Indonesian Live Fire Training

This video shows some soldiers crawling through mud while being fired upon with AK-47s. There is some military training that involves a form of live fire desensitization for soldiers, however this seems rather unsafe. Not only are they firing live ammo but they are shooting near the soldiers at the ground around them. One of the shooters is not even using the sights as he fires at the soldiers crawling in the mud.



Thanks to BCDesign for sending this to us.

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  • bmiller

    Yikes! They were getting kind of close.

  • yeah but they are using hearing and eye protection so it must be safe.

  • mzungu

    Rubber bullets would be a good idea, but then it’s Indonesia….

  • Bill

    Sure it’s unsafe, but why do we always expect other countries to think and act the way we do? It might have something to do with the number of lawyers and litigious nature of American society – A large federal agency wont pepper-spray or TASER their basic trainees because they “might” get hurt even though both has been shown to be extremely safe. We’ve really pussified our training.

    Obviously this is a routine training exercise, just look at the ruts and beaten area in the mud, and how slowly those guys were going.

    Lots of cool stuff is unsafe: motorcycles, scuba diving, free climbing whitewater rafting, skydiving; heck, guns by there design are “unsafe.” But it’s the user or doer who is the major factor in how unsafe something is.

    • USMC03Vet

      Youre entirely clueless. There is no legit purpose for this type of stuff. It’s entirely theatrics at the expense of safety. It’s why it is also depicted in Hollywood movies routinely.

      • Bill

        It’s called stress inoculation. We do it with airsoft; they do it with live fire. We wear FIST suits or Redman gear; in Thailand they go full-contact.

        Apparently I have at least two clues.

        • Mcameron

          stress inoculation is one thing……..but spending thousands on training and equipping your soldiers doesnt do you much good if you Kill them in training….

          • Bill

            I’m not defending or disparaging what they do- if it works for them, great. So how many troops did you see killed? You did note that the trainees were in well-worn ruts in the ground, and the area between them was pretty shot up, so this is obviously something they do regularly.

            Of course, on one of our bases you have to wear your day-glo PT belt to walk to the shower trailer, just to make sure a vehicle doesn’t hit you.

        • USMC03Vet

          Clue on training poorly.
          0/10 would not operate with.

          • Ghost930

            Got news for you USMC03Vet, During WWII, the Marine Corps did very similar training, there are old films of it as evidence. They also used some very lethal artillery simulators as a part of the training. And yes, there were training casualties. But it was a tougher Corp, and nation in general during the greatest generations day. Go find a living member of the “Old Breed” if you can, they will explain. Book learning, and technology only go so far. Then it’s the man.

          • USMC03Vet

            Old Corps USMC also allowed drunken DI’s to kill recruits. Shut the hell up already.

          • Ghost930

            Wow, what are you doing with the other 9/10ths of your brain, that you didn’t use to come up with that snappy answer. You gotta be a Hollywood Marine (if you were one at all). Get your little feelings hurt during boot by a DI? LOL If you wanted to be safe, maybe you should have joined the Coast Guard. Live fire training, has both tactical, and mental preparedness goals, that are both useful and enhancements in preparation for combat. Force on force training with miles gear, simmunitions, etc. doesn’t always convey a since of psychological threat that actual live fire does. Read a little Dave Grossman sport.

      • mechamaster

        The purpose of the training is to teach the members not too easily scared when someone or enemy is shoot in our direction randomly.
        Basically to make them have better focus and concentration to indentify the real threat.
        But well, from the safety side, it’s scary indeed.

        • Joshua

          Which is why they are one of the best Military forces in the world…..oh wait….Nevermind.

          • mechamaster

            Well, there are story that even Gurkha and SAS has some trouble fighting them in the Borneo Forest ( Kalimantan ).
            But of course so many different version of this story.

          • Friend of Tibet

            military forces is not just infantry, you compare is unfair.

            If a US squad is under fire from enemy in afghan and they have to crawl to the extraction point, can you say they will perform better compare to these people under extreme stress?

  • The_Champ

    It’s brilliant training like this that ensures the Indonesian military remains the very best in the world……..

  • I didn’t know the AK Operator’s Union taught classes in Indonesia.

    • Rick5555

      Rob Ski was the first thing that came to my mind. When I say this article. I would never take a class from Rob Ski. All fun and game till someone get hurt or killed. And it’s bound to occur…sooner or later.

    • mechamaster

      It would be fun if Robski or other AKOU members taught classes here in Indonesia. Lol.

  • Don Ward

    Maybe we can save time and effort and only post when some third world army is shown to be training safely and efficiently?

  • TVOrZ6dw

    I guess we don’t get to see the other 5 videos where they nailed a trainee.

  • Tassiebush

    The video description says it’s Kopassus which is pretty much the premier special forces unit in Indonesia. They do joint training with SASR (Australian SAS). They’re also controversial for allegedly being involved in human rights abuses in West Papua and East Timor before independence.
    But putting the controversy aside I would not underestimate their skill levels and ability and this level of training and conditioning may well just be a part of that. I would sort of be surprised if most elite units of this type don’t go in for such shenanigans.

    • jono102

      Kopassus covers a wide variety of soldiers within the Indo military, Kind of how everyone you run in to (especially in Asia and ME) are covered in SF tabs and badges. The majority are essentially soldiers of a slightly higher training level than the rank and file conscript types. The only Indo units of any merit is the ones their government tends hold close at hand and pay and equip them to keep them loyal.
      Some Western militaries (both SF and non SF) apply a very high level of battle field inoculation and realism with the use of live natures.
      These guys are just morons, and re-enforces my opinion of Indo’s having worked around them in the past

      • Tassiebush

        Didn’t realize they were such a broad group. I defer to your experience.

