Black Friday Not So Great (For Guns)

In this episode of TFBTV, I review the flyers and online Black Friday deals from some of the larger retailers, and tells you what’s good (and mostly what’s not) in this year’s bargain hunting. Last week Steve found some good deals on accessories, but I was on the lookout for guns  ….

You can check out the best deals yourself at SlickGun’s Black Friday page. More deals are being added each day.

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  • Sgt. Stedenko

    Kinda sucks is an understatement.
    All the LGS’ in my neck of the woods are doing nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Mike

    no great deals at Dicks, Cabella’s, Bass Pro, Gander, or Field and Stream

    • Paul White

      Or Big 5 or Academy. I’m really bummed honestly

  • Vitsaus

    You’d think with the market so saturated the dealers would be eager to move some inventory.

    • El Duderino

      Not at a loss. Prices are already pretty low.

      • KestrelBike

        For B&M’s, selling at a loss is part of the strategy of loss leaders, or getting peeps in the door to buy special items who then go and buy more things once they’re actually in the store.

        Or retailers will sell at a loss in order to clear inventory and make way for new stock, even if that’s just to get some fresh stuff in for xmas (no sense clinging to stock that’s already a sunk cost)

  • KestrelBike

    Big5 is basically the same kind of store as Dick’s. They’re big on the west coast/california

    Sportsman’s Warehouse is basically like Gander. There are a bunch in Colorado.

  • Don Ward

    A 15 minute TFB Black Friday video? More Like I-Want-My-Time-Back-By…erm…Friday video!

    Amirite guys?

    High five!

    Seriously, I liked it though.

  • Xtorin O’hern

    where i’m at the brick and mortar stores are booming, we have a store that’s walking distance from my house and although when you go in on any normal day their prices are a little high but they are constantly having events and giving stuff away daily, they even post a video to their FB at about 12 every day to talk about what they are giving away and what discounts they are offering

  • Bart

    Great change of pace video. I was dying when you were talking about bros, north face jackets, and yeti coolers.

  • USMC03Vet

    $7 ak47 pmags @ palmetto state armory. Picked up Springfield XD compact mag for $14 last week.

  • kregano

    Honestly, aside from stripped lowers (which you can find pretty easily at $60 out the door at gun shows in central Florida), I haven’t really seen much of anything you’d want to buy offline for a while.

  • gggplaya

    Margin’s are already so low on firearms, you can’t expect great deals this year, otherwise they’d be paying you to take them away.

    • ozzallos .

      Margins are *always* low on firearms, so you gotta ask yourself why is this year different from another year?

      • USMC03Vet

        Reality is sales are skyrocketing again and since the demand is record breaking they don’t have to lower prices to entice sales.

        • tts

          Only thing selling is the cheap stuff though. The expensive stuff is all low volume or way niche.

          • bobby niggs

            That’s cause the expensive stuff doesn’t do anything the cheap stuff can’t. The Galil ACE coming out could be an expensive rifle to sell, as could the Desert Tech MDR-C, and a couple others, but if it’s just an AK with polished rails and some duracoat(COUGH Rifle Dynamics), yeah, it ain’t gonna sell.

  • ozzallos .

    Black Friday is a chance for companies to get back in the black in terms of finances… Somehow, I don’t think gun industry has that problem. Why discount something people will continue to buy at full price?

    • tts

      Small profits per product add up if you can do volume sales and discounts can help you do volume sales. Sales can also be used to attract customers to your store to buy other stuff (ie. Steam, Microcenter, Fry’s, Costco, etc.) Also helps you get rid of old inventory that has been sitting around for the year to mitigate or eliminate losses when new models come out in the following year.

      All this stuff 2+2 level of doing business BTW. Not trying to mock you, it just really is. Like when I was still in high school working retail and they’d tell us this stuff in order to direct customers toward’s the high end goods or to recommend service plans as bundles and upsell this or that back in the 80’s. That and the whole psychology thing behind pricing $100 stuff as $99.99. That crap worked too like it was magic. Still does really.

  • lifetimearearesident

    OK let’s try this one. Just an idea and it might be completely wrong. If I was an executive at a big box sporting goods store I would offer better deals on gun accessories than guns. Why? Easy. Black Friday is a day when the store is overrun with customers. Gun sales take a lot of employee time. Thus, selling a product that takes a lot of employee time on black Friday does not make sense. The increased chance that the national background checks could run extra slow on black Friday is an another reason to not offer gun discounts on black Friday. On the other hand I would offer great discounts on any hunting accessory that is a simple sale. If you can pick it off the shelf and carry it to the cashier then I am more likely to discount this item on black Friday.

  • Suzi Shooter Cook

    Cheaper Than Dirt! Black Friday flyer…

  • Parnell

    The only deals that got my attention & $ were Kentucky Guns SIg sale and Lionheart’s Black Friday. I now have a Sig P938 Scorpion and an LH9N.

  • Geoffry K

    Gander is trying to sell a USED SKS for $400, $200 off regular price. WHAT?!?!?!
    Any C&R dealer will sell you one for $300-$400 if they have any!
    Found one today for $325.

    • Cal S.


      • Fed Up

        Classic Firearms has a bunch of nice SKS rifles.

    • elconquistidor

      $400 for an SKS is crap.

  • Suzi Shooter Cook

    Cheaper Than Dirt! Black Friday flyer

  • Bal256

    LH9 for $399 looks like a pretty good deal

  • hh

    Enjoyed the review. Entertaining to boot. Good job even if there arent that many great deals out there.

  • Ed Ward

    “Black Friday…more like you’re smoking crack Friday…” LOL!

  • Edeco

    Well, I just got the bait & switch laid on me by a local brick and mortar. Not in a crappy way, they seek attention all of the time with free donuts and stuff, trying to build a following bless their little souls. Naturally they would be a little theatrical on Black Friday. I’m not bothered by it, suspected and wanted to check the place out anyway. Prices high, consignments underwhelming.

    It’s a shame, one wants there to be pleasant, brick-and-mortar gun shop, and maybe they’ll make it work for non-enthusiasts. But if one is already set for a basic 9mm and knows one’s butt from a hole in the wall, I’m afraid they’re not much use.

  • Jamie Clemons

    I don’t see any great deals either.