The Advisor: Inland Mfg ‘s M1 Carbine Pistol

New for 2016 from Inland Manufacturing is the M1 Carbine Pistol the company is calling the Advisor model. The Advisor is based on a model that actually harkens back to the Vietnam era. At that time many in the military were customizing their M1 carbines by cutting the barrels down closer to pistol length. When possible they took bringing the gun down to size a step further with a folding stock, although that was a more difficult step to take at the time. Not only did those modifications make carrying the guns easier but it also made it far simpler to navigate the tunnel systems and engage in close quarter battles.

The Advisor is a 12″ pistol with a parkerized finish, a modified “Paratrooper” stock, and a 1/2×28 tpi threaded barrel with a conical flash hider. This gun is chambered in .30 cal and comes with a 15-round magazine. MSRP $1150.

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A word from Inland about their roots:

Inland Manufacturing, LLC was founded in 2013 with a commitment to provide the highest quality firearm-related products for the practical shooting enthusiast.

The Inland Manufacturing team has over 100 years of combined firearm related experience and applied knowledge in firearm design, manufacturing as well as experience in military, law enforcement, and competitive shooting sports.

Inland Manufacturing, LLC is proud to introduce the re-production of the M1 Carbine and M1A1 Paratrooper models that were built by the original Inland Division of General Motors from 1941 to 1945.

In addition to the M1 Carbines, Inland Manufacturing is also offering two models of the 1911 Semi-Auto Pistol. The original Inland Division never produced any 1911 style handguns as part of their war effort. However, if they did, we are sure that there would be no sacrifice in quality.

The M1 Carbines and 1911 pistols offered by Inland Manufacturing, LLC are manufactured in the USA with no compromises in quality!

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  • Cameron

    I hope they can ship the rifle with a 10 round magazine and the ability to buy the stock separately as this is the only way us Aussies will be able to buy a M1. It is probably the first pistol/rifle that has a chance of getting into the country because its not black and scary like the AR and AK pistol

    • Bart

      I feel very sorry for you gun loving Aussies. Your gun rights have been terribly eroded. I do hope this gun can get in to your country. The M1 carbine is an excellent defensive carbine. If you can’t have an AR or AK, (or if you want less recoil/muzzle blast) the M1 carbine is one of your best options.

      A short barreled rifle form M1 carbine would be wonderfully handy. It would make a very handy farm gun, backpacking gun, home defense gun, and civil defense gun.

      The losses that gun owners in Australia and Britain have seen help motivate those of us in the U.S. to always take the threat seriously. The gun grabbers are the same everywhere. They will never be satisfied. They must be opposed at every step.

    • David Sharpe

      I thought semi auto rifles were banned in Oz?

      Wouldn’t it be better to have this stay a pistol? Or can you have semi auto pistols with stocks attached?

      • Cameron

        Semi auto rifles are banned in Australia but Semi auto pistols are not, however they are limited to 10 rounds and by shipping it with a stock its more likely that it would be refused importation. It is much easier to import a stock separately although its not guaranteed. Unfortunately our stupid laws decide whether a gun is legal or not depends heavily on the feelings of a particular customs official/firearms registry worker.

        • Cameron

          Forgot to mention, you cant legally own a pistol with a stock attached, however you can own a stock that just so happens to fit on your pistol 🙂

        • David Sharpe

          So why would you want a stock for it if it would make it illegal?

          Canada has some pretty stupid laws too, at least putting a stock on a pistol doesn’t change its legal status.