Next Intent Tactical Scope Mount and Gas Block

Next Intent Tactical is a division of Next Intent which is an aerospace company. In fact Next Intent designs and manufactures parts for JPL and NASA. Next Intent built the wheels, forward and aft arms, wheel hubs and other components for JPL’s Mars Exploration Rovers. Now how many companies that make parts for AR 15s have products currently operating in multiple locations on Mars!

NI contribution to the JPL Mars Rover

NI contribution to the JPL Mars Rover

When the company contacted me and included photos of their scope mount and gas block I was honestly taken aback by the obvious quality of these products. The scope mounts come in one inch and 30mm ring size and include a side mount for an RMR type optic or standard BUIS. The mounts are also available in one or two piece designs. The company recommends the one piece to achieve the best accuracy.

One piece rail

One piece rail

The NI gas block is made from Titanium and is adjustable. I never thought I’d call a gas block beautiful but the lines and work really are impressive. The gas block can be purchased raw or Cerakoted in black. .750 and soon .625 sizes are available. MSRP is $119 in the raw and $129 Cerakoted.

TFB has requested both products and will be reviewing them shortly.

NI titanium gas block

NI titanium gas block

They do turn a purple hue after getting very hot.

They do turn a purple hue after getting very hot.

Dead nuts parallel…

All of the alignment surfaces are cut in one pass, on one set up. We do this to ensure that all these control surfaces are parallel to within 0.0001″. Even though this is more expensive than machining these features separately we felt it would help keep things lined up. After extensive testing we can tell you that it does indeed. Return to zero is phenomenal, & no lapping is required. We use our Sodick & Makino Wire EDM’s to cut three surfaces on the scope mounts; the base where it attaches to the picatinny rail of the upper receiver, the inside of the rings, and the profile of the 30° offset rail.

Two mount setups

Two mount setups

From Next Intent Tactical
Expanding on its line of cleverly designed AR accessories and made in the USA on premium CNC machines, Next Intent Tactical offers a multi optic platform that will securely mount your sighting systems to your firearm.

• Wire EDM cut mounting surfaces are absolutely parallel, no honing, no lapping, no bedding required.
• American made from American Aerospace-grade Aluminum
• One-piece attachment model for exceptional return-to-zero
• Two-piece attachment model for ease of mounting
• Type III anodizing ensures a good looking product for years to come.
• 30° offset mount makes for easier transitions than a 45°
• 30° offset mount keeps the Back-Up sights tucked in closer to the rifle.
• Hand-finish blends lines and planes for a low drag product.
• Quality hardware and stainless HeliCoil thread inserts.
• Roll tapped threads instead of cut tapped for increased strength.
• At 8 oz. this mount is lighter than most precision optic mounts in this class while maintaining strength.

Visit to purchase.

• Ring mounts are $189.99 plus shipping (& tax, CA Only).
• ACOG mounts are $159.99 plus shipping (& tax, CA Only).

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Phil Hsueh

    That is a very nice looking gas block. If I were to build an AR with one I’d make sure that the handguard doesn’t cover it since that gas block is too nice looking to hide, esp. if it stays that purple color after getting hot.

    • Squirreltakular

      Right? The machining is gorgeous. I almost want to buy one just as a paperweight or to fiddle with while I’m writing papers.

    • Sianmink

      Right? It’s lovely. Also eager to see what it weighs.

    • JSmath

      You also don’t want one that covers it too much as that’ll make adjusting it pretty dang difficult, practically ruins the purpose of the adjustable function imo (I know – for most, it’s set it and forget it).

      FWIW, it definitely will retain its color – titanium naturally anodizes to those rainbow patterns, which has made it popular as a coating some accessories/tools and other mechanical -things-, exhausts in particular….

  • Phillip Cooper

    Nevermind the overpriced Barbie Gun accessories….

    What can you tell me about the peppers drying in the background?

    • Vitsaus

      Best comment all day.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Thank you, thankyew…
        now…about them chilis…

    • INFI


  • Roadsterjosh

    There is an issue that was not mentioned by the author, the offset of this mount is 30 degrees. Not allowing use of the traditional offset front sights if irons are the intended back up. I like the look of the mounts, and with an RMR the angle would only be a training hurdle.

  • Wolfgar

    The Gas block looks interesting. No bottom set screws but the clamp type, excellent. It also looks like it would fit under small hand guards. I see they remembered to make the gas adjustment screw with a lock so it wont work loose. Looking forward to your review.

  • JSmath

    Dat gas block tho

  • NDS

    LOVE the look of that gas block, clamp-ons are a no-go for me personally but I’m sure they’ll follow suit with so many others and make a set screw version as well.

    Those mounts are priced right in with Bobro and AD, I’ll give them a look before my next purchase.

  • noob

    another +1 for the gorgeous curves on the gas block. Can they do a whole upper and lower, stock and handguard in that aesthetic?

  • Edeco

    One with the RMR stalk in the left plz.

  • Blue Centurion

    So let me get this straight, these are from Area 51 right? Using E.T. metallurgy?