New Vortex Glass

Vortex Ranger 1500

Vortex Optics introduced a new rangefinder and a new monocular at the recent SHOT Show. This rounds out the company’s 2016 product introduction that included new rifle scopes and new binoculars.

Ranger 1500

Vortex Optics previously offered only one rangefinder: the Ranger 1000. That unit was good to 1,000 yards. The new Ranger 1500 extends the distance by 50%. On a reflective target, the Ranger 1500 can accurately measure distance to 1,500 yards. On a deer, the unit is good to 750 yards (also up 50% when compared to the Ranger 1000). Accuracy is +/- 3 yards.

The Ranger 1500 has 6x of magnification and a 6˚ field of view. That works out to be about 315′ at 1,000 yards.

According to Vortex, the unit is small enough to clip onto a belt or hang around your neck with an included lanyard. It weighs less than 8 ounces and runs on a single CR2 battery. The Ranger 1500 is weather resistant and has a rubber coating for improved durability. The unit has a suggested retail price of $599.

Recce Pro

recce pro

The Reece Pro is a monocular with multi coated lenses and sealed for weather resistance. The unit is argon gas purged and has an ArmorTek coating on the lenses. The body has a rubber coating.

It is about 6.2″ long and 2″ in diameter. The 8x magnification unit weighs 11 ounces and has an MSRP of $399. As with the Ranger 1500 above, it is protected by a lifetime warranty.

Richard Johnson

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  • John

    you know, that magnifier might be nice with a robust flip mount for a picatinny rail. Just saying’

    • DwnRange

      duuhh, I see no way to mount it and what would be the purpose?

      If ya put it behind a 2MOA T1 red-dot times 8x = 16MOA @ 100 yards (1’4″)
      = 32MOA @ 200 yards (2’8″)
      = 48MOA @ 300 yards (4′)

      past that range the red-dot size would be obscuring your target, if not already…..

      god forbid you are using a 4MOA red-dot

    • micmac80

      You do realise that Rece pro is a handheald monocular not a weapon mounted magnifier.

  • BattleshipGrey

    When it comes to monoculars, I’m willing to stoop to NC Star level. Hard to beat 12x magnification for $13.

    • Machinegunnertim

      Been there, you won’t be able to make out the bullet holes on paper at 100 yards.
      They aren’t worth it.