Magpul Rem 700 Mag Well now shipping

We covered the Magpul Remington 700 Magazine Well in a previous TFB post where Magpul said they would be releasing the product this past summer. However, delays must have occurred because it is now November and they are just now releasing it for sale. There is no mention of it working in a synthetic Remington 700 stock and my guess is that it doesn’t, because it is for the Magpul Hunter 700. However, shooters are supposed to be using their steel OEM mag wells in their polymer Hunter 700s to begin with, so one may wonder…. MSRP is $69.95. It also has an ambidextrous magazine release.

The Magpul Bolt Action Magazine Well is a drop-in solution for our Remington 700 Hunter Stock for those that are wishing to add detachable box magazine capabilities to their rifle.

By simply removing your OEM bottom metal and our spacer from the Hunter 700 Stock, users can add this reinforced polymer trigger guard and magazine well without the need for custom inletting from gunsmiths. Designed to work with AICS pattern, short action magazines. This kit also includes one Magpul PMAG® 5 7.62 AC.


Made in the USA.



  • Designed specifically for the Hunter 700 Stock and all short action caliber AICS (Accuracy International Chassis Systems) pattern magazines
  • Installs easily with no inletting required*
  • Reinforced polymer construction provides durability with light weight
  • Large trigger guard allows for use with gloves
  • Steel action screw pillars
  • Low-profile, anti-snag ambidextrous magazine release is made of Melonite® treated steel for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Includes one 7.62×51/.308 Winchester PMAG 5 7.62 AC magazine

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  • BattleshipGrey

    I’m hoping the Magpul 700 series does well enough that they start working on Savage stocks and mag wells. I’m not holding my breath though, Savage hasn’t had the best aftermarket support compared to Remington’s.

  • GunKnowItAll

    M14 PMAG

    • Kelly Jackson

      That would be very difficult because the Model 700’s bolt isn’t designed to pickup a round from a staggered magazine.

      • COL Bull-sigh

        That’s strange, because my 700, and a 111 I used to have both have “staggered” internal mags. The rounds are never “staggered” at the time they are pushed forward by the bolt–they are always right in the middle. Look at the picture at the top of the article and maybe go to a gun shop to get a closer look at a 700, since you apparently don’t own one.

        • ostiariusalpha

          Yeah, that was utter nonsense, of course the 700 feeds perfectly fine from a double stack. I will point out that this PMag is designed for compatibility with the AICS magazine system, which means it’s a single stack. Accuracy Int. does make a double stack mag for their AIAW system, but Magpul hasn’t left any hints that they plan on producing a compatible PMag for it anytime in the near future. Also, it seems like GunKnowItAll was more suggesting the kind of PMag he was hoping to see Magpul come out with soon.

          • Kelly Jackson

            Please show us a Remington 700 feeding from an M14 magazine without mods.

            Otherwise let’s keep your utter nonsense to yourself.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Wow, Kelly, you are a moron. You do realize that there are many other double stack magazines out there than just the M14 mag, right? Like the internal mag that almost every Remington 700 comes with right from the factory.

        • NDS

          I’m thinking he meant a staggered magazine like a standard STANAG magazine or a M14 mag – where the feed lips do not narrow the two columns down to a single, centered round. Your example of the m700 internal mag is spot on; it’s staggered until it reaches the top, just like this new Magpul mag and the Accurate Mags, etc.

          • ostiariusalpha

            This PMag is not staggered at all, it is a single stack/single feed magazine. And the Remington 700 internal mag is double stack/dual feed, it’s not a single feed. You need to look inside a 700 some time.

        • Kelly Jackson

          Magpul designed this gun to feed from an M14 magazine?

          Could you cite a source for that nonsense claim?

          PS I’m sure you’re smuggly stroking your neckbeard, but I’m pretty sure Magpul didn’t put too much money or design into their Glock magazines considering they had to recall and fix them all.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Woah! Got us there, Kelly. Even though neither NDS or I even implied that a Model 700 would feed from an M14 magazine, you saw right into our chin beard stroking souls where had hidden away such heresy. Or not.
            And while the PMag GL9 fiasco was a major F-up on Magpul’s part, they had indeed spent the time and money enough on the design that they could immediately fabricate a run of replacement mag bodies with the correct feed lip geometries; it was a mistake of sloppy QA during testing, not lack of investment in engineering.
            Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll continue with my stubble stroking. Mm-hmm.

          • NDS

            Ha man I just had a quality laugh, in public, on the “neckbeard stroking souls” line. Highlight of my day for sure.

      • DeathFromTheShadows

        when the round in in position to feed it isn’t “staggered” it is at the top position, The fact is EVERY 700 magazine internal, external, no matter what, uses staggered rounds, so do Winchesters, Mausers, Rugers, every bolt action that fires a round cartridge, Now if you are trying to say Double Stacked, that is a function of the magazine, not the bolt.

    • GunKnowItAll

      They need to make a M14 PMAG. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • M

    The pmag alone is ~35$ so the actual magwell alone is $35. It’s OK but for magwell I just prefer aluminum

  • NDS

    I’m sure this would work with a normal m700 stock but you would have to inlet it, no different than countless other aftermarket DBM bottom metals out there – but way, way cheaper.

    I’m tempted to try this on my 300blk bolt gun because it has a hard time feeding the short rounds, but I don’t know if switching to the Hunter 700 with a .223 mag will help at all :/

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Does this mean Magpul AICS-mags are shipping?

    …now long action please! Rustle some industry jimmies!

    • ostiariusalpha


  • ostiariusalpha

    Yes, it’s still just a single stack; and I’ve seen plenty of AICS mags. Accuracy likes it nice & roomy in there, but it doesn’t even technically qualify as a semi-stagger magazine.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    This is going to be the thing that makes me finally build a 700 amidst my eleventy-one AR builds. Someone just come out with an 80% 700 receiver so I can sell my house for a gun safe just big enough to sleep in.