New Daniel Defense Accessories

KeyMod Scoutlight Mount Mounted

Daniel Defense announced a number of new accessories last week. These include the following products:

DD KeyMod Scout Light Mount

As time moves on, more and more people – and companies – are moving away from quad-rail handguard systems. The two most popular options on the market are KeyMod and M-LOK. KeyMod is an open standard that anyone can create products for. M-LOK is a standard that is freely licensed by Magpul. Magpul’s concept is by licensing the technology for free, anyone can develop for it and consumers can be assured that the products will adhere to the specs.

For the KeyMod system, Daniel Defense developed a low-profile offset mount for the Surefire Scout Light. IT works well with thin rails such as the company’s SLiM handguard. The mount is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and is reversible for affixing to either side of the rifle. The mount is available in black.


DD SLiM Rail 9.0

Daniel Defense expanded its offerings of KeyMod handguards with the SLiM Rail 9.0 for the AR platform. As the name suggests, this is a 9″ rail. The rail is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and has two QD sling attachment points. It is available in black. Daniel Defense states the rail is compatible with low profile gas blocks and pistol, carbine and mid-length gas systems.

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  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Yawn…. IMO Keymod’s over too. It certainly has utility, but it’s been shown in many aspects to be inferior to M-LOK, particularly with ease of use and mounting polymer accessories.

    • Bear The Grizzly

      Not being condescending, but can you please elaborate further? On the surface, to me, they just look like two different ways to skin a cat. I can’t imagine why one would be superior to the other.

      • TheSmellofNapalm

        Sure thing.

        “Just to clarify, we have nothing against Keymod. It’s use of a conical nut makes it unsuitable for non metal mount surfaces such as MOE handguard applications.

        M-LOK is effectively MOE 2.0 with direct attach capability allowing it to be used on longer freefloat rail systems with no backside access. The MOE slot system was introduced back in 2007 with the MOE handguards and M-LOK accessories are backwards compatible with older MOE handguards via a small adapter plate.

        To put things into perspective the MOE handguard and accessory market in 2014 was approximately 10 times the size of the entire Keymod market and it has remained the second most utilized handguard mounting system (second only to the Pictinnany rail) for the last 5 years.

        With M-LOK replacing every existing Magpul MOE slot handguard in 2014 and with the introduction of 4-6 new hand guards this year, M-LOK adoption in 2015 will remain several times the size of the entire Keymod marketplace -if used by Magpul alone.

        Rather than keep the system propriety (like MOE), M-LOK was released with full manufacturing TDP as a free license for all manufactures to utilize. M-LOK already has about 200 licensees signed up for it along with over 100 already released products and it is not even a year since the system was publicly announced.”

        • Bear The Grizzly

          Thanks, friend!

        • 7n6

          There are some downsides to M-Lok that some people overlook. One is that you are limited with placement of accessories. With the key mod you can just move your accessory back/forward one “keyhole” , a short distance. MLOK slots are long and and if you want to move your vg/handstop 1/2 an inch you are S.O.L. Also the screws are long and can end up touching your gas block, barrel, and barrel nut (depends on handguard and configuration). Finally, if you don’t like magpuls offerings for accessories, you are screwed. Very few companies are offering any mlok accessories. Its cheaper for manufacturing , thats the only benefit (looks too but thats subjective).

          • ostiariusalpha

            As far as I can tell, M-Lok is just as incremental as KeyMod.

          • RickfromPaso

            Have you ever tried to install M-Lok on a tubular forarm? It is a royal pain in the A**.

          • ostiariusalpha

            The tubular handguards use the T-Nut system which is related to M-Lok, but they’re not the same thing; they have rather limited compatibility. I’m sorry you didn’t have somebody that knew better to tell you about that ahead of time.

    • J E

      Shown ( by Magpul ) to be inferior – both have their place – I personally prefer tech that while free is just there to keep the money coming in ( attachments / accessories )…

      I’m sure that if Magpul had entered the market place and didn’t already have MOE slot accessories to continue to support then Keymod’s “flaws” would hardly have been an issue

  • Jay

    A lot of heavy hitters in the industry are moving towards M-LOK. FN has a bunch of new ARs with mlok. none with keymod. Colt Canada is pretty well respected military supplier and they moved straight to M-lok. Basically all companies that make polymer or carbon fiber handguards are going mlok as well.
    Magpul’s solution is just, better, stronger and cheaper and aesthetically better.

