Badger Ordnance Releases M134 Bolt-Action Rifle

Badger Ordnance has announced the release of its first full rifle system, the M134 Compact Precision Rifle. To reach the “compact” moniker, Badger Ordnance has opted for a shorter barrel (either 14.5″ or 16″ at the customer’s choice) along with a shortened but largely extendable stock system (Badger reports 7 positions).

The rifle is a balance of light and heavy features. The barrel is a Medium Palma profile from Bartlein, but the chassis itself is a carbon fiber affair custom built for Badger by Manners Composite Stocks. Weight for the total system is 9.3 lbs, prior to adding any optics or accessories.


To that effect, the rifle is accessory ready, featuring a fully removable front picatinny rail section for mounting various night vision or thermal adapters along with optional side rails for lasers, lights, etc.

Badger claims sub-MOA performance from the system. The action itself is machined from 4143 steel and features a six lug bolt “locking on and head-spacing off of a precipitation hardened breeching ring”. The optics rail is a 20 MOA option machined directly into the action (unlike others who simply use a screwed in adapter. The system uses Accuracy International AW (Arctic Warfare) 10 round magazines.

No word on expected retail pricing but the M134 Compact Precision Rifle will be available Quarter 2, 2016.

Nathan S

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  • Nate H

    Caliber options?

    • aguywhoknows

      Since it uses the AW mags it should be a “long action” (not a magnum action!) so you should be able to get a .300 WM in there, but not a .338 LM.

      ..308 Win
      .260 Rem
      .300 WM
      .243 Win
      6.5 Creedmore

      I expect those calibers mentioned above, maybe even more (6XC and so on)

      • PB

        AW is short action.

        • Anonymoose

          Yeah, this is definitely a short-action .308. They make their M2013 rifle action in Short Mag, long, and Lapua sizes too, though, so it’s possible they might make complete rifles with those actions at some point.

        • Sarig

          Shame, would’ve been awesome in 6.5×55

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    M134? So they took the military number of the minigun? That is… amusing and somewhat appropriate…

    • Tahoe

      Is it not a mini-gun? 🙂

      The weight probably should not be compared to civilian rifles – I’m sure a Remington 700 with factory stock is super light, and much flimsier, for example. This one is still a lot lighter than the M40 or M24.

  • Cal S.

    9.3 lbs is a little heavy for a bolt-action, isn’t it?

    • iksnilol

      The Sauer I use with a heavy long barrel (60 cm), stiff heavy action and laminated oak stock is like 5.5 kg.

      About 1.3 kg heavier than this.

      • Cal S.

        Is it the accessories or just the base rifle?

        • iksnilol

          Base rifle in my case.

          No optics, no nuthin. Just one solid hunk of German steel and oak laminate.

          • Cal S.

            Dang. Must take a chunk out of the recoil…

          • iksnilol

            I guess it does, runs like a beaut with 6.5.

            Though you’ll more commonly see them with .22 LR or 308 parts.

          • MechanizedSwede

            I’m currently building a long-range rifle out of a Sauer 200 STR, Spuhr mount and Kahles Helia scope on the way. Gotta love that 6,5×55

          • iksnilol

            Paint the stock black and tell everyone you have an SSG3000 😛 😉

            Never thought about scoping one to be honest.

          • MechanizedSwede

            I probably will paint the stock, or get a mcmillan. Acctually the STR is a very common long-range gun here in sweden, pretty cheap to buy a pre-owned one and then you can spend lots on a new glass. Good for 1000m+

          • iksnilol

            You lost me when you combined “STR” and “pretty cheap”.

            I am looking at an used Anschutz because I want a .22 rifle for competition but can’t afford an STR (sucker costs more than my car).

          • MechanizedSwede

            I don’t know what car you own, but a fairly nice STR goes for about 10k swedish crowns or 1200 dollars for comparison. But then again everything in norway costs like 2-3x times as much as here in sweden 😉

          • iksnilol

            STRs keep their value really well.

            New they go for 15-25k Norwegian crowns. Depending on extra stuff of course.

    • Anonymoose

      It’s a tacticool snypuh rofl, not something to take durr huntin. I bet it has a 1 in 12 twist, too, because that’s moar tacticool.

      • Cal S.

        My hunting AR-10 is heavy as all get out, but at least it has a lot more internal workings…

  • Steve

    Given the potential price point of this rifle, most owners will baby it – if you can afford to be careless enough to damage the rail (enough to scrap the whole receiver), you can afford to buy a second one.

    I got to fondle one of these at SHOT – nice rifle and very handy; heavier than it looks, but not excessive.

    • Bill

      I’d love to have one of these – when I was doing precision work I swear not once did I have a spot where a full-sized rifle, myself and a spotter would fit halfway comfortably. The weight wouldn’t be too much of an issue, snipers do a lot of running, hopping, skipping and jumping during training and the SWAT Roundup, but typically it’s a couple flights of stairs or a convenient nearby ditch, as long as it’s dry.

      • iksnilol

        21st century operators, top of the line and tier 1 equipment… still depending on that good old “jump into a ditch” tactic.


        • Bill

          Yep, typically full of cigarette butts, fast food bags, beer cans and condoms, with the occasional snake, rotting deer carcass or snapping turtle.

  • Tyler McCommon

    An interesting rifle but I imagine the price point will reduce it to Military and LOE use.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Longer than a Manner’s folding stock.

    Heavier than a gun with a Proof Barrel.

    Way to go Badger?

  • Southpaw89

    Funky looking little gun. but 9.3lbs seems a bit much for what it is.

  • LV-426

    Shorty 308 bolt guns are awesome! And you can still get some real juice out of them. Like 150gr @ 2450fps in a 10in barrel.

  • 360_AD

    I think I would go for a DTA SRS Covert before I give this any thought.

  • darkd0r

    I would hope that the designers planned for this, so that you could mill the damaged rail off the receiver, while leaving enough material to drill and thread the receiver for a conventional rail.