New CRKT Tools for 2016


Columbia River Knife & Tool Inc. announced a range of new products this year. Among those are wooden training knives, tactical knives and a variety of other tools that hunters, outdoorsmen and others might find useful. Here is a look at three non-knife tools that the company is now offering.


The Bivy is a riggers multi tool that was designed by speed climber Hans Florine. It is designed to be operated with one hand, which could be useful in regular activities in addition to emergencies where one hand is already occupied. By pressing a button, the pliers are deployed. The knife blade is held by a liner lock. Additional tools include screwdrivers and a marlinspike. The suggested retail price is $69.99.


If you need a compact axe, the Birler is one to consider. It was designed by Elmer Roush, a longtime blacksmith and veteran of the Vietnam War. Roush has an appreciation for the craft of making a quality axe and the undeniable necessity of having a reliable axe in the field. The overall length of the pack axe is 16″, and it weighs 10.3 ounces. The axe head is made of 1055 carbon steel, and the handle is made of hickory wood. The MSRP on this axe is $89.99. The axe was developed in the CRKT Forged by War program.

Richard Johnson

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  • Swarf

    I am a rigger and I approve of this tool. Looks like a possible replacement for my Wave.

    The Marlin spike clinches it for me.

  • John L.

    “Here is a look at three non-knife tools that the company is now offering.”

    So those would be the rigger’s tool, the axe, and the…?

  • DaveP.

    “By pressing a button, the pliers are deployed.”
    Of course, that makes ’em ‘switchpliers’ in NYC and the NYPD will arrest you for carrying them.

  • Andy Leach

    If the Riggers tool is made by the same company that made Buck’s version a couple years ago, it will be nice to see it back on the market.