    • mechamaster

      It’s PASKHAS actually ( Orange Barret colour ).

      It’s the Indonesian Air Forces Spec-Ops. ( Paratrooper but with some Ranger-qualification and SEAL-capability )

  • phauxtoe

    wonder what the “failure” rate is?

    the one dude aint even looking down the sights!

  • Cytoxan

    Outstanding! Bet they don’t have a problem with personal injury attorneys run amok either in Indonesia.

  • Steven T

    Think some of their training cadre watched “Heartbreak Ridge” one too many times.

    • Mantaf Surantaf

      Sir …
      that’s an AK-47 assault weapon.
      The preferred weapon of our enemy.
      It makes a very distinctive sound
      when fired at us, Sir.

  • Lance

    What ever you Do NOT stand UP!!!!!!!!!

  • mechamaster

    Yes, this is the Indonesian Special Forces ‘standard menu’ training ( called ‘doper’ training ). Look scary, indeed.
    Sometimes the instructor shooting with Pindad SS1 or SS2 too.
    Actually, the moment when one of the shooter doesn’t aiming, he only shoot it in the short-range. But when it is in a long distance, they shoot it with iron sight ( the camera is zooming when they do this ).

    About the risk of injury, well, sometimes it’s happened if the training member doesn’t follow the instruction, but they are prepared for this.

  • DAN V.

    Stucking fupid

  • Friend of Tibet

    Some people are so hypocrite on this matter.

    Is this safe? No. But only by US standard.

    Is US civilian training in tactical gear running around with fancy tactical drills safe? No. But by Canadian standard.

    Everyone have different safety standard and different training methods.

    And yes this is much better stress management training than simunition. Why? Because you know these are live rounds.The mindset will be different compare to blanks or paint pellets.

    • USMC03Vet

      Not just US standards, smart standards.

    • jono102

      Is it unsafe? In accordance with the safety practices and generally agreed on predicted ricochet danger areas that the most western military’s recognize and apply, Yes it is unsafe.
      Just by the virtue of a civi running around in kit carrying out fancy drills doesn’t make it unsafe. Its how its conducted and controlled that deems whether its safe or not.
      Most military’s will have various forms of advanced field firing standards that be applied to differing extent dependent on soldiers standards and experience be it with Support weapons, individual fire and movement, sniping etc. What is shown in the video would be best described as Cowboy Sh*t in most military’s.

      • Friend of Tibet

        Safe or unsafe it is all depends what you based it on.

        “ civi running around in kit carrying out fancy drills doesn’t make it unsafe ” try that in any Canadian gun club most likely you will get kicked out for been unsafe(certain Vancouver ranges excluded). That’s why I said by Canadian standard. But if you think these drills are Safe in US, by all means do it. But from a Canadian deer hunter perspective you guys are just doing some “modern cowboy s**T”.

        Russia, China and even south Korea all have these kind of LIVE ROUNDS military drills and by THEIR standard these drills are also in a controlled environment with professionals.

        Again, you are trying to use western safety rules on other nations.

        using your own words:

        “Just by the virtue of a trained operator crawling around in mud carrying out controlled live rounds drills doesn’t make it unsafe. Its how its conducted and controlled that deems whether its safe or not.”

        • jono102

          I didn’t say it wouldn’t get you kicked off a civi or military range as every range will have their own Range Standing orders that pertain to that range in regards to firing on the move, moving engagements etc. What I was getting at is that it isn’t necessarily in correct or unsafe dependent on how it is conducted and controlled (in accordance with Range Standing Orders). Yes a lot of ranges civi and military will only have a static firing/static target templates over them, some don’t.
          The only ranges/firing areas I have used in Canada have all been military and all the things I described were applied in accordance with Canadian Military range requirements.
          Your entitled to your opinion as am I. I base my opinion on my background and experience you on yours.

  • robocop33

    I do not think that OSHA has any say-so in that area. Seriously, that is almost as dangerous as someone actually firing with the intent of actually trying to shoot and kill these guys! One doesn’t even use his sights and while the other one does, he is firing literally inches from the subjects head and over the top of him! Amazing how they were not actually hit!

  • Quite interesting…

    I don’t always do live fire training but when I do it’s in my bro tank and I don’t need to aim…

  • jono102

    Right around 1:58 it looked like that “Realistic training” got too realistic

  • Martin Grønsdal

    well, all I can say is that during contact drills,live ammo, I shot a tracer 3 m in front of a soldier. He didn’t see it, but I could see the tracer very well, as it ignited downrange. I think my heart stopped then.

  • RawDawg

    Train like you fight, what a novel concept!

  • RawDawg

    A DS told me once that back in the day during 11B basic, the m60s that were being fired above the joes crawling under wire through the mud while pits full of blasting charges were set off around them used to be a lot lower, then some dumbass stood up and ate a few 7.62. Now the 60’s fire way above the field.

    Just what I was told

  • ThatGuy

    I also heard that there are other variations of live fire training like this but instead of the instructor standing on a platform they squat behind the trainee and firing few centimeters above the trainees head while they crawl forward.

    To those asking about “failure” rate. My father told me that there is a section in a museum in the Magelang military academy dedicated to those would be officer that got shot and died while in training.

    Although for officer training I rarely heard any news about injuries like this. Maybe they made this safer because most of high ranking officers have their son trained there? I don’t know about NCOs training though must be some casualties but maybe since they come from relatively common family its not really on the news.

    Also: the word Paskhas is short form of korpaskhas, which is indonesian air force’s sof