OT Defense SLS “Nub” Mod

Earlier on TFB we reported about Oregon Trail Defense’s ALS “Nub” Mod for the Safariland line of Level 3 retention holsters. Essentially it is an aluminum part that is installed on the actuating lever that allows release of the handgun from the holster in a much faster and reliable way than the original small piece. Now Oregon Trail Defense seems to be successful with their initial product, enough so to release a new one for the SLS holsters, with the retaining hood that covers the rear portion of the slide of the handgun. It has “backwards compatibility” so this version can be installed on ALS holsters, but I don’t think ALS Nubs can be installed on SLS holsters because of the space limitations with the hood that would prevent it from fully closing. The parts are still aluminum, with a polymer part that should be coming out in the near future. It is currently retailing for $33.50 and has already been released to the public, ready for ordering. From what I’ve seen so far, this small operation has already come out with several product announcements and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, excellent work for a company that must be only a couple of people in operation, I hope they continue down this path. And the owner is a prior Marine so I’m somewhat biased…


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  • Anonymoose

    I know a guy with a nub. You know how they tell you, as a kid, not to stick your body parts out the window of a moving vehicle? Well, he did.

    • Bal256

      Did he look like this?

  • Nicks87

    I’m really not sure what exactly this product does other than subtracting $33.50 from your bank account. I used an SLS equipped holster for a few years and had zero issues with it. I’ve since switched over to the Safariland 6390 ALS holster because I prefer the open top over the “hood”. I’ve been using it for 2 years or so and have yet to run into any problems what-so-ever.

    • otdefense

      Nicks- Try one. Yet to have a customer not LOVE them. It speeds up the draw, makes it easier to get your gun weak handed if you ever lost your strong arm (maybe by sticking it out the window as above) and everybody that uses one gets a big grin as soon as they practice their first draw with it on. Makes it the activation completely fail proof, even with gloves on.

      If your the first guy who doesn’t like it for some reason send it back for a full refund.