[SHOT 16] Paradigm SRP TALON Remote AR-15 Weapon: Mount Hands On Impression

We blogged about the new Talon Gyro-Stabilized Weapon Mount system from Paradigm SRP last week. It attracted skepticism from readers in the comments who questioned how effective such a system would be in the real world. Yes, it is true that it does not track targets (although the hardware is fully capable of being integrated into such a system) but nor does it need too. It is fully capable of keeping a gun pointed in the desired direction during choppy seas, through turbulent air or over bumpy ground. After seeing it in action today at Industry Day at The Range I have no doubt it works in real world applications.


The company has developed simulation platform, on which the Talon was mounted when we saw it in action today. This platform constantly tilts in different directions simulating a rough sea. Despite the base moving, the rifle stayed on target. The gyro system corrects the rifle’s orientation at about 1000 times per second.


The remote control includes a screen that is hooked up to a camera attached to the rifle’s scope. It is simple to operate and looks like a large Nintendo DS or Nintendo Wii U controller. It is designed to be used in semi-automatic, not full auto fire modes, although the company does plan on creating a variant in the future to handle the belt-fed M249 Light Machine Gun.


I was thoroughly impressed by how compact the setup is. It even has a quick release mounting system allowing it to be easily added or removed from a vehicle with the appropriate mounting base installed. The company is also planning on developing a version for military bases, nuclear power plants and other sensitive sites.

The owner of Paradigm SRP is an incredibly nice guy, as are his employees. They are passionate about their product and I could see they genuinely enjoyed talking about it and answering questions without the BS or “sorry that is top secret” nonsense we hear all too often. I sincerely hope they succeed in the marketplace. *

* Yes, this is high praise, and no I was not paid to say it! I mean every word.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


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    So… MSRP?

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      ~$60,000.00 USD…

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    Don’t you mean hands-off impression?

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    Stay Off My Lawn.

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    I want one. For on top of my car. GTFO tail gaters!

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      Probably work great — at tailgating distances — provided you stick to smooth paved highways.

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    Ok, I was going to wait until I had a bigger boat, but I can just remount it when I get one. I’ll be getting one of these for my canoe!

  • Tom Currie

    Once again TFB gives us a press release without the author even knowing what he is talking about. The criticism of the earlier PR nonsense posted on TFB was because the video did NOT show the mount EVER being stabilized. Yes, anyone who knows stabilization knows that it doesn’t track targets — and yes any remote controlled mount could be wired to an electro-optical tracker, but the claim in the original BS was that this was a STABILIZED mount and the video provided clearly never showed any stabilization. Now we have the author TELLING US that this thing works great but all we have is his word for it because there is still no video of the mount in stabilization. I have never seen ANY manufacturer of ANY stabilized mounting system that didn’t immediately produce a video clearly showing the mount operating in stabilized mode. So why do we have TFB telling us this is a stabilized mount but neither the manufacturer nor its shills at TFB have been able to post even 1 second of video with the stabilization working??!!??

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    ONLY $60-GRAND, like I have $60,000.00 USD. just laying around…