[SHOT 2016] Hi-Point Carbines add .380 and Color

Hi-Point Carbines - Now in Color

Hi-Point carbines have long been popular for their simplicity, utility, and affordability. The pistol caliber guns have been available in .45, .40, and 9mm, offering the advantage of ammo commonality and not being too overpowered for home defense.

New for 2016 is a carbine in .380 ACP. This makes pairing with Hi-Point’s .380 pistol easy and adds matches up the carbine and pistol lineups from Hi-Point. MSRP for the black .380 carbine is $297. A pink camo model has an MSRP of $359.

As noted, Hi-Point now offers some color options. Prototype camo stocks were on display at the 2015 SHOT Show and they were rolled out for sale a few months back. Three new finishes are available for both the carbine and pistol lines. Woodland camo, Desert camo, and Pink camo are available for the 9mm, .40, and .45 guns in addition to standard black. .380 guns are available in black and Pink only.

The Hi-Point carbines all feature a polymer skeletonized stock, multiple Picatinny rails for optics, lights, and other accessories, adjustable rear and front sights, and last-round lock open. They use 10-round magazines except for the .45, which holds 9 rounds. All Hi-Point carbines are rated for +P ammunition.

A Pro Pack option includes two extra magazines (total of three) and a side-mount dual magazine carrier.

New Hi-Point .380 Carbine (in front)

New Hi-Point .380 Carbine (in front)

Hi-Point pistols in camouflage

Hi-Point pistols in camouflage

Hi-Point Carbines - Now in Color

Hi-Point Carbines – Now in Color

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and GunPundit.com.


  • Mike

    10mm please

    • abecido

      Or 5.7×28

      • Bart

        Or 7.62X25 Tokarev, or 9X18 Makarov

        • David Sharpe

          I’d like to see a Tok Carbine. And one with an 18.6 inch barrel, that takes Glock mags.

          • It would shred through soft body armor, no doubt!

    • Jeff Smith

      I’m kind of surprised that they haven’t made one yet. The guys at IraqVeteran8888 made one from a .40 Hi Point Carbine by reaming the chamber and installing a stronger spring. I have no clue how safe it would be, but, presuming it worked, they would sell them like crazy.

    • stu reder

      Definitely make it in 10 mm. I will line up with the charge card.

  • Maxpwr

    Not a personal fan of High Point products, but the more pistol caliber carbines the better. It’s all about freedom of choice in firearms and if that’s what you like then go for it. Isn’t it sick and twisted that a carbine which has the exact same construction, grip profile as a handgun, and arguably the exact same 10 round magazine can be banned, but the pistol can’t. I hope that someday when they challenge an “assault weapons” ban in court, someone will pull out a pistol and a PCC carbine and point out how they are nearly identical so how can we ban the carbine? I know the chances of this are about zero, but maybe some rational judge will see it that way. Or you can at least point it out to people who want to ban “assault weapons” that there is no difference.

    • Russinspokane

      Unfortunately, give the liberal a choice and it would probably be: “Hey! No problem, we’ll just ban both. Problem solved!”

      • Maxpwr

        Undoubtedly, but the Supreme Court has said that semi-auto handguns are protected in Heller and McDonald cases There is no logic in not protecting a similar carbine, but liberals don’t work on logic. Well, I just hope the people who buy them enjoy them. More guns the better. Even High Points.

      • AC11

        Pet peeve,……let’s stop calling those people “liberals.” They are not liberal, they are neoliberal which isn’t liberal the same way a neoconservative isn’t conservative. Thomas Jefferson and John Locke are liberals and that group has little to nothing in common with them.

  • KWCooley

    They really need to make some hi-cap mags.

    • Bart


  • HenryV

    If I were them I would have a quick redesign to the carbine so they took Glock mags,

    • Bart

      They would absolutely fly off the shelf if they took Glock mags. The main thing holding them back is the lack of quality higher capacity magazines.

      • mosinman

        as a hi point owner i’d tend to agree

    • Jwedel1231

      They probably haven’t had an engineer on staff for a decade.

      • HenryV

        Probably. 🙁

  • Bart

    I’ve got the 4095TS and like it. I paid $200 (used) for it. So far, it’s been accurate and reliable. I’ve got many more expensive firearms, but still like the 4095. It is a great plinker/farm/truck gun.

    I don’t see the point of the .380 carbine. That caliber wouldn’t gain much steam from the longer barrel. I also wouldn’t get the Hi-Point .380 pistol. It is the same size and weight as the 9mm. Just buy the 9mm pistol and carbine.

    Personally, I don’t care that much for Hi-Point pistols in general. They are big and heavy, especially for single stacks. The carbines are a bit big and heavy also, but are a lot of fun.

    • J-

      If you own a .380 pistol, this pairs up with it. It’s about having a handgun and rifle that take the same cartridge and magazine. It’s the reason I love my Beretta 92 and CX4 combo.

      • Bart

        My 4095 and Glock 22 use the same cartridge, but not the same magazines. I’d love it if the carbine could use the Glock mags, but wouldn’t consider using the Hi-Point .40 pistol rather than the Glock.

        • J-

          But that’s not exactly apples to apples. The Glock and a Kel-Tech Sub 2000 or one of the AR style carbines that uses glock mags would be a good combo. The HI point carbine pairs to the Hi point pistol.

          • Bart

            Yeah, I know. It isn’t a true combo. I just don’t need a true combo that badly. That said, your Beretta 92 and CX4 combo is a great one. Those are both excellent firearms.

          • J-

            I lived in a city in Illinois where ARs were banned. So the CX4/92 combo was my SHTF setup. After I moved away from Illinois, I found the Carbine/Pistol combo to be useful. I like my Marlin 1894 357/Ruger SP101 combo too.

  • Joe

    Would it really be that hard to make an aftermarket stock that accepts double stack magazines?

    If not, how about one that just looks less awful?

    Pink camo can’t hide ugly.

  • Salty

    Still single stack mags with magnesium internals? FAAAAAAAIL!

  • Joey JoJo Jr.

    I heard these come with an “EVIDENCE” tag already tied to the trigger guard, for your convenience.

  • Miguel Raton

    Recently saw ads for the HPC in .380: my immediate reaction was “Why?” Absolutely 0 reason for this, other than “Some idiot out there will buy it!” .380acp = already overpriced underpowered ammo, that will extract NOTHING from being shot out of a longer barrel. At least the 9mmP version gets added velocity out of a carbine & is the lowest-priced ctr-fire ammo around. 40S&W & .45acp give you added thump for their higher ammo cost, but out of a carbine are still fairly soft-shooting.

    I would only take one of these .380 units if they were easily convertible to 9mmP…