Top 5 Badass Rifles You Can Buy Today (Perfect for the self Christmas Present)

The marketplace for firearms in the US has not been this rich with options since the 1980s, and consumers now have more choices than they have in decades. In the crowded marketplace however, a few offerings stand out to us as being particularly neat or unusual. Well, with a big holiday around the corner it might be time to get yourself (or a very lucky loved one) a fantastic gift. In this list, we put forth 5 guns that would look great in any collection!

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Guns in this video:
FN P90 / PS90
Steyr AUG
SIG 550 / 556

The full transcript …

– [Voiceover] Hey guys, it’s Alex C. with TFBTV, and the topic of today’s video is going to be five great guns on the market.

Kinda no coincidence, I guess, that this is coming out before Christmas, so might miss the boat on giving a gun to your relatives, but you can always get that nice after Christmas gift for yourself, so we’re kickin’ off the video with a PS90 made by FN Herstal.

The PS90 is the civilian version of the P90, it’s a great gun, it has ambidextrous controls, including the safety right here, which you can actuate with your pointer finger, regardless of the fact that you’re left or right-handed.

It’s really kinda neat, because it’s got a very strange magazine that rotates around 90 degrees to feed, which I’ll show in a little bit, but this is, of course, a registered SBR, as you might notice.

Like I said, all the controls are ambi, including the magazine release.

You’ve got a charging handle located up front on both sides.

All in all, very easy gun to work, take apart, all that, and so on and so forth.

I also put a little micro-aim, or, excuse me, micro Acog on this gun, which is a really nice optic.

I also put a suppressor adaptor on there to go full tilt mall ninja.

Add that little extra giggle factor.

And of course, like I said, I’ll show the magazine right here, very cool, a lot of people have actually asked how this works.

You click in rounds like you would on a normal magazine, but you can see it rotates them 90 degrees, which is pretty cool, actually, making the PS90 something of an oddity.

I don’t use this for anything serious, other than plinking, so it’s kinda one of those guns in the safe that comes out just to put a smile on my face, and there’s really nothin’ wrong with that.

Although I suppose you could hunt rabbits and, well, if you’re a good shot, even maybe white-tailed deer or something.

Next up, that’s gonna be the FN SCAR.

This is a SCAR 16, that’s going to be the 5.56mm version.

The SCAR 16 comes in black, and this tri-colored situation where FN can’t really color match, so they decided, “Eh, screw it, we’ll just “make three different colors.” But I didn’t really care too much about that ’cause I’m not a color matching diva, I guess.

But the controls on the SCAR are also very nice; they’re ambidextrous, this is also made by FN, I guess FN’s figured that whole deal out, but…

The charging handle’s reciprocating, that’s one thing I don’t like about it.

You can see the magazine release is on both sides, which I do like about it.

The safety is in a position where it would be on an AR-15, which is nice if you’re coming from an AR-15.

It’s got a nice cheek comb, cheek riser situation, and a folding stock, unlike your run-of-the-mill AR-15, makin’ the SCAR kind of unique.

It also certainly doesn’t hurt that I think it really looks cool, this is a great-looking firearm, it comes in a lot of Hollywood movies these days, probably for that reason, but it’s also a functionally fantastic firearm, it offers a lot to the user, they’re a little expensive, but they are great, and of course, they also come in 7.62 by 51 if you’re one of the guys that decries 5.56 as a poodle shooting round, so anyways, next up is gonna be kind of a twofer.

A lot of people really like the AUG and a lot of people really like the Tavor, and at risk of starting a fight in the comments, I just went ahead and put both of ’em on here, because they both offer some features that people are gonna prefer; I prefer the AUG, personally, I like that you can pull the barrel out for cleaning or changing to a different caliber, length, what have you, and I also like that it comes with a foregrip that you can fold up in a more traditional posture.

And then of course fold it back down if you want a pistol grip.

Something I like about the Tavor is I like the QD sling swivels.

Which are really nice, actually, and I prefer the safety on the Tavor versus the AUG’s crossbolt style, I just am more familiar with the AR, so both great bullpups, either one would look great in your safe, and both of ’em are available now.

