Kimber’s New 84M Hunter Rifle

kimber hunter

Last week, Kimber formally launched its newest rifle: the 84M Hunter. The company built the bolt gun specifically as a precision hunting gun to be carried into the field where hard use and tough shots are the norm.

As the rifle’s name suggests, the gun is built around the company’s 84M action. The 84M uses a full length Mauser type claw extractor for controlled feeding and extraction. Initial caliber offerings will be:

Mated with the action is a stainless steel, match grade barrel. The barrels are 22″ regardless of caliber, and each has a twist rate appropriate for its chambering.

The barreled action sits in a polymer stock that is flat dark earth (FDE) in color. The stock has pillar bedding and a one inch recoil pad. The length of pull is just under 14″. Overall, these rifles are 41.25″ long and weigh about 6.5 pounds.

For these rifles, Kimber uses a detachable box magazine. Each magazine will hold up to three live rounds. The trigger is fully adjustable and comes set at 3.5-4 pounds from the factory.

Kimber has a suggested retail price of $885 on these rifles; all calibers are the same MSRP. The rifles are currently shipping, so they should be showing up at the local gun counter soon, beating the new K6S to market.

Richard Johnson

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  • John Yossarian

    I was just admiring one of Kimber’s bolt guns at an LGS the other day. Light as a feather! Fluted and hollowed everything, but the thinness of the receiver was the biggest shock. Certainly more practical than their 1911s.

  • BobinMI

    what is the barrel contour on this thing. hard to tell with the stainless barrel on white background

  • Marcus D.

    A Kimber product at a reasonable price? I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you! Now let’s see the field test to see if it shoots as well as their advertising has always bragged it does,

    • Jwedel1231

      I got a Kimber rifle in an auction recently (anyone want a $1000 .30-06?) and it comes with a 3 shot, sub MoA guarantee. If it isn’t as accurate as they claim, I’ll just send it back until I get one that is.

  • John

    Well, at least I can find .308 in a store. Guess I’ll look for that version.