[SHOT 2016] Kalashnicohen .45 ACP AK pistol

Jerimiah Cohen was displaying his production ready .45 ACP Kalashnikov pistol at SHOT, in the KG Industries booth on the upper level. KG coatings is a company that makes a number of firearm coatings and has been around since the 1960s, when the SEALs were looking for a corrosion resistant finish. Jerimiah’s gun was in their glass booth because he uses their coatings.

The pistol takes Glock magazines, and has a dual charging system. He mounted a charging handle on both sides of the gun just to show both parts, but a user can screw a charging handle into which ever side of the gun that they want to. The rear of the receiver has a QD button mount for attachment of a sling. The wood is very well finished, and the bolt is has a bright finish on it. People were asking him if this was just a demonstration version, but no, this is how Jerimiah is going to be doing all his models. Other versions are in an SBR version with a folding stock, or have a stock with a legal 16.5 inch barrel. He mostly uses the Drago gas system pattern instead of a Krink pattern where the receiver cover is hinged to the gas system. Other calibers will be offered, such as 9mm and .40 S&W. MSRP is still being talked about now, but it will be much lower than some of the other pistol caliber AKs on the market.

_MG_7726 _MG_7728 _MG_7733 _MG_7735 _MG_7738 _MG_7742 _MG_7745 _MG_7746


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  • MrEllis

    Just because you can…

  • Southpaw89

    Just asking to be SBR’d.

    • Nate H


      I’d like one in 9. Course I’d have to see how it compares in price to the CZ Scopus Evo 2.

    • Other versions are in an SBR version with a folding stock,

  • mosinman

    the charging handles look like AK gas pistons

    • Twilight sparkle

      They do. I wonder if this gun even has a gas piston or if it’s blowback… and if so did they recycle the Pistons as charging handles

      • John

        I believe these are blowback

    • Adam

      looks like them… probably are..

  • Kyle Blaylock

    Reminds me of Fallout 4’s “combat rifle.”

  • Vizzini

    You know, I’ve noticed a number of fine semi-auto .45 ACP pistols on the market that are not huge and ungainly.

  • Scott Tuttle

    pistol calibre rifle pistol….gaaaa!!

  • aka_mythos

    Can I get this in 10mm?

    • Robert Griffith

      I was thinking .40 S&W. Bigger mags available. 10mm would be nice as well.

  • Rocketman

    Make it into an SBR and put a decent silencer and aimpoint scope on it and you would have a great police entry weapon.

  • Robert White

    Knowing the quality of Kalashnicohen products, I can’t wait for these to be on the market.

  • jerry young

    I don’t like how far the charging handles stick out, looks kind of like something out of Frankenstein, just seems like they’d get hung up on things easily, they do look like recycled gas pistons

  • L. Roger Rich


    • tincankilla

      because you don’t want to use the cheap and highly effective 7.62×39, silly.

      • Tierlieb

        Well said 😉
        Of course, the reason might be wanting to shoot at a pistol-only range.
        Or shooting something suppressed that is not as rare and expensive as 9×39.
        Or “because he can”.

  • Thomas Ainlay

    Production ready? That magwell looks like it was filed out of a block of aluminum in the Khyber pass then hammered into shape after the builder forgot about the proper angle necessary for feeding from a Glock mag…

  • Gary smith

    I will never understand why people criticize things they do not fully understand or know about..
    Hey Thomas .. What is the proper angle for glock mags..
    What makes you think it is made of alum..
    How do you know that it has not been in 3 other guns,
    Because it is interchangeable

  • Gary smith

    Yes it is blowback
    Yes those are gas piston ends
    (I liked them)
    The mag adapt. Is made from steel
    It must be at the correct angle cause it shoots very well in all 3 guns it has been used in so does the 9mm version..
    Don’t just guess and criticize ask questions.
    As for using gas piston ends.. They screw in change them to whatever you like..