The Casket Magazine Spectre HC 9mm

Getting his hands onto a pistol that I am sure our Ian from Forgotten Weapons would enjoy having, Tim from Military Arms Channel has posted up a video of his personal Sites Spectre HC 9mm handgun. The handgun features a novel (at the time) quad stack magazine which fit 30 rounds in a less than a 10″ package. 50 round magazines were also offered, but are extremely rare and expensive today.

No longer made (a victim of the previous US “assualt weapon ban), the Sites Spectre is a design that was well ahead of its time. First, my favorite feature is that the handgun is 100% completely and totally ambidextrous. All functions (except ejection) are mirrored on both sides of the gun.

For design aficionados, Tim takes the time to completely field-strip the Spectre. The action is direct blow-back featuring a separate striker block. It also features a dual recoil spring assembly. The magazine splits the round into two separate stacks.

Interestingly, it also features a striker-fired design that can be “de-cocked” using another lever. While not “second strike” capable (which would been just uber-awesome-sauce-cool), the decocker on makes the pull longer and heavier like a double-action hammer.

Despite the nifty features, the magazine caused some issues during shooting. Still, its a fantastic design that when the magazine works, was likely a formidable weapon. Just think of the gun fun with the 50 round casket mags and a full-auto sear!

For other fun videos with MAC, check out their M9A3 early review and fun with binary triggers. 

Nathan S.

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  • Here is the patent for the magazine:

    And here is the patent for the rest of the design:

    • Tassiebush

      Your comments are patently awesome!

      • Kevin Harron

        It’s Daniel Watters, what else can you expect but awesome information.

  • Maxpwr

    A Finnish Suomi M31 magazine called. It said “That’s cool, but it’s been done before”.

    • PK

      Not to mention with how many were made, they can still be regularly had in NOS condition for about $100. I buy them a few times a year.

  • Edeco

    Woo, I like it: if putting the mag outside the grip, might as well add more width/capacity. Within reason of course, and assuming the mag could be matured, gotten to run with only maybe 1.5x the failure rate of a double stack.

    I didn’t realize how trim they are, really pleasant, good to see in a vid. Completely ambidextrous; bleh, extra parts.

  • noob

    imagine if by some amazing coincidence the cooling vents in the forearm had been M-LOK compatible.