Renaissance Steel Research (RSR) Ready Ship Target (RST)

RSR is an innovative company making steel targets for just about any shooting discipline. The targets are made of AR500 steel. What makes RSR different from other companies making steel targets you might ask?

Most of you know it can be rather expensive to have a steel target shipped to you not so with RSR. The shipping is free! The folks at RSR knew shipping cost could prevent some potential buyers from buying a target so they set out to solve this problem and save customers money.


What RSR did was come up with a packing template design that would hold the target base, target holder, target and assembly hardware into a USPS flat rate shipping box making it much cheaper for them to ship targets anywhere in the US. This innovation allowed them to stop charging for shipping cost.

This particular review target is called the Ready Ship Target and sells for a very good price of $175.00 delivered to your door.


Product details:

The Ready Ship Target is our most popular Steel Target System and includes Free Shipping! Included with this system is an A/B and part of C Zone IPSC strike face made of AR500 3/8 rifle-rated steel, measuring 10×20 w/ the top at 6in wide. System includes a collapsible steel stand with a 2×4 bracket for steel targets and 1×2 brackets to hang paper and steel targets. All brackets and bolts included, just provide the lumber. This system offers a long-lasting, range quality steel target that can fit in any vehicle and be assembled for shooting in seconds. Ships unpainted. Patent Pending.

The target base has a fixture in the center of the base to accommodate a 2×4 that slips into the base. The target holder piece fits on top of the 2×4. There are also two smaller slots in the base allowing the shooter to use two fir strips (1×2) to mount paper or cardboard targets.


As mentioned AR500 3/8th inch rifle rated steel is used for the target. The size is the A, B and part of the C zone of the IPSC target. This is also as large as the target can be made to fit the shipping template. I found this target to still be considerably larger than another target steel target I purchased which cost $19 to ship.

The only thing the new owner needs is a length of 2×4 about 4 feet long. You can get these at most lumberyards for one dollar or even free for scrap pieces of 2×4. I was able to drop by the local lumberyard and buy two 4 foot pieces for .75 cents. After you have the 2x4s it takes about ten minutes or less to assemble and your ready to put the target in the trunk or back of your truck and take it to the range. It isn’t that heavy which makes it easy to take it back and forth to the range.

Target base

Target base

Over the past couple of months I’ve shot a good number of rounds into the target. The rounds fired were 45-70 from 50 yards, .223 from 50 yards as well as .308 also from 50 yards. The company recommends rifle rounds be fired at a minimum distance of 100 yards but I wanted to see what this target could handle. I honestly thought there would be some damage to the steel especially from the .308 fired at half the recommended range but there was no damage to the steel. The photo below shows a fairly small group of .308 hits.

.308 hits from 50 yards

.308 hits from 50 yards

I really couldn’t ask more from a target. The price is right with free shipping. The target holds up well and unlike some has a nice ring when hit giving the shooter instant feedback.

RSR Website

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Devil_Doc

    I’m thinking that 2×4 isn’t going to last very long angled that way…

    • Sianmink

      It’ll get chewed up but so what? It’s a 2×4.

    • Bill

      Anything, even steel tubes, fence posts, angle iron that hold a target is considered sacrificial. Usually a lumber store will carry grade B or lower lumber that is perfect for stuff like this.

      Unfortunately, if you don’t use frangible exclusively, and who does, pieces of bullet jacket will embed them selves in the post, which can cause nasty cuts at disassembly time.

    • cs

      Thats why you keep a few spare replacement posts in the back of your vehicle. Also the boards are less likely to be struck from the 2″ side than the 4″ side and the board facing the way it is also provides a little more impact stability.

    • Southpaw89

      Thought the quarter inch steel rod I used on my homemade target stand would last forever, after all, what are the odds? Pretty good as it turns out. Anyways 2x4s are cheap and can be cut to any length to work around foliage or terrain.

    • It’s been 6 weeks since I started shooting the target. I nicked the 2×4 once when I was shooting at about 450 yards. It should last a good while as long as I do my part:-)

  • I’m hypothesizing that the base is backwards. You want the longer arms in the rear, no?

    • Bill

      I would.

    • The legs are the same length. the angle makes it look like one side is longer. some of the gravel is also covering the end of the base.
      You can set it up with the 2×4 to the front or back your choice.

  • Sianmink

    USPS must hate these guys.

  • Marcus D.

    Not having a range in my backyard, and the local BLM range being a rock strewn field at the foot of a mountain, I have to ask, how much is “not too heavy”? Because it is not like I could leave it anywhere.

    • My range is the local city/police range. Just take the short drive out and set it up. No big deal really. I guess the target itself comes in around 20 pounds maybe. I didn;t weigh it.

  • BobinMI

    I was very interested to buy a couple targets from them until I saw the template for the “dome piece” very poor taste indeed.

    • How so it’s just a head outline?

      • BobinMI

        we can feign ignorance but, it is a fairly recognizable outline. I will leave it there. Suffice to say, I am not eazily triggered so I asked several friends to verify if my opinion.

      • iksnilol

        Does look similar to political caricatures.

        Either Bush or Obama from what I can see.

  • Joey JoJo Jr.

    Neat idea, looks well executed. A guy (or gal) could get one shipped out every other pay check or so, and outfit a range nicely. Somebody already beat me to the “USPS hates it” quip… 🙂

  • Wolfgar

    Be careful when using Wolf 223 metal gilding bullets. They are very hard on metal targets.