Review:Therma Cell Heat Packs and Shoe Inserts–Keep Warm On Those Cold Winter Range Days

This time of the year we begin to really feel winter with it’s lower January temps. In other words it makes it harder to make those usually enjoyable range trips without becoming miserable from the cold after a short time on the range.

Heated insoles with remote control heat settings

Heated insoles with remote control heat settings

To fight the cold and make our range trips more comfortable there are products on the market to keep our hands, body and feet warm whether it’s just plain frigid or we’re trudging around in the snow. There is one company that Steve and I both like and have written about several times over the last few years and that’s the heated insoles and now hand warmers and pocket warmers from Therma Cell.

Hand warmers

Hand warmers

The product lineup this year consist of the Pro Flex heated insoles, Heat Pack pocket warmers and the smaller Heat Pack hand warmer. All of the products operate on rechargeable batteries via a USB connection of any type. Standard run time on the medium setting is a stated 4 hours. It’s been my experience that the 4 hour time is underestimated. I’ve had them set on high for 5 hours and they were still putting out heat. The units can be recharged in approximately 4 hours but again my times have been closer to 3 hours for a full charge. The hand warmers run for an advertised 6 hours but they do run a bit longer than that.

slip the hand warmers into your gloves to stay comfortably warm for hours.

slip the hand warmers into your gloves to stay comfortably warm for hours.

The hand warmers are slim, lightweight and fit easily into a set of gloves no matter if they have a pocket for such devices or you just slip them into the back of the glove. The hand warmers have three settings low, medium and high. They are controlled by a push button on the unit. One push and a single green light flashes. Two presses and you have medium heat with two flashes while three presses places the unit on hight heat with three flashes. I usually start out on high until my hands are warm then knock the setting back to medium. As slim and lightweight as they are they don’t interfere with your gun handling whether it’s a handgun, rifle or shotgun. Each box comes with two hand warmers with individual chargers.The MSRP is $79.99. The larger pocket warmers have an MSRP of $69.99.

Pocket warmers

Pocket warmers

The heated insoles come in various sizes for men and women. Each insole can be trimmed to fit each shoe. The Pro Flex insoles each have a rechargeable battery which fits into a recess in the heel of the insole. Again charging is by USB connection. Each insole has it’s own charger.MSRP: $184.99.

Batteries. chargers and remote control unit.

Batteries. chargers and remote control unit.

A very nice feature of the insoles is a small remoter control that can be carried in a pocket or on a key chain for instance. With the remote there is no need to remove your shoes to adjust the heat setting. The insoles also have settings of standby, medium and high.

From Therma Cell (Insoles)

ProFLEX Heated Insoles are just what you need to keep the cold at bay this winter—keeping your feet warm without getting them too hot and making them sweat. It’s the best way to keep your feet warm while enjoying the great outdoors. ProFLEX offers even more comfort and ease-of-use than Original Heated Insoles, utilizing a flexible polyurethane insole material, a comfortable and resilient Poron battery cover cushion, and a removable, rechargeable battery.

Heated Insoles offer convenient remote operation—no worries or external batteries—and at least 2,500 hours of use or about four winters of heavy use. Using ThermaCELL’s ProFLEX Heated Insoles is easy—simply adjust the temperature utilizing the wireless remote control to the setting of your choice: no heat (standby), medium (100°F), and high (111°F).

Package includes: 2 Heated Insoles, 2 rechargeable batteries; 1 remote control with battery; 1 smart charging case, 1 wall charger, 1 USB cable; 1 instruction booklet.

Customizable Sizes for Men and Women: Fits men’s shoe sizes 3.5-13 and women’s shoe sizes 4.5-14.

Other features include:

Keeps feet warm, not hot
Rechargeable foot warmer
Recharges in 4 hours using wall charger or any USB port
Recharges at least 500 times
Operated by a small and lightweight, wireless remote control
Charge lasts up to 5 hours of constant use (on medium heat setting)
Powered by rechargeable, removable lithium-ion polymer batteries
Antimicrobial, shock-absorbing Poron cushion battery cover
Can be trimmed to fit almost any shoe size
Fit easily into your shoes or boots
Less than half the cost of other leading wireless remote systems
Batteries easy to change without removing insole from shoe
Tested by SATRA, worldwide leader in footwear testing, research, and development

How heat packs work

How heat packs work

From Therma Cell (Hand Warmers)

ThermaCELL Hand Warmers are small, battery-operated warmers that aren’t just for your hands. These durable packs can fit easily in pockets, jackets, pants and gloves for up to 6 hours of constant heat per charge.

Charge your Hand Warmers between uses to keep it ready for the next time you need to control the cold.

Package contains:
2 Hand Warmers equipped with integrated rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries, 1 USB wall charger, 2 USB cords and an instruction booklet.


Charges in 4 hours or less
Thin and lightweight
Easily turn off at the touch of a button
Three temperature settings reaching up to 116°F
Recharges over 500 times

While some may say the cost is rather high what is it worth to stay warm and enjoy your hunt, range trip etc. Of course this is not to mention keeping frostbite at bay. As the old saying goes you get what you pay for! With these products you get a lot for your money and with the quality of these products they last for years.

Therma Cell Website

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  • cs

    What happens to those shoe insoles when your feet get wet from melting snow? And the battery packs, are they the hoverboard gonna catch fire lithium-ion type?

    • Cymond

      They’re probably the carry-a-cellphone-in-your-pocket-every-day lithium-ion type.