New Benchmade Products


Along with other knife companies like Kershaw and CRKT, Benchmade announced a lot of new knives and other products for 2016. Here is a look at a few of them.

Precinct Family

Benchmade’s new Precinct Family is a flipper style folding knife that was designed with Butch Ball. The knife has a 3.3″ drop point blade made of 154CM steel. It can be had with either a plain edge or a combination plain and serrated edge. Benchmade uses a liner lock to hold the blade open.

The handle is made of textured G10 with a reversible pocket clip. The knife carries tip up. The suggested retail price is $155.

Patrol Family


The Patrol knive is a push button automatic knife made with HK. The relatively light knife (3.4 ounces) has a 3.4″ blade made of D2 steel. As with the Precinct knife above, it can have a plain edge or serrated. This knife has a drop point.

For this knife, Benchmade uses black Grivory for the handle. It also has a reversible carry clip. The MSRP is $160.

SOCP Rescue Tool


This tool was designed for less than lethal self defense and basic rescue. It includes the company’s rescue hook, carbide glass breaker and oxygen wrench. The tool is made of 440C steel and can be had with a black or sand colored sheath. The tool with a sheath is $90. You can also order it with a trainer for a total of $130.

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  • kipy

    Just picked up a Mini Griptilian a couple weeks ago. I’m not really a “knife guy”, but I must admit its far and above the nicest blade I’ve ever purchased.

  • Mmmtacos

    I’ve owned several knifes over the years but finally bit the bullet and dropped some good money on a knife which happened to be a Benchmade Mini Barrage and it’s been my favorite for years.

    That Patrol knife definitely caught my eye, especially now that automatic knives are legal to carry in Texas know. I just hope they offer it without the serrations… I may have to pick one up, I mean, I have to match it with my VP9, y’know (these are justifications I am preparing for when the girlfriend asks why I bought another expensive toy– er, necessity).

    • Suppressed

      From the article: The Patrol knive is a push button automatic knife made with HK. The relatively light knife (3.4 ounces) has a 3.4″ blade made of D2 steel. As with the Precinct knife above, ***it can have a plain edge*** or serrated. This knife has a drop point.

  • Laserbait

    I love my Benchmades! I have bought about 20 of them sofar, and carried them all. The only one that I gave away was a mini-Grip with a tanto blade, it made a great gift to my favorite boss when he accepted a new position, and had to move out-of-state.

  • Laserbait

    I just wish that they made a longer handled version of that Precinct. Based on the feel of the AXIS flipper, I think it’s going to be too small for my hand.

  • jess

    I have over 200 pre-2010 Benchmades, mostly 40, 800 and 900 series. I wish they’d bring back the AFCKs. Damn burglar took my EDC 800S and 970S, but oddly, left behind a pristine 812S, 551S and a 710S behind. I guess the large blades are going to pry someone’s window open…

  • These are some cool blades and I would love to have one of each. The oxygen wrench is definitely unique. I’ve never seen that option on any similar tools. Although I can’t imagine I would ever use it — it’s definitely a conversation piece. And I like that they give you the choice for serrated or standard blade on the automatic Patrol knife.