So next up is a variant of the Sig 556, these are still in the market but in a improved form, I’m not sure what improvements they made, but this, I guess, would be the older 5.56, although they still, or sorry, 556, but they still are on the market, they’re really cool, it’s an American-made version of the famous Sig 550 rifles.

There are some 550s in the United States, but pre-banned Sig 550s come in 10,000 dollars often, which is a whole lot of money.

However, these function the same, actually, they have that long stroke piston, they have a safety where it’s like on most rifles these days, they’ve got a folding stock, and they really are pretty well put together guns, a lot of guys don’t like the Exeter Sigs, and get on a high horse when they’re talking about them versus the old 550s, but these are cool guns, guys, and they take down just like an AR-15, in this regard, you can see me separate the two halves, making it pretty good, actually, as a little takedown rifle, if you wanted a substitute for an AR-15 for some reason.

They also do look pretty neat, and they function very reliably, at least my example has, and yeah, I don’t have anything negative to say about it, really.

So lastly we’ve got a kind of a new entry here, this a CZ 805 Bren pistol.

The reviews on these so far have been positive, look forward to our upcoming review on this pistol, and also I’m going to definitely SBR this, so if you’re gonna get this for yourself for Christmas, throw two 100 dollar bills in an envelope for yourself so you can go ahead and pay for that SBR stamp.

The controls are actually quite nice, it’s a lot like a SCAR, it’s got that reciprocating charging handle that you can switch sides with, ambidextrous magazine release, of course, you’ve got your safety where it is on, well, most rifles these days, and yeah, functions familiarly.

The muzzle break is also very pronounced and very nice, very good at doing what it does.

It’s got some irons that come with it, but they leave a little bit to be desired.

Those will probably get replaced, but it does have a nice full-length picatinny rail.

So the 805 offers a lot, and like I said, our upcoming review will be really cool, but anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video, it’s five kinda cool guns that are not an AR-15 that you may be looking for yourself after Christmas.

This is Alex C. with TFBTV, thanks for watching! Hey guys, it’s Alex C. with TFBTV, thanks for watching our video on the top five coolest guns on the market, or whatever I’ve called it, I don’t know what I’m titling it at this point, but if you liked that and you like our other content, why not consider donating to our Patreon account? We do a lot of these commentary videos, basically, so that we have the ability to do shooting videos.

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  • Travis Brown

    Ive been researching these exact guns in recent days for future purchase, such good timing for this.

  • John

    I’d love a functioning Sig 556 but I kinda have a hard time trusting Sig’s QC

    • Treyh007

      Sigs QC…….? What bad experiences have u had with Sigs QC?

      • John

        I’ve had both a 9mm and 40 P229 with long extractors that were FTE’ing badly (2-3x every 50 rounds or so) that had to go back for repair. The 9mm got fixed but for the .40 I sent it back 2-3x for the same reason and finally went screw it. and put a p228 slide on there and it’s been flawless. I’m waiting until I can afford a .40 legacy slide to fix that issue

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      You mean US made Sigs…

      • John

        Yes, I thought that was implied when I said Sig 556s. I dont think the German parent company makes those no?

        • joe

          And yet, I’ve never had a single problem with >5000 rds through my 556. I haven’t had any problems with my 226, either, but I’ll only hit 1000 rds in the next couple of weeks.

    • Scott P

      Go to SIG556 forum. Look for the thread that details the bad serial numbers so you know which one’s to avoid. Problem solved.

  • adverse

    Might want to wait for the latest ‘executive order’.

    • BattleshipGrey

      Why wait?

  • Cal.Bar

    So… the title is “5 Badass RIFLES…” and they come up with four RIFLES and a PISTOL! TFB you only had ONE job on this one. Find 5 RIFLES. (or change the title to 5 badass GUNS…. (to be fair that is what the commentator said in the video) The Bren is DROS’d as a PISTOL. Sure you can SBR it, tax stamp, bla bla bla, (at least half of all Americans live in states where this is NOT possible however).but it is NOT sold as a rifle.

