MAC Torture Tests The IWI Galil ACE In Dirty, Gritty Mud

We all know the Galil ACE is a descendant of the famous AK series of rifles, but how well does it handle mud? Well, in the interim between the news breaking that IWI was recalling all of its newly released Galil ACE pistols due to the presence of a full auto sear pin hole and shipping the pistol back to IWI, Tim of the Military Arms Channel decided to give the new gun a little mud bath:

This test provides us an interesting point of comparison with InRange’s mud testing of an M1 Garand rifle, released last week. The AK being a descendant, in part, of the M1, makes IWI’s Galil something of a great grandson of John Garand’s magnum opus, but with some key improvements that should improve its resistance to foreign object ingress. Chief among these, as Tim demonstrated in his previous video on the pistol, is the considerable effort IWI went to sealing the Galil ACE’s receiver against dirt, mud, sand, and other debris. While the tests done by MAC and InRange on the two respective weapons are not directly comparable, they do give us an indicator of how sealing the action against the elements protects the operating group from grit that gets into trigger mechanisms, locking surfaces, chambers, cam tracks, receiver rails, and operating rod guides. Tim drives this point home in his video by exposing the Galil ACE – which previously had resisted the mud well, suffering only failures of the trigger to reset due to interference from fine grit – to the mud hole with the top cover off, whereupon the pistol suffers a great deal more problems, such as sluggish operation of the moving parts group, and debris in the locking surfaces, chamber, and magazine, issues not all that dissimilar to those the M1 and M1A suffered in InRange’s testing.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Kitsuneki

    So surrender yuor ACEs with no doubt and search another peestol, huh?

  • Rob

    I’m not as impressed as I thought I’d be. Still want one, but it certainly can’t be as sealed as it looks.

  • TDog

    What a weak test! A real spec ops operator stealth commando delta drenches his gun in flaming cement and if it doesn’t work after that, it goes back to the shop because it’s not up to true milspec spec op operator specs! Oo-rah!

  • micmac80

    What ever you call it ‘ just that reset’ gun is experienceing a failiure on just about every shot so not very impresive

    • The fire control is a weak point for just about any gun in a test like that, for the record. Even well-sealed AR-15s can experience similar issues.

      Having said that, if you pull one if your AKs out of the safe, turn it over, and look at the trigger from the underside, you can see how that might be a weak point in mud.

      • Joshua

        My issue is when he dumped 2 handfulls of rocky sand into the AR lower in that one test he made sure to point out how it was a weak link in the weapon.

        Here he said it was no big deal.

        • tts

          Yeah he seems kinda inconsistent with his commentary sometimes but generally he is fairly accurate, gets the cool toys to show before most reviewers, and does a decent job showing them off to us without being overly long winded.

          I wouldn’t get too irked about it, everyone makes mistakes.

        • I don’t really have any doubt that he was softballing the Galil ACE… It’s an IWI product, after all…

          Still, I reblogged the video since I think it illustrates the difference between the Garand and AK receiver architecture.

        • Rick5555

          Because, Tim f the MAC, is biased towards AK’s. He did a torture test of an AK. And when it failed to fire. He blamed it on the PMAG. Saying, it’s the mag….which isn’t a good mag for the AK. Nonetheless, it still failed to fire. And the host, of course didn’t use another magazine. Reason, was he was torture testing a Krebs AK. And he’s quite good friends with Mark Krebs. You Tube Channels are mostly for entertainment purposes. Most channels are in bed with the smaller companies. And rarely say negative things. Essentially, it’s a “Quid Pro Quo,” relationship these channels have. And it’s why, you never see a T&E gun from the major manufactures. The big manufactures refuse to provide T&E firearms. Due to the mistakes these channels make when providing info about the gun. And then the channels trash the guns reputations. Doing unnecessary harm. I’ve caught many popular channels making serious mistakes. Like Sootch with the CMMG Mutant. He BSed about thicker walls and block for the higher pressure AK round. To discover it was the Charging Handle he left in the upper receiver. And the 5.56 his a higher pressure round over the 7.62×39. And sootch did remove that mess up. But never admitted to providing BS when he didn’t know what he was talking about. Many channels have no clue what some device or design is for. And hence, just fill in with BSing. Opposed to actually vetting the gun. Or contacting the manufacture. The channels simply get the info off a website and simply repeat the features. I only watch those channels for entertainment purposes. And never take their advise or purported review seriously.

  • Tom Tomas

    The governor or distric attorney of california all law enforcment will be forbidden from taking any law abiding responsible persons fire arms or assault weapons. They will not even be allowed to call in citizens to give up their weapons voluntarily. They will become paralized from thecneck down from now on if they attempt to violate anyones 2nd ammendment rights they will become deaf mute and blind at any attempt to sucker people into giving up their arms. All disyrict attorneys governors they will banned from bringing the issue up starting instantly.

