Spectre 80% Polymer Glock Frame

Polymer 80 is coming out with an 80% Glock frame. They are available for pre-sale for $135. MSRP is $179.99. A bit steep for an 80% polymer frame. The kit will include drill bits, the jig, end mill bits and a custom locking block. They project to have frames ready to ship my January 2016. For more information you can go to their website.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • JK


    • Nicholas Chen
      • JK

        Thank you. There’s always Google or Bing, but I’m less likely to get distracted and head off on some tangent if I get it directly from you guys.

        • Dan

          I get lost too, sometimes i end up in the wrong neighborhood of the internet. Some things just cannot be unseen.

  • ClintTorres

    Guess this would be a no-go in CA due to the Handgun Roster.

    • LL

      It’s an 80% frame. CA safe handgun roster has no legal lower over 80% frames.

      • LL

        Legal power…

      • Phil Hsueh

        That’s good to know, now someone just needs to come out with an 80% 1911 lower and I’ll be a happy camper, even if I doubt that I have the tools to work a metal 80% lower.

        • Brian

          That’s already been done. See aresarmor

        • LL

          Plenty of 80% 1911 frames and hand tools to manufacture them into firearms. I recommend searching for stealtharms for such items.

      • ClintTorres

        I know it’s just a hunk of plastic in the eyes of the law but once you’ve milled it out, etc. you’ve “manufactured” a handgun which is now subject to roster compliance. No?

        • Asdf

          nope, that is why the single shot exclusion worked, until they shut that down.

          • ClintTorres

            Yes, single shot exemption now only applies to bolt-action and break-barrel pistols.

        • LL

          You can legally manufacture a firearm and as such can manufacture a 80% Glock or 1911 frame into a firearm. As long as you keep the firearm to yourself for personal use, it will not be subjected to CA’s “safe gun criteria”. However, to serialize the firearm in CA, you’ll have to have built the firearm from a virgin 80% into a single shot pistol. How they enforce this or prove that you did this is beyond me, but those are the facts of building an 80% pistol in CA.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Still has finger grooves…. Of course :

    • uisconfruzed

      File them off. I wish my G23 grooves were at a slight angle, or smaller. Same for my Ergo AR grip.

    • Machinegunnertim

      They stated that the grip is 1911 like and not Glock. Does that mean the angle or basic shape or both? They didn’t specify, but just about everyone now days knows how to make a more ergonomic grip than Glock. Thank goodness P80 improved that part with this frame.

  • Pretty cool. Curious how they hold up under use, but I’m intrigued.

  • tony

    the slide guide rail is part of the polymer frame, not embedded metal inserts like the factory frame

    • Citizen

      I thought there was metal rails that you install post mill-out?

      • Phillip Cooper

        Good question… anyone got an answer…

        • uisconfruzed

          That’s what I understood the vid said.

    • I think their “custom locking block” has slide rails built in, which is what Citizen and uisconfruzed are talking about. So, at least you are not relying 100% on polymer slide rails. But is it a forged, machined, cast, or MIM part?

      I think Polymer80 wants you to pay first, and then find out details later, which is not how I shop.

  • Anomanom

    Serious question, what is the purpose of this? Replace the frame on your glock with a new one?

    • noob

      I expect it is like building a car from a kit, or making your own pottery. It’s a hobby project where you can use it and smile, thinking “I made this”.

      • Anomanom

        Ahh ok. Makes sense now. Ikea Glock. Does it have any better grip angle than the regular Glock?

        • noob

          I can’t really tell from the picture but it looks like they followed the original glock shape pretty closely.

    • Mcameron

      the same purpose as an 80% AR lower….an 80% AK receiver……an 80% 1911 receiver……

      some people like the “no paperwork” aspect of them….other people like the “Do it yourself” aspect of them…….

      i could see a lot of people buying these so they can grind, stipple, and modify their frames, without risking damaging the OEM frame in case they want to sell it later.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Yup, I’m one of the latter…

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      You would have a legal semi-automatic pistol that takes Glock parts and is Glock compatible without doing any paperwork or there being any real record of you having it. For some people, that’s worth a lot.

    • lowell houser

      What’s the point of ANY 80% frame or receiver? To build it and have it without paperwork or government imposed hassles.

    • Nashvone

      Because Brownells carries 387 parts for Glock pistols so you can make yours shoot the way you want it to. With this route, you aren’t stuck with a trigger group, barrel, springs, guide rods, firing pins, slides and sights you bought but don’t want.

    • Dan

      Looks like the grip angle is different

  • Don Ward

    I guess this offering makes sense since we had a James Bond themed weapon article a week or so ago.

    Get it? Because the gun is named Spectre…

    *Gets escorted out of the comments section by the TFB No Pun Police…*

    • Dan

      Hey where’d. Don go? He was right here, then I went to get a soda and now he’s gone.

      • dbhm

        I think he had to pee.

  • Squirreltakular

    80% ARs and Glocks for everyone!!!

    This is excellent.

  • smartacus

    this a non-starter for me.

    i want a full size frame (20 or 21) for my 50GI upper.

    • me ohmy

      got a spare 200K for dies and R&D?
      they’d make it..

    • MR

      If they sell enough of these, they’ll probably expand the product line.

  • Phillip Cooper

    So am I correct in hearing this is a 1911 grip angle on a Glock platform?

    I am late to the Glock party, having just recently obtained a G2 G17, but I do respect it. The dealkiller for me has always been the grip angle- it’s just not comfortable or instinctual, as I was raise on JMB’s finest.

    Also, the frame rails are poly?

    • me ohmy

      partly.. but there is a drop in steel insert for the rails as well…
      I know Loran@Polymer80 personally

      • Phillip Cooper

        Might want to point out to him that we can obtain an already-built version of what he’s offering for the same price.

        Make it $120 and I’m buying.

        • me ohmy

          I will pass that along for you

          • Phillip Cooper

            Make it less than $120 and I’ll buy two 😉

  • Cymond

    Consider me curious. It looks similar to the Lone Wolf frame to me.

  • Edeco

    Ghost glock, 17 caliber clip O.O

    • MR

      In half a second/per half second?

      • Edeco

        Sadly, yes, to disperse*.

        *typed while nodding pedantically.

  • uisconfruzed

    The 1911 grip angle rules me out. That’s one thing I do love about the Glock. They naturally point for me, as does the Ruger MK 22lr pistols.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    This is the coolest 80% project I’ve seen so far…

    …but an 80% P320 trigger group would be even cooler.

  • Jason Lewis

    I need to find people that broke their lowers and offer them $50 for the gun.

  • JK

    I think they forgot to mention 22conversion kits, so that’s, like, four caliber choices available. 9,40, 357 Sig, and 22lr.

  • DClan

    I don’t know, it resembles my lone wolf- timber wolf frame quite a bit.