Breaking: S&W Apologizes to All Those Served With Cease & Desist Order

In this ongoing story of Smith and Wessons major foulup in filing a C&D order on Apex,Brownells etc James Debney, President and CEO of Smith & Wesson apologized to those parties served with a Cease and desist order over the various companies “Dream Gun” project. Debney stated they didn’t fully understand the project.

Here is his apology on behalf of S&W:
I would like to clarify that we fully support the Brownells Dream Guns® Project and we appreciate that it showcases the many ways in which our customers – loyal fans of our M&P brand – can choose to customize their M&P firearms.

Our decision to contact the companies that worked on the project was intended to protect the trademarks that support the M&P brand. When a product bears the Smith & Wesson and M&P trademarks and is purchased new with our lifetime service policy, we want to be sure that the consumer knows it has passed our demanding quality standards.

In our efforts to protect that promise and to preserve the brand that we and our customers cherish, we did not fully understand the intent of the Dream Guns® Project and we overlooked the opportunity to convey our enthusiasm for the creativity and innovation that Brownells and all of the companies involved have demonstrated. We look forward to seeing the firearm on display at the upcoming SHOT Show in January and at the NRA in May.

In large part the blame for this major mistake has been laid at the feet of the companies law firm of Ballard Spahr. No exact details but it appears the law firm may sounded the alarm without anyone checking the facts before acting.

Brownells issued this statement:

I have spoken with James Debney, President of Smith & Wesson, who called me regarding the M&P® Brownells/Apex Dream Gun™,” said Matt Buckingham, Brownells President. “It was a simple misunderstanding about the intention of the project. He made it clear that Smith & Wesson is excited to have their product featured in this fun and unique way. For our part, we are honored to include it in our Dream Gun lineup. Smith & Wesson is a legendary brand in this industry and we continue to be proud partners with them.

Brownells really helped S&W by issuing this statement. It was a very generous thing for Brownells to do and not something you would ordinarily see in this highly competitive business. Of course S&W now has a lot of upset customers to deal with. What is your opinion did S&W do major harm to themselves or will this be a case of forgive and forget?

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Anthony Rosetta

    No big deal for me! I quit buying Smith & Wesson’s when they bent over for Bill Clinton when he was prez. As long as they have that keyhole on their guns, they don’t need my business. I bought quite a few pistols since then, but none of them are Smiths’!

    • E M Johnson

      Agreed, I won’t support them for that same reason

    • Yimmy

      Political atmosphere changes….. did you stop using the public restrooms when all colored people were allowed to use them too? Some of you people are ridiculous.

      • John Smith

        Mostly, because they typically trash them.

      • I’m with you. I have to roll my eyes at the people who don’t buy Rugers because Bill Ruger, a man who’s been dead for almost fifteen years, didn’t want civilians to have full-capacity magazines.

        Never mind the fact that Ruger now sells and supplies such magazines as standard with their autoloading firearms. These people just wish to stay in the 1990’s. The 90’s sucked, so I don’t want to stay there with them.

        • Edeco

          Eh, I’ve bought a Smith and pointed them out to a buddy who ended up buying. But there’s something to be said for holding a grudge for what might seem like an unreasonably long time, with unreasonable intensity. It sends a message.

          Like Cato said “Carthago delenda est.” That is “Carthage must be destroyed”.

          • albaby2

            It’s a grudge because if S&W would have prevailed, that might be the only choice you have is to buy a gun with their software. I think the decision to kiss the Governments behind was not a result of an individual but a political decision reflecting the companies culture and It’s directors.

        • albaby2

          Ruger also has no warranty on their products because they claim they don’t want to comply with the Moss-Magnuson warranty act

        • thebackwoods

          I like a lot of the products Ruger puts out, some not so much, but the ones I have are thoroughbreds for sure.

        • ZeroHedges

          Hey bone thief.. I didnt know that. Screw Bill ruger! Now i hate ruger

      • Donnie Robertson

        I AGREE “YIMMY”! They are “ridiculous” and it’s scary to think many actually CARRY a weapon on their person!

