[SHOT 2016] STI’s Costa Carry Comp 2011

The Texas 1911 wizards otherwise known as STI have partnered with Chris Costa to offer a Costa Carry Comp STI 2011. Not only is it stunningly good looking but it feels like it was put together by German jewlers or something. Simply amazing. I couldn’t resist a chance to take a closer look again at my fellow Texan’s wares. When they offered a chance to shoot them it would have been downright rude to say no.



Looking over the pistol I found that the total “slide” length is a very manageable 5″ with the effective compensator included in that measurement. One of the features on the pistol that I really liked was the Costa spec stipple job on the tactical tan STI poymer frame and the outstanding adjustable sights on the gun. Putting all the race gun features into a carry sized package is not an easy task but STI was able to make it happen and still retain a very manageable pistol to manipulate.

IMG_0259 IMG_0261

When I got a chance to run a few mags through it I was amazed at how flat shooting it was, it almost felt like a .22 if it weren’t for the muzzle blast. The provided pistol was chambered in 9mm, I am sure that STI will offer it in several calibers.

Dear STI, I have been a good boy this year, I just might die if I don’t have more STI in my life. You don’t want to see me die do you?

IMG_0263 IMG_0265

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Patrick R

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  • Cuvie

    That grip looks like someone took the bark of a tree and wrapped it around the frame

    • Patrick R.

      It kinda felt like it too. It really felt grippy though.

      • Weaponized_Hotdog

        Grippy is great, unless grippy is shredding my love handle for 10 hours a day. Carry gun? Me thinks not….

        • Patrick R.

          I don’t think it was intended as a concealed carry gun.

          • itsmefool

            Yeah, because if it was, then we’d have to chalk that up as a fail, as the kids say nowadays.

    • JSmath

      The first thing that came to mind when I saw that was, “Hah! Because Costa loves grabbing wood.” only to be followed up later, “That was probably the intended joke.”

      • Patrick R.

        Give no mercy!

    • Bill

      I thought it looked like a potato, or something that I had to scoop up after the dog ate a ball of yarn.

  • Don Ward

    There’s something with Costa’s name on it?

    Effing PASS.

    • Patrick R.

      I don’t care who’s name it has on it, it was a outstanding gun.

      • Don Ward

        I do care whose name is on it. Particularly when the manufacturer is going to charge extra for it. It would be nice if writers would call out gun manufacturers for this practice as well.

        • Patrick R.

          This is no different than a sportsball bat being endorsed by a sportsballer. While yes, I would like one unbranded, Costa did help develop it and STI has every right to name the gun after the man that influenced it.

          • Don Ward

            Sportsball? Wow. How edgy.

  • LV-426

    That mag well looks like you could slice your palm open on it. Interesting concept. What was the other one like this without his name on it?

    • Patrick R.

      Are you talking about the gun we featured on TFBTV with the Hexgrip slide?

      • LV-426

        I’m confused I thought there were 3 guns in the vid from earlier. Haha never mind.

  • AK™

    If someone is selling me a “Costa” gun,I’d prefer it cerakoted in Coast Guard White..

  • jpcmt

    Be nice if on that stippled grip they had the words “Grip Zone.” Then it’d be worth something. Just kidding. I”m just bitter because I’ll never own my dream gun..the STI Nitro 10.

  • hking

    $3,500? $4,000? $5,000 Whats the msrp?

    • Patrick R.

      I was not given that information nor could I find the model on their site.

    • Phil Hsueh

      Given the price of all of the boutique 1911s that have been coming out lately and the fact that it has the Costa name (anything with somebody famous/well known’s name on it always adds to the MSRP) I’d say that your $3,500 – $5,000 guess is pretty good. 2016 seems to be the year of the $2k – $3k 1911 for some reason.

      • Patrick R.

        That and the pistol caliber carbine. I may just be on a 1911 kick this week.

    • Patrick R.

      I asked STI today and was told $3299.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    So, not a single decent side-on photo so we can really tell what it looks like?

    Come on, guys.

    • Patrick R.

      It looks like a 1911.

  • James Bond

    Can’t wait for these artistic short f-stop slanted crap photos to stop when doing a technical photo shoot. Some write ups had 5 photos and not a single one of them showed the gun in it’s entirety.