Streamlight Dualies

Streamlight Dualie

For 2016, Streamlight introduced a pair of new lights they are calling Dualies. The new lights feature two light sources in each torch and are intrinsically safe.

3AA ProPolymer Dualie

As the name suggests, this flashlight has a polymer body and operates on three AA sized batteries. It has two C4 LEDs that can operate in concert to provide ample lighting for both searching and movement. The forward LED produces a spot beam than measures 140 lumens and 7,300 candela with a beam distance of 171 meters. This beam is designed for searching and other spot light application.

The side mounted LED produces a flood light that is also 140 lumens, but with only 80 candela. Understandably, the beam distance is only 18 meters. It is designed to provide a very even flood light to illuminate a work area.

The two LEDs can work together for a total light output of 245 lumens. According to the company, the beams are angled in such a way as to eliminate blind spots when used for navigation. With alkaline batteries, the flashlight will operate either LED for 18 hours or both for 9 hours.

3AA ProPolymer Dualie Laser

Streamlight Dualie

On this flashlight, Streamlight replaced the flood LED with a red laser pointer. The spot beam is slightly brighter (150 lumens, 7,700 candela) with a 17 hour rated run time. The red laser (<5mW output) will run for 70 hours solo or for 12 hours with the light also on.

Intrinsically Safe

If you are not familiar with the term intrinsically safe, this is a rating that states the equipment in question – in this case the two Streamlight flashlights – will operate in hazardous locations and not generate enough heat or electrical energy to ignite flammable or combustable materials. For anyone working in hazardous environments, this can be a very important certification.

A SWAT team dealing with meth labs or an EOD team working a bomb maker’s facility, these kinds of lights could be useful.

Streamlight also introduced a 2,200 lumen flashlight and several weaponlights in FDE.

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  • noob

    Neat! I always found myself at lower candela modes when bushwalking so i can actually read a map or see the difference between a tree root and the ground rather than everything being washed out with a brilliant white radiance.

  • AD

    So I take the outer LED would point downwards, illuminating the ground in front of you, while the spot beam is pointed forwards to see where you’re going? That sounds like a good idea actually. I wonder how easy it is to control the different beams? I only see one button, and it seems to be on the same side as the second LED (which I find counter-intuitive).

  • Frank

    Also probably made in china like most of the new lights Streamlight has put out, like that new clone of the scout light

  • Roadkill

    I got a Sunwayman c22c and it has a cooler LED front light with a peak of 1000lumens, but like this it has the side light. What it has that these don’t is a magnetic tailcap, pocketclip, & glass breaker. These are extremely good types of lights for repair & maintenance personnel. I’m really glad more styles of these lights are coming out because my c22c isn’t perfect, but it might be some day.

  • Bill

    Finally – Streamlight used to have another flashlight/laser combo that I never picked up that would have been perfect for playing with my dog outside at night.

  • A.WChuck

    At “140 lumens” I would categorize it as a task light as it is not even close to spotlight output. 18/9 hours is good for utility light like this and I assume they use the 50% of brightness metric for runtimes.

  • Scott Tuttle

    someone needs to get streamlight together with cree led’s