      • Marc

        Really colored people! Wow!

        • avlisk

          I think he should have put “colored” in quotes, to indicate that’s what the signs said at the lunch counters and toilets of the time. I do think that was his intention in his comment, and no disrespect was intended to the sensibilities of 2015. I think. I hope.

    • John Smith

      Plenty of better made ones out there from earlier times.

    • Sandydog

      The company management that WAS dragging down S&W, along with its former corporate masters (Tomkins Ltd) who bowed before Clinton, is no more. S&W is now run by ‘gun people,’ or at least by some that know that they’re making guns and not something else. Holding the modern S&W responsible for the errors of the prior management just isn’t reasonable. Their quality is up, their selection is wider, they’re back to being competitive and a little bit innovative.
      I loathe the keyholes too, but until the litigious attorneys running rampant in this country are all killed, S&W would be pilloried more than they are now for ‘removing a child safety device’ from a gun. Remember, it’s for the children. . .
      I really would like to buy one or more of the newer S&W revolver line, but that keyhole is just unacceptable; If S&W had the courage to do it, offering the keyhole as an option would put me back in their corner. However, so long as there are lawyers, that isn’t likely.

      • I agree with the observations you made. I don’t want to kill all the lawyers, heck we did that TFB would lose a great writer!
        To this day I watch for earlier S&W revolvers that don’t have that stinking keyhole—I hate that thing.

        • Hyok Kim

          That keyhole is a serious potential liability hazard. Keys can break inside the hole, especially when one is trying to unlock it in a hurry or junk could accumulate inside hole, making the gun unoperable even with a key.

      • tarnishedcopper

        Don’t forget the crappy internal parts made from powdered steel also….

        • Bill

          Oh well, there are still a quadrillion Pre-Willie Smiths out there to choose from…

      • richard kluesek

        Sandydog you’re correct in the logical sense, but since the pregenator of this was the “Dreamgun” I humbly fantasize of winning a lotto payout of 500 million or so, buying S&W, firing the lawyers and politically correct management and recalling all the hillaryhole frames to be melted down and replaced. With real frames. Profit is not the motive, I just won the lottery. As far as a child lock, or for any other reason to do so, how about padlocks ? The hasp can be coated to protect the revolver. Or Ruger provides a metal bracket heavily painted to use with a padlock. The cops used handcuffs, one through the frame window for the cylinder, the other through the trigger guard behind the trigger. Safes are better, 2 are best with separation of components.

    • Bill

      Do you have keyholes on your car?. My car keys and locks have malfed more often than my S&W locks. Probably because I looked at the S&W keys, thought “Hey, that’s funny,” and threw them in the junk drawer.

      • BKE Evers

        Apparently you never had to deice a gun on a hunt.

        • Bill

          You’re sort of right, because I don’t hunt, at least anything with wings or more than two legs, but I do service my duty weapons suitably for the environment I’m working in, and you’re right, I’ve never had to deice them.

      • albaby2

        It’s not the locks but the electronic devices S&W agreed to design and put on their products.

    • tarnishedcopper

      I certainly agree with you and am of the same frame of mind! Plus the crappy internal parts made from powdered steel make the new S&W products taboo. Even given that, their retail prices are way too high. I’d rather own a quality classic made the old way than one of their new whizbang models….

    • richard kluesek

      Thumbs up and agree all the way. FYI the 642, 442, and M&P 351 are made without that awful hillaryhole blemish to my best recollection. The older guns of course as well. Colt was politically correct with their smartgun stupid fiasco in addition to dependancy on government contracts, and Khar is politically correct.

  • Drew Coleman

    If it’s happened as presented, I think that S&W will have no long lasting ill effects. I certainly won’t be stopping carrying my M&P.

    S&W does need to protect their company image and trademarks, but they can do it more carefully and tactfully.

    • I tend to agree with you. They made a significant mistake and need to evaluate the procedures for filing these types of documents. It seems there were no checks and balances in place.