  • Tom Tomas

    Their brain functions will cease to work espexially the brocas area of the brain and their left brain when ever they attempt to even speak on this issue every person given authority will be affected from now on.

    • anon


      • UCSPanther

        It looks like a word salad, typical of either someone who is mentally ill or a particularly dim-witted troll.

  • Mcameron

    what? no whipping it at steel plates and complaining when it breaks?……he must not be being paid to give a bad review this time

    • I’ve known MAC for years and that’s a cheap shot. He doesn’t do that kind of thing.

      • Mcameron

        what do you call that review of the VP9?…….either hes a moron, or hes intentionally trying to give a bad review of the gun

    • BrandonAKsALot

      He seems to be a pretty big fan of IWI though. Ask him about his Tavor.

      Just don’t ask about his Sig 556’s.

  • USMC03Vet

    MAC should have called it names and slapped it around some.

    Dirty, filthy, ACE.

  • Riot

    It’s obvious people are going to do stuff like this since there has been a recall.
    I’d absolutely rag an ace if I’d bought one.

    • hydepark

      I would strip it of parts and send just the receiver in. Technically that’s the firearm soo…

  • datimes

    The report sounded suppressed.

  • Amit Nachman

    I am not sure what IWI did to the original Galil to make it act like this. I had a Galil SAR back in 2005 in the IDF, just as my unit was switching to M-16s. The damned thing was unkillable. When all the other guys already got their “new” rifles(they were actually really old M-16s with IDF shortened barrels), we were at the range and they were all making fun of me for not getting rid of the Galil. At that point I opened the dust cover, put a fist full of mud inside, and said “watch this!”. I proceeded to fire half of the 35 round mag in semi auto, switched to full auto and emptied it without a hickup. With again, a fistfull of mud inside the thing. I once used it to brake a lock open on a storage container after losing the key. We did stupid things with those rifles all the time, and they mostly ran without issues at all.

    • NewMan

      could be due to tighter tolerance.

      • Amit Nachman

        I don’t want to be an Israeli version of rifle is fine….but rifle was fine. Why f*ck with if.

        • iksnilol

          Correction: Rifle *is* fine, it never was! IT SHALL REMAIN ETERNAL!

    • Simcha M.

      Gam ani, Amit…………….
      I used the Galil and Glilon (Galil carbine or SAR) from 1986-1994 in my IDF service and never had a problem no matter where I was stationed: sandy beach sand at Givat Olga, rain and mud at Waset Junction in the Golan, sand in Gaza (1st Intifada) or snow on Mt. Hermon.
      The only time I had a problem with a weapon was when I was issued an M-16/M-203 in the Negev desert for squad leader’s course. The soil was called “loess” and is extremely silty. When wet, it becomes slicker than snot to walk on and God help you if it gets in your action……………
      Now that I live in the US, I have a Century “Golani” and it just aint a Galil, but that is another megilla…………..

  • El Duderino

    And then watch as the ATF torture tests IWI!

  • Esh325

    I think you take too much stake in unscientific tests. There are like a hundred videos of the AK firing in similar conditions fine.

    • Sounds like you missed my point. 🙂

      • Esh325

        It’s not really about being anti-AK or anti-AR, I just think these youtube tests are very much up in the air. He could probably clean off the rifle and go back in two days and the result would be completely different than this video.

        • Joshua

          Scientific testing is expensive and people piss and moan about it when one rifle does better than expected and another does worse because testing in a vacuum isn’t the equivalent of real world use.

          • Rick5555

            Scientific testing for how these You Tube Channels would conduct various test…would not be expensive. None of the channels ever set up an initial baseline. Conducting genetic testing will be expensive.

        • And at what point did you feel like my commentary treated this video as the “end-all, be-all” mud test?

          Fact is, throw an M1 Garand or M14/M1A in heavy mud, it stops working for like five different reasons at once. I can cite tests from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, this decade, and the last, that all demonstrate this perfectly.

          Do that with an AK, and you might get a trigger reset issue like what Tim saw while shooting that video (which is possible with all but the firearms with the absolutely best-sealed trigger openings), but it’ll overall perform a lot better, despite using the same operating mechanism.

          This is the central “point” of the article that you seem to have missed.

          Again, at no point do I say “this is what WILL happen to an AK if you throw it in mud.”

  • gunsandrockets

    Perhaps the moral of all these mud test stories is — don’t dunk your firearm in mud!

    • iksnilol

      Nah, it’s don’t get crap in the trigger group.

      Otherwise you’re good to go.

      • gunsandrockets

        And what would have happened if the barrel wasn’t protected first before dunking? Boom!

  • Kjk

    Seems like he made a lot of excuses in this test. In Still like MAC and his vids but if it was a “lesser” rifle he would have ripped it more.