SHOT Show Rumors About 5.45 AK Mags from Magpul

It appears that Robski from AK Operators Union has let slip that Magpul will be introducing new 5.45 mags at the upcoming SHOT Show. I am really excited about the prospect of reliable, cheap 5.45 mags. If I am honest the cost of quality AK74 mags is something that has kept me from embracing the 5.45 platform over the more traditional 7.62. I think I see a bunch of 5.45 Magpul magazines in my future.



Patrick R

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  • Magpul has always been pretty open about wanting to do AK-74 mags, so this isn’t a surprise. Plenty of countries using the -74, including a few who could buy them as military aid.

  • KestrelBike

    Oh hell yes. Personally, I love 5.45. It’s just a fun round. I have unfounded hopes that 7N6 will be removed from that stupid list (perhaps when ATF goes TU), but besides that I believe there are still a number of commercial manufacturers exporting 5.45 to the states (Tula, Wolf, Red Army Standard, Bernaul [Brown/Silver bear], US-Hornady, etc)

    • thedonn007

      5.45 cannot be as popular as it used to be due to the stupid ammo ban.

      • Patrick R.

        There are still a TON of 5.45 rifles out there and 5.45 steel case commercial ammo is still cheap, just not as cheap as it was with all of the surplus.

        • R H

          Just thought I might add that there is a lot of fairly cheap NON-CORROSIVE ammo for 5.45 out there. I’ve got a few cans of the old 7N6 stashed away, but I almost always shoot Silver Bear or Monarch. I can actually find the Monarch at some local Academy Sports stores for about $0.30/round.

          As a side note, I’d really like to see what the 5.45 Hornady Vmax does to some small game. Is there any way we could get a review of it?

    • James

      Wish we could go after the batfe or at least the nfa but what sucks is that would draw attention from both sides… at least we can still have fun things even if we do have to pay $200 and jump thru hoops.

      Can’t imagine any soccer mom’s marching for machine guns and silencers for all.

  • Jeremy David Thomson

    That looks like a 7.62x39mm magazine in the picture. Because the 5.45mm doesnt exist yet?

    • Patrick R.

      That is correct. I just pulled the photo from their site.

  • ShootCommEverywhere

    Could Magpul maybe release the M3 7.62x39mm PMags that they said were coming like Q4 2014 before they promise another mag? I’ve had them preordered since right about then.

    • Look what just came in the mail

      • ShootCommEverywhere

        Hm, I swear it was just a couple days ago I checked; DSG must be lagging behind a little bit.

    • Joe

      …… You don’t get out much do ya???

    • Chelovek RuBear

      Many people already received them too… BTW, the new mags are great.

  • Lance

    If the make black and Orange mags I’m on board!!!

    • KestrelBike

      I’ve never seen a clone of the original orange bakelite mags come out that didn’t look like garbage. (mostly all I’ve seen are Tapco mags that tried to duplicate the bakelite orange, and they are hideous) Actually there are some orange bulgarian new production mags that aren’t *too* bad…

  • James

    Glad this exists and I do love AKs in general, but I have long since abandoned most of my non nato chambered guns. Can’t rely on ammo made over seas… sure there’s a bunch now but I’ve already seen it start to dry up and I can’t afford to stock a lot. All it would take is a few more import bans and that’s it. Plus, a lot of it isn’t easy to reload. If things change and foreign surplus ammo becomes dirt cheap again I’ll be all over it but I really don’t see the situation getting any better any time soon.

    • Devil_Doc

      Losing 7n6 was a real pisser, but it hardly stopped 5.45 from coming into the country. It comes in from all over eastern europe, as well as asia. Cheap too… You can also buy ballistic tip loads from Hornady, but who’s spending that kind of money on 5.45? If you’re talking about SHTF, then buy it in bulk now and stockpile. If things go truly sideways, how long can you really expect any ammo to remain available?

      • James

        I’m just worried that with a simple stroke of a pen ALL foreign ammo could be banned from import. Then there’d be a run on what’s here and poof… overnight all the AK owners that didn’t stock up are boned. Like I said I can’t afford to stock much and I like to reload what I can.

        Idk what the odds of that all happening are but they seem to have done just fine restricting imports already.

        Traded my wasr for a Galil clone a few years back for that very reason.

  • n0truscotsman

    They couldn’t come sooner.

    I’ve waited over a decade for promag and tapco to pull their heads out of their behinds when it comes to quality AK mags and they still haven’t figured it out.

    Itll be nice to finally see quality US-made AK magazines. Its amazing how something so simple has eluded many so-called great minds.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      Original AK-mags, both 7,62 and 5,45, are dirt cheap. A batch of 100 factory new mags comes out at about 500 EUR here… If a dealer bothered to go through the right channels, Magpuls are suddenly expensive…

      • n0truscotsman

        Yeah I’ve been buying AK mags since the early 2000s and what used to be cheap military surplus has suddenly been brought into the 20-30 dollar range (Although I’ve recently seen Izzie ones at 45). Magazines like what I used to buy for about 10-12 a pop (green bulgarians) are basically impossible to find on the market now.

        Thats interesting pricing you have available!

  • Steven Allred


  • Franco Eldorado

    I’m looking forward to seeing these mags. I love the 545 and not too worried.. I’ve seen the ammo in bulk still at half what 556 sells for but it isn’t as widely available as 556. If things get bad we have seen 556 become scarce too.. I would like to see some boxer primed brass though..

  • ant1248

    Didn’t the 7n6 ammo ban get undone through an amendment of some “must pass” budget bill that lasts for a year a while back?