    • Donnie Robertson

      DREW THANK YOU! Finally a voice of LOGIC. The conspiracy theory fools can’t seem to understand what happened; it’s always something ‘bad’ with some folks! YA DONE GOOD DREW AND THANKS AGAIN!

  • Al

    They must have thought a Clinton was in office or, they were Apple.

    • Nick Aschenbecker

      lol @ “they were Apple.”!

  • Dracon1201

    That didn’t take long.


  • Are you telling me Tac Insider Network was actually right!?

  • Nick Aschenbecker

    They clearly need a new law firm.

    • Donnie Robertson

      Oh bull. They were TOLD to send the letter and they did; there is no reason to replace the firm. has ALL logic gone from you people who think lawyers simply send letters – especially one like this – WITHOUT a request from their client? Jesus H. Khrist on a crutch; absolutely NO freaking LOGIC!

      • Yeah, actually it is pretty common in IP protection to hire a company to handle it for you, issue them a limited POA tondo so, and ignore it, “secure” in the feeling it is being handled appropriately.

        • jcitizen

          None the less, the old Biblical warning about “scribes of the court” is a wise one!

  • Rick5555

    I find it quite ironic and hypocritical, of people excepting an apology from a smaller company doing something (of this nature) inappropriately. However, when a large manufacture does some thing negative and provides a sincere apology. People are still made. But when a smaller company does this and admits it was wrong. People are understanding….saying it takes a lot for a company to admit wrong doing and apologies. Just incredible. I still think Apex, Brownells, et. al., should’ve contacted S&W, and inform them what they were subsequently doing. In which they were going to present the firearm during Shot Show/NRA Meeting. I’m sure if Apex and other companies openly communicated their intent to SW. Nothing would’ve come of this.

    • David

      This reads a lot to an outsider like someone, possibly in the legal profession spied the information and with either too much independence at the company, too much zeal, without thinking / consulting others in the company, decided a C&D letter was in order. Then after it was out, and S&W got contacted, said lawyerly type was tracked down on the golf course and asked “Dude? WTF?”

      Actual S&W gun people probably stormed of the golf course in frustration, shaking their heads ruefully and asking aloud “Who exactly at the company gave the go ahead for this dipstick to send external communication without consulting department heads?”

      I can totally see how this can happen. At least it seems to be resolved and now the project will go forward…

  • TechnoTriticale

    Ballard Spahr will still get paid, of course.

  • John

    1. Issue cease and desist.
    2. Watch targets scramble and expose plans.
    3. Watch public awareness of brand increase.
    4. Issue apology and smooth things over.
    5. Profit from brand awareness and exposed plans.

    Mission accomplished.

    • Cymond

      Who the heck isn’t aware of S&W?

  • Some Guy

    meh… the only good thing S&W has done in the last 20 years is import Walther guns. Maybe one of these days they’ll actually try something new (or new-ish, even).

    • gunsandrockets

      Model 69

  • Smedley54

    The original letter read like someone ignorant of the gun community did a boilerplate C&D while the normal check & balance crew was on Christmas break. Naturally, my reaction to that thought was “surely not.” Doh.

    Kudos to all involved for being big enough to own it and straighten it out. Now, here’s to all involved working together to build us cooler toys.

    • Be willing to bet the law firm S&W hired is staffed by a bunch of IP lawyers, not “gunnies”. Because they were being hired to do IP protection, not gun design or marketing.

      It’s entirely possible (even probable) no one in the approval chain at the IP firm knows diddly about the gun industry, and their contract with S&W basically put them on autopilot to deal with IP issues autonomously.

      After all, if S&W wanted to have to review each and every case that came up, they’d do the IP protection work in-house.

