetically let the user choose the level of response.

            Is your example referring to a CIWS system mistaking a friendly navy aircraft for a valid target and then getting shot down by the CIWS?

  • Uncle Webkins

    I can see scoring a few rail sections, and get a little creative on where to mount a holster. But as it’s designed, it’s completely useless and even laughable. Clean it up over there.

  • John Wisch

    This is perfect.

    Now when an officer leaves his carbine on the trunk of his patrol car and drives off.
    The citizen that finds it laying in the street will have a pistol & a carbine.
    It’s Christmas, a matched set !

  • jcitizen

    Having a sawed off pump shotgun slung under the AR barrel makes more sense to me. Or perhaps having an AR slung under a shotgun barrel. Once you have a long arm out and are using it, the pistol is just an emergency afterthought to me. Just sayin’. Kudos to these guys for just thinking outside the box – I do like it when that is done as often as possible – brain storming is always fun, even if the idea dies on the vine.

    • An underslung shotgun with breacher rounds makes sense if you think you might have to breach. Other than that, I think it’s a net negative.

      • jcitizen

        You are probably right, as trying to decide which is needed in the heat of a street fight, wouldl hust add to the confusion, even if training were intense. I’ve always thought it was just plain cool to have that ability to sling one under there – just a range conversation piece and really not practical. As far a penetration problems in urban police environments would having a choice be good? I really don’t know.

      • Mazryonh

        With the invention of specialty shotguns rounds like the FRAG-12 and certain less-lethal varieties like Flashbangs and Flexible Baton (beanbag) rounds, underslung shotguns might become flexible multishot utility weapons, without going into the weight and bulk needed for a multishot 40mm grenade launcher. So perhaps it’s not quite a net negative.

        • Only if the only ammunition issued to guys for that underslung shotgun is “less lethals” that can be relatively safely fired directly at a suspect. Otherwise, you *will* find yourself explaining to an incident review board and a jury why one of your officers tried to “subdue” a suspect to death with OO Buck, a sintered breaching projo, or a flashbang to the sternum because the officer either screwed up his load swap, or forgot what he had loaded.

          • Again, if you mix “less lethals” with “lethals” in the same weapon platform, the risk of shooting a suspect with the wrong load for the job goes up exponentially.

            I’d prefer it if the “less lethal” platforms couldn’t accept “lethal” loads at all (IIRC, that option is available for some shotguns designated specifically for use with the 12 gauge TASER loads), but at a minimum, make sure the “less lethal” shotgun is clearly and distinctly distinguished from the riot guns – at a minimum, all colored furntiure (if nor a different stock layout, like maybe pistol gripped if the riot guns have traditional stocks, of vice versa, in addition to a coat of orange Krylon.)

          • Mazryonh

            The TASER shotgun and its TASER shells have been discontinued for years. Yes, the TASER shotgun couldn’t load lethal ammo, but it was discontinued anyway.

            I thought that “dual purpose” weapons were more useful in this age of “low-intensity conflict.” You might have to drop someone wielding a gun one minute while loading a less-lethal 40mm grenade into your underslung grenade launcher (making sure you know what’s in there) to disperse an angry mob the next. Or circumstances might turn out that you get an opportunity to capture a disguised combatant alive, so you switch to your less-lethal.

            People regularly do brass checks on shotguns all the time, so regularly brass checking to verify what you’ve got in a shotgun’s chamber should minimize the chance of an incorrect load. Besides, there are several shotgun models that let you directly load a single shell into the chamber if the current one doesn’t fit your needs, such as loading a breaching round, so that’s another feature that makes shotguns multipurpose weapons, including for less-lethal use.

            I would think that most agencies issuing less-lethal shotguns don’t modify them to accept only less-lethal ammo. I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where one is up against an aggressor shooting from behind a barrier, while having nothing more than a shotgun with less-lethal rounds that can’t penetrate the barrier, or a harder-to-aim handgun to respond with. It could even be something as simple as encountering someone trying to use a car to run you down (most handgun calibers have difficulty penetrating auto glass, and handguns in general almost certainly aren’t going to tear up a car engine block). Those situations might be a bit better if one could load a lethal round into the less-lethal shotgun though.

            People around the world still use TASERs, anyway despite the chance of a fatal reaction experienced by those hit. It’s clear that what’s considered a level of “acceptable risk” for the person on the receiving end has been moving over time.

          • Nice theory. However, I’m not aware of anyone who got killed because somepne couldn’t switch to a less lethal mounted combo.

            But I am aware of people dying be cause someone mixed up ammo types or weapons.

          • Mazryonh

            Don’t less-lethal weapons already have problems incapacitating people high on certain drugs or who are just that motivated? Even Tasers don’t always work when they hit (and single-shot Tasers remain the most common models issued). So a lethal back-up on the same long gun can serve more than just the need to effectively engage targets which can’t be hit or won’t be dissuaded by less-lethal ammunition, like someone in a car trying to run you down.

          • Still not worth the greater risk of accidentally going “lethal” when you meant to go “less lethal”.

            If you have backup, they can cover you with lethal. If you are alone, you *don’t* try less lethal that close to some dusted up freak – you maintain enough separation (including obstacles) that you can transition to your sidearm if need be, or you *start* with lethal.

            Cops aren’t allowed to kill people by accident, but they don’t have to use less lethal when it will get the cop (or other innocents) killed, either.

  • Kivaari

    Beside the ones they gave the shop staff, have they made any that actually sold?

  • Ben Enjerry

    Enough is enough. Who comes up with these ideas??? Little Johnny needs two or “three guns for CQB” in his home? Some of these folks have been watching too many tools on YT and their propehtic videos as well as playing too many video games. Sadly, the makers wouldn’t be producing it if the market didn’t demand it.

  • Mazryonh

    This rig looks like it would make using the long gun the gripshot is attached to difficult if you were coming around a left-handed corner.

    As for keeping a backup handgun easily accessible, don’t we already have many kinds of handgun holsters for carrying on many body locations?

  • CavScout

    Ugh, just STFU on the serpa BS. People shooting themselves in the leg happens often, with all sorts of holsters. Funny, the US mil doesn’t have these issues… because they teach being responsible for your actions…

  • Mazryonh

    Just another step in the endless journey to become the most tacticool operator on the planet.