    • PointyHead0509

      Daniel Defense updated the MFR with MLOK slots. The first MFR MLOK rails will be on the DDM4V7.

    • Sam

      I don’t understand the “better” part. M-Lok is just friction-locked, right?

      • ostiariusalpha

        No, KeyMod is a friction lock system, using a cone-type backing nuts to squeeze down on the rail. If the rail or attachment are not perfectly in spec the attachment can work loose under recoil, slide back, and then fall off the rail. M-Lok is an interference lock system, it uses T-style nuts to hook the rail; if there is any slightly out of spec part, it will remain in place without being able to fall off even if it loosens slightly.

        • Wingbert

          Most Keymod accessories have a recoil lug.

          • ostiariusalpha

            And plenty of them do not.

    • Wingbert

      Mlok is easier to machine. Also polymer and composites don’t lend itself well in terms of manufacturability to the tolerances needed in Keymod.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Figures…I’ve gone towards Keymod Oh well…I guess I’ll have to check out m lock closer.

  • TW from MN

    Dam i just wish they would make a M-LOK rail. I think Key-mod is a capable product but for me the only thing i dont like is the looks. I just dont like the multiple circle holes.

    • Wingbert

      Looks like a costco rack

  • ostiariusalpha

    Sam, there are no such pictures or videos of M-Lok attachments moving laterally in their slot to any such degree, even when considerable force is applied. The design uses lug segments around the screw holes to eliminate possible movement, with an additional recoil lug between as necessary on certain attachments. You’d need to unscrew the nuts far past the quarter turn that allows for the entire removal of an M-Lok accessory before you could get past the lugs and allow stuff to “slide around.”

    Magpul has a TDP on the M-Lok system that keeps everyone that produces parts for it using the exact same specs, unlike KeyMod which is open source and has a considerable number of manufacturers that skip the recoil lug feature entirely (while others use improper geometries on the nuts and can actually damage the chamfer on the rail). Even on the one’s that do use the lug and correct nut, if the attachment or rail is slightly out of spec then the lug won’t be securely cammed against the side of the keyhole even when you’ve screwed the nut down as tight as it can go. Without the lug maintaining full contact, the nut’s angled surface can push itself back from being full seated under recoil and become progressively loosened to the point that it works itself right off the rail. Of course, on a properly spec’d KeyMod attachment this is not a concern, and you’ve indicated that yours are fine, but you won’t know that any new attachment is correct till you’ve already bought it and tried it on your rail. The beauty of M-Lok is that even if the manufacturer is off by .01″, it won’t work itself off. It’s much more forgiving of varying tolerances than KeyMod.

    • Sam

      There are no such pictures or videos!? Gee gosh, thanks for clearing that one up! I sure wouldn’t want to walk around any longer thinking I saw something that I actually saw. But, thanks. You saved the day. Lol the internet. I tell ya.

      Now let’s talk logically. Could it be stuff I saw in pictures or videos was just the finish worn off of the rails after numerous attaching/removing/reattaching? Sure, maybe. It still looks suspicious like stuff had been sliding around. I’m not necessarily bad mouthing M-Lok, which I can tell you’re very passionate about. I don’t have any experience with it. I have a KeyMod rail on my PWS, it seems like a very secure mounting option. And you said it yourself, companies aren’t making it correctly. Those companies shouldn’t make stuff, but that’s not a knock on KeyMod… that should be a knock on the manufacturer.

      • ostiariusalpha

        If we all had a nickel for every time that someone misinterpreted something they saw, we could afford socialized medicine. Now you claimed, without any conditions or qualifications in your statement, that you’ve “seen quite a few pics and videos where it looks like stuff slides around quite a bit if it’s loose at all,” and then I called BS on that claim. This would be the part where you’re supposed to put up or shut up, but instead you’re now saying that it was the just some worn finish that you took as proof that “stuff slides around quite a bit.” In the parlance of logic, we call that a non sequitur fallacy of the “affirming the consequent” variety:
        1. Stuff sliding around on the rail wears on the finish.
        2. The rail has some wear.
        3. Therefore, stuff must be sliding around.

        And, yes, the fact that KeyMod lacks a solid TDP is a bit of a knock on it.

        • Sam

          You are just the best type of person to encounter on the internet. Cheers to a polite conversation.