  • Broz

    Let it lie…they apologized…let it go….the more mention it gets the more free advertising S&W gets…I inherited a K-22 from my dad – inly today looked up the SN…made prior to September 1955…a nice 4 screw model…I neverr liked the original small grip it came with so I changed them for a set of S&W targetr grips…will now hafta find a correct pair of original grips

  • RICH

    Smith & Wesson should just get prices back down to ‘reasonable’ and fire their Legal Staff that “acted too quickly” !

    • tarnishedcopper


  • John Smith

    If they were sincere, they’d find a new crew of shysters to represent them, among other things.

    • Donnie Robertson

      WHY??? The lawyers DID WHAT THEY WERE ASKED! Jesus Khrist! It ain’t that hard to understand!

      • John Smith

        Without checking with their employers first to get the okay, as it is being presented? All the more reason to fire them….

  • lost_dog

    What is presented above is not an apology, it’s a “clarification”. I don’t see the word “sorry” or “apologize” anywhere in that text.

    It looks more akin to the Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius defense. “We thought somebody was trying to steal something, so we opened fire before we knew what was going on.”

    • RH

      I see it now, tomorrow’s TFB headline.
      Breaking News! S&W re-issues apology:
      “OK, maybe we really didn’t get around to the apology part, so let’s try it again.
      We apologize, if we did anything to apologize for. Thank you.”

      • Donni Cairo


  • 360_AD

    Bullshit. The law firm would not have acted without consent from someone at S&W. Simply put, someone at S&W does not understand marketing and is not worthy of his/her job.

    • FightFireJay

      Someone screwed up. They fixed it. Nothing to see hear.

      It’s not like they knew about a dangerous trigger, for over a decade, and did nothing about it. coughRemingtoncough

    • Donnie Robertson

      Oh bunk! S&W apologized and the five companies involved ACCEPTED the apology. Enough of the “conspiracy” garbage! What the heck is wrong with you people who look for the worst in every damned issue that began with a MISUNDERSTANDING? Are ya’ll sure you should Own a gun? Common sense makes folks safer; you have none!

      • LetsTryLibertyAgain

        An apology is better than no apology, but this type of major screw up never should have happened. It indicates that the executives managing S&W have no clue about their customers and the firearms industry. This is not a matter of someone in final assembly accidentally shipped the wrong magazine with a pistol. This is a case of S&W senior management having no understanding of reality and then deliberately taking action that caused a large PR nightmare for the company. To use a firearms analogy, this is like hearing a noise, shooting in the dark, and grievously wounding your neighbor’s six year old kid in his back yard. Yes, an apology is mandatory. You don’t really have a choice about that. But it never should have happened, and the apology doesn’t make everything right again. This isn’t a matter of forgiving S&W. It’s a matter of being able to trust them. Sorry does not excuse this sort of fundamental incompetence.

  • Bill

    Why be upset with S&W, they didn’t do anything really wrong, except maybe not enough due diligence. Brownell’s in particular doesn’t really need anyone’s approval, as they pretty much own their market sector.

    Donald Trump says stupider **** every 45 seconds.

    • me ohmy

      yeah.. vote hillary…douche

      • Bill

        Uh, what? People say “douche” like it’s an insult. It’s really not that much different than a bar of soap, which you probably aren’t familiar with. Douches provide an important valuable service; if a woman needs one I definitely want her to have it.

        On the other hand, I’ll call you a “scumbag,” which derives from a used condom.

        • Be nice guys it’s Christmas:-)

        • me ohmy

          no “douche” like your mom should’ve flushed you out,
          failing that….she should’ve swallowed

          • Bill

            Whoa, another internet tough guy. I’ve peed myself in terror.

          • me ohmy

            if suggesting your mom should’ve given a bj is threatening,
            you’re about as special as a half rotted skunk on the side of the road.
            got that there special?
            you real kinda special..
            especially special.

          • me ohmy


    • Donnie Robertson

      As do far too many judgemental fools out HERE; far too often.

  • DW

    Guys, don’t be too harsh to S&W, think what Glock would do.

  • gunsandrockets

    This could be an episode of ‘The Good Wife’! Lawyers running amok.

