Rock River Arms LAR-PDS SBR

The Rock River Arms PDS – Piston Driven System – may not be new, but this SBR certainly is. At the Rock River Arms booth at SHOT Show this year they showcased a few guns so new they had little information available beyond the caliber and length of barrel. This particular rifle is an SBR with a 9″ barrel. It’s chambered in 5.56 NATO and was fun just to hold, so it should be even better to shoot.

You can take a look at the rest of the company’s PDS line online at



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  • Yimmy

    RRA builds some nice stuff. Good to see they’re not sitting back and watching as time passes by.

    • Machinegunnertim

      It kinda seems like they are. They’ve done very little improvement or modification to the PDS. They don’t offer the upper only. And handguards are extremely limited. after 6 years and it can’t accommodate a suppressor yet!?
      It’s too bad, according to Nutnfancy it’s the softest shooting piston AR out of several other brands. At least that was the case when he reviewed it a while back

  • Evan

    It certainly LOOKS cool. I want one.

  • cons2p8ted

    RRA came out with this PDS line a few years back with a pistol and a carbine version only…not sure why they didn’t release SBR back then.


    I am a fanboy of RRA…own lot’s of iron from them. This just made my list of wannabe’s. I am certain it can be customized to the “en’th” degree too. Should be very popular. I look forward seeing it firsthand.

    • BillC

      I don’t think wannabe means what you think it means.

      • Giolli Joker

        More like wannabuy. 😉

  • mig1nc

    Would like to see this in .300Blk.

  • BillC

    “PDS – Pistol Driven System”, Do you want to try that again, my dear? TFB and their many, glaring, typos.

    • MPWS

      They probably meant “piston driven operating system”. Ladies are not typically that technically involved, but I wish to be wrong.
      But then again, the word “piston” may involve some dirty imagination; such as used oil or even worse.

      • Bob

        OK, now I understand. I was totally confused at how a pistol was driving the system. Heh.

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      I’m conflicted about blog typos in 2016.

      On one hand, I feel that anyone writing an “official” publication should proofread their articles (preferably twice). The error you pointed out is, IMO, a greater offense than a simple spelling mistake. Spelling errors are everywhere these days, even in books. But confusing “pistol” with “piston” compromises the integrity of a firearm-related blog. It’s like Autoblog confusing “Porsche” with “Scosche”.

      On the other hand, I’m a realist. What’s the point of knowing how to spell when you have spell check? What’s the point of having good “penmanship” (as my Catholic School-raised father would say) when everything is typed? Our society is evolving and, as such, some skills are replaced by others. If children are expected to learn new skills like coding, should we be surprised when those skills replace others? I’d rather have a kid that can write iOS Apps than a kid that can write in fancy cursive.

    • Rick5555

      This blog does have an editor or two. But I agree people who are writing an article. Should proof read their work. As well as broaden their vocabulary. Getting sick of reading “Showcase.” How about, this company “revealed” or was “displaying.” Also, some writers on this blog (not Katie), don’t know who to construct a proper sentence. And use incredible amounts of “run on sentences.” I can’t even read this persons articles due to the atrocious writing and grammatical errors. Even if the subject matter truly interest me. Oh well. the dumbing down of America. Todays kids are educated to pass their annual tests. To progress to the next grade level. And spelling is still important…my response is not in reference to you BillC. Just ranting…sorry dude. But hey, what’s your thoughts on the X95 and Desert Tech MDR? Man, I want both. Eventually acquire both. But will wait a bit. To ensure the bugs (if any) are worked out. Would assume the X95, is good to go. Since its been in service for awhile now with the IDF. But the MDR, has be anticipated for two year now. Since Desert Tech announce this bullpup at Shot 2014. With delayed release dates. I will wait before I get one. Too ensure, there’s no serious issues. DT is a top notch company. So not expecting anything to be wrong. But you never know. At the $2k MSRP, I prefer the firearm functions as advertised.

      • Bryan

        Please read your 2nd and 3rd setences and correct the error. 😉

    • Katie A

      Actually, the copy in the template says “piston” while the copy above does indeed say “pistol.” Sidenote: please limit the “my dear” to people you know.

  • iksnilol

    That’s an AR I’d like. What’s the weight?

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      5 lbs without the stock, according to their website. Seems a bit heavy and chunky compared to a full size AR.

    • felix

      I just gotta ask, why so grippey about the weight? If youre planning on lugging this around for miles at a time while carrying extra things with ya cool, but if it’s just a range toy then is weight really an issue?

      • iksnilol

        Well, I dunno. For me firearms are a bit of column A and a bit of column B.

        Sure, I have them for fun, hunting of animals and competition. But in the end they need to be good for hunting of Serb Chetniks (and their sympathizers). Besides, one of the ARs claim to fame is the light weight (though the VZ 58 is at worst equivalent, at best lighter). I kinda see a heavy AR-15 as pointless. An oxymoron.

        Unless it is for competition. Competition AR for me would be monolithic receiver (no FA), as stiff as possible, with a long rail, thick barrel with a pinned muzzle brake. Would be a one trick pony though.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    “An RRA Suppressor Capable Gas Regulator is in development.”

    This warning (including the part about the gas regulator in development) has been on the LAR-PDS page for WELL over a year.

    Do your forum research on the LAR-PDS before wasting your money on an SBR that can’t take a suppressor, especially if it’s in .300 BLK!

    • Ned Weatherby

      Sounds like RRA is as bad at making parts as DPMS now is for their “fabulous” G2 308. Perhaps they’re taking lessons.

      • Stan Darsh

        What happened to the DPMS G2 rifle?

        • Ned Weatherby

          I have one that is a POS – and after a year and a half, only one or two parts are available from DPMS – an extractor, and a firing pin. No charging handles, no nuthin. Another company makes a charging handle for a hundred bux, and several handguards are available. In sum, the G2 appears to be the answer to a nonexistent problem – weight. The don’t weigh but a fraction less than a standard AR 308 in similar configuration. Mine will throw brass right into your face if you shoulder it left handed. Adjustable gas block and heaver buffer and recoil spring did nothing. The upper to lower fit is the sloppiest I’ve ever seen. Too bad I ordered it. Had it been on a shelf, I would have passed just for that.

    • iksnilol

      Is it due to the gas system or is it due to a too short barrel?

    • Stan Darsh

      The LAR-PDS is a decent concept but it was defiantly half-assed. It doesn’t fit on a standard mil-spec lower, it can’t handle a suppressor and it can’t handle full-auto fire. Maybe a Gen 2 version will be what the first model should have been.

  • Southpaw89

    Seems like more and more factory SBRs are coming out these days. Maybe its just a pipe dream but what are the odds we could see a strong push to change the regulations regarding them? Even if it were just to have them regulated as handguns instead of rifles I would be all for it. It certainly seems worth trying, especially if the Hearing Protection Act makes it through.

    • mosinman

      especially when you see how easy it is to circumvent the SBR laws anyways

  • RICH


  • Sianmink

    With more buffereless ARs on the market, both alternative piston rifles, and blowback pistols, I’d like to see a few more folding stock systems that attach to an AR lower and don’t use a tube-mounted stock.

  • JC

    Little info available? It’s marked as being chambered in 300 BLK, has ambi forward folding charging handles (no ambi controls though, why RRA?), and has side folding stock. There is much to glean from photos.