GSG & American Tactical Imports Announce the “FireFly” .22LR

German Sport Guns, manufacturers of a huge variety of .22LR handguns and pistols has announced the production and importation of their new “FireFly” .22 LR handgun in partnership with American Tactical Imports (ATI). The new handgun should be familiar to those who know Sig Sauer designs, that is because it is the former Sig Sauer Mosquito handgun.

The history of the FireFly is interesting. Per a letter posted on the thread and confirmed by ATI, German Sport Guns manufactured the Sig Mosquito under Sig Sauer’s brand for “many years”. After Sig went another direction in 2015, German Sport Guns has opted to continue to manufacture the platform under their own GSG brand to be distributed through ATI.

Announced on, ATI has stated the new handgun will be available in “summer 2016” and that the handguns are in full production back in Germany. They feature all the same Sig Sauer ergonomics, with the addition of a slide-mounted safety. The frame has the ubiquitous de-cocker and Sig placement slide release.


Like its Mosquito named predecessor, the FireFly will be 10% smaller than the Sig P226 (much like the .380 ACP / .22LR Browning 1911s, which are 85% sized). If in line with the Mosquito, magazine capacity will be 10+1.

No word if the FireFly will feature the same broad range of models that the Mosquito did (presumably, it will, as they are the same tooling and manufacturing processes).

Nathan S

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  • Reef Blastbody

    Does it aim to misbehave?

    • Tothe


  • 2wheels

    Will it suck like many of the Mosquitos I dealt with?

    • Nicholas C

      Yes. Will it be picky with ammo?

    • Yeah, playing up the Mosquito heritage wouldn’t be a great move in my book. Completely infamous for reliability and ammo issues. Maybe Sig decided to dump it because of that?

    • CountryBoy

      Never had a problem when using the recommended CCI MiniMag ammo – none at all.

      Had tons of problems (FTEs, jams, even FTFs) with the “bulk” ammo from Remington, Winchester and even Federal, which is my bulk favorite.

      That the maker supplied two recoil springs to “tweak” the gun for the ammo didn’t make a difference – but the ammo brand and type sure did.

      However, my Ruger Mk I, II and III models all work without a hitch, using any ammo, and without cleaning for thousands of rounds.

      There must be something that is missing in the Mosquito, and if I was one John M. Browning perhaps I could figure it out!

  • Edeco

    Not too impressed. I would expect a threaded, extended barrel in this day and age. Wonder if the slide is zinc? Also I understand the ubiquitous 10 round capacity, but a little more would be nice.

    • Anonymoose

      Not if you don’t want rimlock.

      • FightFireJay

        Walther made M&P 22s have 12 round mags and Keltec PMR 30 has a 30 rounds 22 WMR mag.

        It seems like some companies are figuring it out.

      • Edeco

        Valid concern. I confess I’ve no experience with them, but the S&W MP22 12 rounders get good reviews on Midway etc. and apparently this Ceiner makes 14 rounders, which makes me think more than 10 is doable. Anything over 10 is important to me because I’m burdened with memories of the AWB, and I guess I’m a recalcitrant horse’s butt.

  • Sean

    The Mosquito was awful. I assume these are as well

  • borekfk

    Doesn’t SIG-Sauer own GSG these days anyways?

  • John Swinkels

    Gsg are crap made of pot metal they look good as a replica not very accurate took me ages to get mine to shoot properly.its good for plinking.why would you not get a browning buckmark awesome i shoot one in competition and it kicks arse.if you like a 1911 grip angle buy it.i would not buy another one.

    • CountryBoy

      Perhaps you should try the recommended CCI Mini-Mags. I had no trouble with them, but loads of trouble with the bulk stuff no matter who made it or what its velocity was supposed to be.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    The worst part for me about the Mosquito was that it was a $250 gun with $60 magazines. I like to have at LEAST 5 mags for any given pistol I own, and that almost doubled the price of this gun.