  • singleshotcajun

    We gun people are typically friendly people. I am not a S&W fanboy but do own several of their products. We all make mistakes. How many here have never sent an email or posted something only to regret it later? About the locks, S&W now sells handguns without the internal locks and when buying a revolver I buy those 🙂

  • Joe

    I’m satisfied. Taking ownership of their error demonstrates integrity.

    • Jason Lewis

      If it weren’t for the firearms community being pissed they wouldn’t have apologized. No integrity, just saving their own butts.

  • Kimberwarrior45

    The word “overlooked” and “fully understand the intent” does not an apology make. This letter merely explains what they did and the why but in no way asks for forgiveness or understanding. If you were to make this statement to say a spouse would they consider it an apology or you just trying to get out of the trouble you caused yourself without admitting anything? S&W’s letters sound more like a “Yes dear” answer (those who are married will understand this reference).

    • Donnie Robertson

      APOLOGY APOLOGY APOLOGY! They admitted they MISUNDERSTOOD! What APOLOGY would you have them offer? The FIVE companies involved are HAPPY with the explanation ….. I doubt if they give a hoot about the relationship you have with the old lady!

      • Kimberwarrior45

        Here is where we run into the problem. Words mean things so here is the current definitions of:
        Misunderstood- fail to interpret or understand the words or actions of (someone) correctly
        Apology-a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure

        You can see there was no apology. Now we just need to learn what ‘infringed” means from the 1800s and we can have a discussion but only if ‘self evident’ is applied..

      • Cymond

        They admitted they made a mistake but I don’t see anywhere that actually says “sorry”.

  • Tom Currie

    Brownells et al should have just followed S&W’s ridiculous C&D order and stopped using any S&W products for any “Dream Gun” project — after all who the hell really dreams of an S&W M&P anyway!

    • Donnie Robertson

      APEX is the S&W “KING” ……… Randy and Scott do S&W because they KNOW S&W and they KNOW it is top quality stuff. They also don’t dwell on the Billy Clinton crap like so many HERE do on a daily basis!

  • Tom Currie

    Many big firms use automated software that searches the web for anything that somehow might “infringe” on their trademark. The lawyers then send out C&D letters, usually without even bothering to look at the “infringing” website. Things are even worse in the recording and movie industries where nuisance lawsuits are a routine part of doing business.

  • BrianZ

    Get a new law firm. Perhaps one that understands the industry.


      The client should have understood the industry better. But a lawyer who understands the client’s industry is a valuable member of the team.

    • A Venn diagram that encompasses “lawyers who specialize in IP protection and have the resources to monitor activity worldwide to protect a major world leader like S&W” and “lawyers who really understand the American gun industry, including customization” is going to be a *really* skinny orange slice.

  • Donnie Robertson

    Oh my! A tough guy! He must have out on his tough guy socks and feels as if he can actually BE tough! Fool.

  • Tom

    I own four M&P’s and would not have bought them if it wasn’t for the Apex kits – S&W is trying to back out of what was probably a corporate decision.

  • ND

    S&W has every right to protect their brand and trademark. BUT, this is a small industry and I can’t believe someone didn’t pick up the phone and call Brownells before their law firm sent out the letters.

    NO ONE likes heavy handed tactics like this and someone screwed up. Lawyers are a PR firms best friend. LOL

  • Jason Lewis

    Now sell spare parts for the M&P10 and I’ll forgive you. 🙂

  • Tejanojack

    Doesn’t amount to a sneeze in a sandstorm.

  • survivor50

    S&W just threw a “HISSY FIT” !!!
    When caught with their pants down and being ROASTED alive… they back peddled like mad! TLTL…
    They are going to have to kiss a lot of @$$ to smooth this over. And get rid of those ridiculous holes and ATTITUDE !!!

  • Mark Boddy

    Just another example of lawyers making stupid choices out of unchecked arrogance and stupidity!

    • Mark Boddy

      Talk about redundancy! The last “stupidity” should have been “ignorance” my bad.

