[SHOT 2016] Prime Manufacturing Group’s Stryk Pistols

Not long ago I reviewed the superb Arsenal Firearms Strike One pistol. While I really enjoyed it there were a few areas that I felt could be improved. When I went to the Prime booth I was surprised when I saw what appeared to be a modified Strike One hanging on the wall. After talking to Jim with Prime he informed me that Prime had teamed up with Arsenal Firearms and Salient Arms to improve on the Strike One. The pistol received a stipple job as well as a new slide profile and sights, a flat trigger as well as a trigger job, and a new twist on the name. After a few minutes of fondling it I came to the quick conclusion that Prime Mfg Group did an amazing job improving an already wonderful pistol.  IMG_0472 IMG_0473 IMG_0475 IMG_0476

As I was walking out of the booth I noticed a Salient rep holding what appeared to be a compact version of the Stryk pistol. After getting my hands on it I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have taken the newly improved Stryk and built a compact with the same great new features. The new pistol features a 15 round capacity down from 17 and a new frame texture. The MSRP of the Stryk starts at $779, around $60 less than the old version of the Strike One.

IMG_0478 IMG_0481 IMG_0483

Patrick R

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  • Giolli Joker

    I’m surprised that Arsenal accepted this to be sold at a lower MSRP than its own models…

    • Patrick R.

      I got the feel that this will be the only model offered. I am not privy to the details, but I did see the designer in the booth and to the best of my knowledge this is the only place the Styke or Strike One appears at this year’s SHOT.

    • Patrick R.

      Just an update here. Word is that the Strike One will no longer be sold in the US and the Stryk will be it’s replacement.

      • Rob

        A large distributor just signed to become an exclusive distrubutor for the strike one and 2011 guns in 2016 so it will still be available going forward.

        • Patrick R.

          Interesting, I spoke with the owner of Arsenal and he said he is moving all production out of Italy to Germany and the Strike One will no longer be made with the Stryk replacing it. Can you say who signed to be the distributor for it?

          • ROB

            BILL HICKS & CO

          • Patrick R.

            I wonder if that is in reference to the revised stryk pistol. I will have to do some digging.

          • Rob

            It is not. Italian made Arsenal guns imported by IFC.

          • Patrick R.

            Maybe for the remaining guns in the US. The owner of Arsenal Firearms stated that all production is moving out of Italy to Germany. No indication as to when.

  • 7n6

    According to some other site PMG is a newly formed collaboration between Salient,Prime Ammunition, and Arsenal.

    • Patrick R.

      That is what I found as well. I don’t know what this means for Sooner State Araenal.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington



    Color me interested, a compact Strike One? Sign me up if it is under $900.00 and I can somehow some way get night sights on it.

    • Patrick R.

      The price sheet I was handed had the price starting at under $800.

      • JSIII

        I might just buy one them assuming I can somehow get it with night sights. I don’t understand all of these foreign gun companies who think it is acceptable to either have only 3 dot sights or have sights you can’t even change like the 1st gen Arsenal Strike One and Caracal.

        • Patrick R.

          The price sheet I was given did have night sights as an option.

          • JSIII

            Very cool to know. I hope we see them soon; I have gotten some interesting reports on the full sized pistol over @ Reddit. One owner said that the mass of the slide totally counteracted any felt recoil “muzzle flip” differences you might get from the higher grip.

  • LV-426

    That compact model looks great. This is kind of exciting.

  • J. Schmoe

    Salient. Everyone just do yourselves a favor and just turn right around now. Shysters, hacksmiths and liars. Do your research before you hand them your money, no matter who they’ve got endorsing them this week. (Not referring to TFB)

  • evi1joe

    The LOOOONG grip was one of the main reasons why I didn’t look close at the Strike, but I really hope this gun makes it to my LGS. I can’t believe anything with Salient’s name costs less than $800 (I though $600-$800 was the name markup alone).

  • Sam W.

    Did they happen to mention if they are adding different calibers to their line up?

    • Patrick R.

      There are plans for a .40 S&W.

  • Jane Doe

    Any word on a release date for the compact model?

    • Patrick R.

      Something was said about third quarter, but I am not sure if that was in reference to the compact of full size.