New Nightforce Optical Gear

Nightforce TS80

Nightforce Optics Inc. released a number of new products for 2016 such as the SHV 4-14×50 F1 rifle scope previously seen here. In addition to that scope, the company also released a competition scope and a spotting scope.

Competition Fixed 42×44 Rifle Scope

Competition Scope

Nightforce built the Competition Fixed 42×44 rifle scope specifically for short range bench rest shooting. The company’s idea was to eliminate the weight of a variable power scope but still retail top end glass for a precise shooting picture. This scope weighs less than 21 ounces yet still provides a bright image and exceptional magnification. It has a 30mm tube and 88mm of eye relief. Both the CTR-2 and CTR-3 reticles are available for this scope. Adjustment clicks represent 1/8 MOA.

TS-80 Hi-Def 20-60x Spotting Scope

Nightforce TS-80

The TS-80 Hi-Def spotting scope is a extension of the existing TS-82 scope that enjoyed a very good reputation with many people. The TS-80 offers variable magnification, from 20x to 60x, with a close focus distance of 20′. At maximum magnification, the field of view is just a hair under 57′.

The lenses are multi-coated to improve clarity and reduce glare. The objective lens is 80mm to improve light gathering in dusk conditions. Nightforce used a magnesium alloy body for a balance of durability and relative light weight.

Richard Johnson

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  • micmac80

    Spotter is just a rebranded Meopta ,so buy which ever is cheaper ,as they are same spec

    • Chad Ledet

      Nightforce is better glass than meopta. I am not saying that meopta is not quality glass, but is not a Nightforce. The Meopta will always be cheaper, because of my above statement.