Savage 1907 Field Strip

The Savage 1907 is a beautiful early semi-automatic handgun that really made some waves when it was introduced, as the capacity and shootability made it a great offering to consumers looking for personal protection, and it even served France during World War I. Savage was a relatively new company when the pistol was introduced, but with this pistol and a line of other impressive offerings, the company soon became a household name. In this video we take apart the old 1907.

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • ostiariusalpha

    Semi-stagger stack is not a true double stack, they’re much easier to dependably transfer to single-feed than a real stagger stack, which is probably why there weren’t any till Dieudonné Saive created the Hi-Power mag.

    • maodeedee

      I have an Israeli police turn-in Belgian Hi-power from the1960’s with the original 13 round mag and a 15-r0ound Meg-gar mag and both work flawlessly. I don’t think the is another handgun made that fits the hand better than Hi-power though the Luger comes close.

  • Wanderlust

    I think the mauser broomhandle was double stack in late 1800’s?

    • I said double stack, single feed in the video (having made a not of the broomhandle in my head).

    • Joshua

      Mauser broom-handle is double stack double feed, which is why Alex made specific note of the gun being double stack single feed, although it’s more accurate to call it staggered column single feed, higher capacity than single stack, but not quite as high as a double stack, nor as wide as a double stack, it’s kind of a compromise.

  • Kelly Jackson

    I love seeing these weird turn of the century semi autos

  • Devil_Doc

    I’ve been saying for years that I want to start collecting turn of the century pocket pistols. Love the flowing lines of this, the early Colts, etc..


    I had the displeasure of cleaning a rusted shut Astra of the same design a couple years back. It had been left in a leather holster in a reloading shed with a leaky roof for a few years after the owner had gone to a retirement home. It was chambered in 9mm Largo, naturally, but after I spent several hours getting her to open up, I was horrified. The owner couldn’t get 9mm Largo here in the states very easily, and certainly not locally. So he did the next best thing… He loaded it with 38Super +p.

  • Joshua

    The .45 guns were based on the earlier .32 and 380 pocket guns, also, at least on the .45 it is not a true double stack, it’s a staggered column gun, each round only contacts the round above and below it, a double stack has each round contacting four other rounds, the one above and below it as well as two at forty five degrees on the other side of the magazine. they are still a remarkably high capacity for their time, just not a true double stack.

    • ShootFAST

      Very true

  • gunsandrockets

    There is just something very cool about the old .32 ACP pistols. And they frequently shoot very very well.

    The first handgun I ever bought was an old Manurhin made Walther PP in .32 ACP, and I wish I still had it.

    I’m just starting to build up a .32 ACP collection, and the Savage 1907 is on my want list. What a classic example of American history.

    • ShootFAST

      How much would you pay for one?

      • maodeedee

        $5-600 depending on condition.

    • RealitiCzech

      The old .32s shoot very nicely – while the old .380s are sometimes painful. I wish I could find a PPK in .32 for reasonable prices.

  • Bob Babel

    I have this gun 🙂

  • ShootFAST

    I own this pistol. Very cool how it field strips. Along with my Astra cub and walther model 7 all great symbols of great history firearms

  • Tassiebush

    That just looks like a really lovely pistol!

  • Laserbait

    I have my grandfathers Savage 1907 in 32 ACP, made in 1910. It’s a great gun, has never failed to feed, fire, and eject. I need to pick up more mags for it. I’ve seen the mags go for upwards of $100 on GB! 😛