  • John

    I won’t buy a S&W product again. Their recent refusal to honor their warranty on my Shield after the frame cracked on a new pistol with factory ammunition was enough to make that decision. Stupidity such as the C&D order is more of the same from a firm that’s nothing like what S&W used to be. My first carry weapon, going back many years now, was a S&W 10. They’re no longer a reputable company.

  • albaby2

    This is not S&W’s first mistake. They caved to the Clinton-Gore admin. top create a “smart gun” thinking it would cause the Government to favor S&W and allow it to dominate the market by forcing dealers to drop other brands to get access to the gun loved by government. I won’t touch a S&W ever. They did that to avoid lawsuits by several cities that wanted to hold them responsible for crimes committed with their firearms, That was before the Protection ion of Lawful Commerce in Firearms act. The anti-gun crowd almost got what they wanted with the help of S&W.

  • Lew

    My wife has a 9mm M&P and loves it. I as a IP attorney understand fully why the letter was sent, but I’m more concerned with the firm that didn’t do any research on what was actually transpiring as it relates to a one-off gun that was never to be sold. A major fail by the law firm.

  • Scott Goofus

    I got so indignant that I wrote a letter to S&W about this fiasco. However, they are clearly trying to right a wrong and I applaud them for that. No hard feelings, they make great weapons and I’ll continue to consider their lineup when looking for new toys.

  • zaptoid

    Arrrrgh! lol

  • OldGringo

    OK, blame the lawyers and move on… first careers included 4 different law enforcemnt agencies, the last 25 years as a trial attorney and about 50 years of gun collecting, daily carry etc….I prolly have owned or carried 25-30 SW handguns for work or pleasure and own a bunch today…that being said, something set the lawyers off, who are under a duty to protect those trademarks…however, it seems SW did not properly supervise and could have sent out a nice letter suggesting ways to fix the problem without pizzing everyone off…however, nobody died (Bengazi, San Bernadillo), nobody went broke (Fannie Mae), nobody lost their job ( American public) and those great SW products as well as those from Brownell’s are still in the market,….so just forget it and move on….

  • dltaylor51

    S&W might be getting a little swelled up on itself,a simple phone call would have been more appropriate.

    • GenEarly

      Exactly. People need to just personally communicate with one another before resorting to lawyers and/or calling the police for minor disturbances.

      • dltaylor51

        I imagine that the lawyers at S&W had more to do with this than the company officials after all this is how lawyers feed themselves.

        • GenEarly

          Time for a new law firm, imho.; but then lawyers are scum until we need one!

          • dltaylor51

            Since the beginning of time lawyers have stacked the deck in their favor making certain that when you’re dealing with the law you have to have a mouthpiece as an interpreter just to get past all that legal mumbo jumbo vernacular they use.

          • GenEarly

            So true


    Ready, fire, aim. S&W needs a new law firm.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    That’s a tough letter to write.

    Sorry we don’t understand our customers enough to realize that they wouldn’t like it if we target people in the firearms industry with a lawsuit… exactly as an anti-gun organization would do.

    Sorry we didn’t understand the firearms industry enough to realize that people were our friends, and we mistook them for enemies.

    Sorry that our first clueless action was to sic our lawyers on our friends when we didn’t understand what they were trying to do, rather than simply call Brownells et al and ask what’s up.

    This looks like a typical case of a bunch of litigious corporate executives who don’t understand the company they’ve been selected to manage. It will be difficult for the people within S&W who do have a clue to produce good products their customers want operating under such “leadership”.

  • lonestarlizard

    Sounds to me as if an overzealous S&W employee and the company’s law firm “misunderestimated” what the response would be. I doubt this snafu will damage S&W’s overall reputation.

  • Mike Barela

    Effin lawyers, what can you do? How about taking that law firm to the woodshed and calling it good after that?

    Mike B.

  • borg

    If it happened as described the law firm made the mistake of sending the letters without getting their facts in order. Also Brownells is not in competition since they gun parts and accessories and attacking Smith & Wesson would be biting the hand that feeds them.

