M1 Garand Run and Gun

The M1 Garand is a truly magnificent rifle that became a very potent symbol for a generation of American fighting men. Loaded with 8 round en-bloc clips, the M1 semi-automatic rifle showed the world that entire armies could be armed effectively with semi-automatic firepower. In this run and gun, we put the M1 to the test!

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • MrEllis


    • Y-man


      “Jahwol, Amerikaner ist das Neuladen! Feuer!”

      • Mike

        ” What the hell are those Krauts doing? Don’t they realize we have a squad of M1’s and thompsons? What the hell , We have their Positions! Calling in an Air strike and artillery barrage!”

    • Zebra Dun

      Ear plugs or deafness from shooting without them would preclude hearing any ping I think.

  • John

    The Garand may not have the best inherent accuracy but it makes up for it with terrific practical accuracy. Points extremely well and easy to get hits on target. Also a pretty elegant weapon fwiw

  • Riot

    Could of went with 30 out of 32 rounds.

    I like these videos of old rifles.

  • quraina

    You would not have had the one miss, were it not for the fact that your T-shirt was the wrong caliber.

  • Derp

    No need to slap the charging handle forward. Just apply pressure with your hand just below your pinky as you thumb in the clip. Then clear out thumb, and then release.

    • hydepark

      My ’53 Springfield requires a slight nudge of the op-rod / charging handle more often than not. Called the CMP shortly after I got it (graduation present in 2006) and they said it’s perfectly normal. In yo face!

      • hydepark

        Forgot to mention it too was in that nasty boating accident a few years ago.

    • Some of them do need that. I’ve fired examples from both camps.

  • Lance

    Next try the 1873 Trapdoor!!!

  • VeriAeq

    en-bloc noggin like no other.

  • Will

    If my M1 Garand could cook I’d marry it!!!

    • Y-man

      Try putting some salted bacon on the barrel after 200 rounds, and you might be on to something!

      Take that mattv2099!

  • adverse

    That’s a rifle.

  • gunsandrockets

    I remember the first time I saw an M1 I thought the gas cylinder looked like a tube magazine!

  • nadnerbus

    I have this mental image of your closet having nothing but “5.56×45” t shirts hanging up inside, Inspector Gadget style.

    • Y-man

      Like Mark Zuckerberg? LOL!

  • Robert Rodriguez

    Can you do a Run and Gun with the M1908 Mondragon or the RSC M1917?

    • We would need a viewer to loan us one.

  • Tenacious221

    You’re too close to the mic… I can hear your spit.

  • Full Name

    Local club used to run carbine matches after IDPA matches. Everyone used their AR’s. I used my .308 Garand. Holy CRAP that was fun!

  • Mehul Kamdar

    I remember when a hunting buddy in Wisconsin bought a Garand and took it to show his father, a gentleman who had actually used one in WW-2, his father’s reaction was, “What did you want with one of them crowbars?” They are grand old rifles, and a must for every gunsafe, but both my friend and I learned on that day that not everyone who actually fought with one, loved it.

  • W.P Zeller

    Some years back at our gun club in northwest Indiana, I used to run a bunch of off-beat outlaw matches sandwiched in between the usual Steel, Cowboy and IDPA.
    One of the cool ones was my “Prac-Tac” Action Rifle match; the name was supposed to be humorous but people actually liked it.
    I advertised these at “eight-shot-neutral” to attract Garands, and it worked- I always got about four or five.
    In one long, “vertical” stage (the kind that goes forward much more than laterally), one of the guys was shooting his Garand nicely, came to a “doorway” to his right with two targets somewhat obscured by a bend in the walls. He simply and smoothly one-handed that thing, left, then right, firing the needed two rounds on each as if he was just firing a Glock.
    He had four A-zone hits, too.
    My jaw hit the ground so hard it’s still swollen. I never wished more for a video camera.

  • andyinsdca

    What ammo did you use? The old CMP/Greek ammo? Or something new?

  • RenHoek

    I want to see and FAL run and gun 🙂

  • Zebra Dun

    We had some of these to Fam Fire back in the old days, I loved shooting them.
    I’ve seen them in .308/7.62 x 51 mm NATO which had a plastic or metal chamber insert to make the change to 7.62 x 81 NATO from 30.06 how this worked with the clip I do not know.
    The old Corps Marines among us stated in regards to the eight shot clip was, “when ever you had to shoot the M-1 you shot the entire clip at one time and just reloaded” this is from the Korean war era Marines. Though I’ve heard WW2 Vets in my family say pretty much the same thing, empty the rifle and reload when you did shoot it at something was better than spacing out the shots and waiting.
    Unknown how true this was.

  • lookinoutforu

    The M1 is a great rifle. I’ll always have one.