    • I titled the video “5 Badass guns…”
      I did my ONE job.

      • thedonn007

        I think you did more then that.

    • nadnerbus

      My god, next thing you know, they will call a magazine a clip.

      I’m sure we all know it is legally a pistol. It is also just a rifle with the stock omitted, because NFA laws are a pain in the butt. No need to be a pedant.

    • Riot

      P90 Scar Aug Tavor Sig

      That’s five

      • Colin s

        If someone was to be really tarty about it, the p90/ps90 isn’t a rifle either. But you’d have to be a real tart to point it out… Oh wait :$

    • Squirreltakular

      The ATF’s ridiculous opinion nonwithstanding, if it fires a rifle cartridge, it’s a rifle.

    • COL Bull-sigh

      Count AGAIN! It’s actually 5 Rifles and 1 Pistol!
      FN SCAR
      FN P90 / PS90
      Steyr AUG
      CZ 805 BREN
      SIG 550 / 556
      And you really SHOULD move to Texas where you can breath freely!

  • Matthew Groom

    No Robinson Arms XCR? I call bullshit.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Thats a contender for the top 5 RCMP approved, though.

      • Matthew Groom

        By quirk of Canadian law, only the best semi-auto MSR’s may be owned by civilians. I’d put the XCR up against any of the five listed here.

  • UCSPanther

    FAMAE SIG 540, baby!

    • BattleshipGrey

      Does that use FAL furniture (minus the hand guard)?

      • Devil_Doc

        Looks closer to HK than FAL..

      • More similar to SIG SG5xx furniture.

      • UCSPanther

        I have seen one guy fit his SIG 542 (The .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO version) with a FAL flash hider.

  • Southpaw89

    Next 5 badass surplus rifles you can buy for Christmas. That fireball that comes out the muzzle of my M44 ensures its place on the list.

  • Bill

    Kudos for pointing out that these are the salad days for shooters. In the “good old days” your tactical options were the AR15, AR180 or maybe a SIG AMT. If you didn’t carry a revolver, it was a 1911, BHP, S&W M39 or if you were REALLY hot a H&K VP90, maybe a P9.

  • Lance

    You can belive in the Brena nd SIG 550 the SCAR is a POS and the FN P-90 is very VERY under-powered!!!

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      I think that’s a good reason the FN-P90S has 50 rounds on tap in a compact form factor. And I’ve seen lots of people posting YouTube videos and pictures taking down hogs with one shot. Its all about shot placement, and if you miss, you have at least 49 more chances to get it right.

      Though, I don’t think the ammo the government types get to use is under powered.

      • st4

        Lance is the tfb equivalent of the crazy bum that frequents a particular intersection to warn everyone of the anti-Christ raccoons spying on him from the dumpster every night. Best to just move on rather than attempt constructive dialog with such individuals.

        • Hensley Beuron Garlington

          Well, the P90S is more than perfect for anti-Christ raccoons hiding in the dumpsters!

  • Miguel Raton

    Hey, just curious: what’s with the short time frame for cutting off comments? I can see cutting off comments after a defined time period, but seriously, less than a month? Just seems odd, not everyone spends their time lurking TFB…

    Now that’s out of the way, color me jealous: stuck behind the Granola Curtain, we can’t have any of these fun toys. C’est la vie, looking forward to the day I can emigrate to Free America!

    • COL Bull-sigh

      Is the “Granola Curtain” the same as the “Rainbow Curtain”, behind which all the fruits and nuts (and a few real men) live in utter despotism? Or is it the northern half of the east coast, where all the “subjects” live in utter despotism?

  • Just say’n

    P90s looked cool in Stargate. Kinda’ cartoonish in real life.

  • TDog

    Never really did care for the Tavor. For what it is, it’s a bit heavy, a bit unbalanced, and lot expensive. Call me insane (because I probably am), but I always liked the M17 where bullpups are concerned.*

    *note: I’ve only ever owned the Bushmaster version. Haven’t fired or used the K&M version, but I hear it’s pretty awesome.