    • uisconfruzed

      Add to that Brownells is still one of the best companies I’ve ever done business with, 25 tears now.

  • Mark Bertolet

    I would simply like to thank you Mr. White for your service to our society, in the often times thankless, and certainly largely underpaid profession of law enforcement, a calling which you obviously truly love, as evidenced by your continued involvement in that field, and also the shooting sports in general. Thanks for taking your time to clear this up and keep us all better informed.

  • Quisno Rodonovich

    Owned by the NWO now? I would never trust them till I know they have management dedicated to the people.

    • uisconfruzed

      Nice Python. I looked at a S&W, after owning two of their semis & seeing some factory ammo isn’t safe in S&W 44 mags, I waited until I found an Anaconda. Glad I did.

      • Quisno Rodonovich

        I pack a 10 mm 1006 S&W and beat all my people with shots over 150 yards the python is for short work up close and personal. You see miners have few friends and many enemies cause they want what you have. I train Sherriffs and deputies in Long range shooting. was a sniper in Vietnam.. but as I say like the man underneath me Mr Drew Coleman said it best> till S&W can clean up their act on how to approach the public they got a problem with the likes of me.<

  • tinacn

    Hmmm…well, let’s see…S&W has a law firm that has very little understanding of the retail firearm market, it seems. Could it be that they should fire this law firm and hire a firm that actually KNOWS something about the retail firearms business so this won’t happen again? I’m not holding my breath.

  • Know Thy Enemy

    Dear Fuds,

    Keep your eyes on the waving pocket watch:

    “S&W is the Democrat Party…”
    “S&W is the Democrat Party…”
    “S&W is the Democrat Party…”

    GET EM!

  • PatsFan

    I’m coming down strong on the “forgive and forget” side, especially if I knew the dumba** lawyer was going to get a proverbial kick in the nuts.

    • uisconfruzed

      It would help if S&W fired them.

  • Archie Montgomery

    Everybody screws up from time to time. The corporate body seems to have recognized their error and have publicly apologized and repented (so to speak).

    I have a problem with Smith & Wesson revolvers, as they are currently cheap copies of Smith & Wesson revolvers and except for the models 39, 41 and 52, they’ve never had a satisfactory autopistol.

    If I carry a grudge about Smith & Wesson currently, it is the nasty cheap nature of their once superior revolvers and the politically correct lock.

  • NapNip

    If S&W is serious about making sure that a mistake like this will not happen again, they will follow up the apology with the truthful facts and how it cannot happen again. If that means firing someone or a law agency or whatever, then do it. But it needs to be the truth. If it isn’t, we’ll know.

  • richard kluesek

    S&W, Colt, Khar, et al, are not run by ‘gun guys’ and of course neither are their attorneys. Instead of focusing on credentials like advanced degrees, corporate experience, military/law enforcement background, which are all important, and political correctness which is unworthy of consideration, management should also be shooting ‘gun guys’ who continuously wear a handgun, like their best customers. Gun owners who just keep and store guns, hunters, military personnel in barracks whose arms are locked up away from their access, and law enforcement officers who leave their duty weapon in the locker and go about voluntarily disarmed, are not serious constituents. S&W backed off so as not to offend their base, who would be delighted with aftermarket innovation. Brownell’s customers have power of the purse over all the manufacturers.

  • Jay Michaels

    So, it appears that S&W still is owned by those squirrely Brits.

  • CavScout

    TFB seems to like to try to fire up a witch hunt on different gun manufacturers, sellers, etc. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like here during the 2012/3+ scare with companies like CTD.

    As Red Jacket, H&K, EOtech, Colt, and others can (maybe now S&W?) can confirm that.

  • uisconfruzed

    It’s best to eat crow before it has a chance to get cold.

    I’m still not going to get a S&W semi pistol. Owned two and sold them both off.

  • Hyok Kim

    James Clark has been publicily using the model 10 frame for decades for their custom revolver project.