Tavor Switchback charging handle

Manticore Arms is coming out with a folding charging handle for the Tavor rifle in mid November. MSRP will be $75, and it has the option of being installed on either side of the Tavor, in addition to having both sides and thus making it truly ambidextrous. Manticore began the company’s product line with a folding AUG charging handle back when they first started, so this is certainly coming full circle by introducing a folding Tavor version.

The Tavor Switchback is a folding charging handle that will work on either side of the Tavor.  The handle is folded out by hand, pulled back comfortably with two fingers, and then released.  The force of the handle going forward will cause it to flip forward, i.e. “switch back”  to the stowage position and lock there via a spring loaded detent and small tab on the handle.
The Tavor Switchback is made of 6061 aluminum that is anodized black, and consists of an inner lug and rod assembly and an out handle assemble which are attached by two screws.  The Tavor Switchback not only can be mounted on either side of the Tavor but with a small modification to the inner plastic gas cover it is possible to run two handles on the rifle at the same time.




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  • Jim

    M4a1 or tavor as the next gun.. This makes it a hard choice with all the new developments coming out for the tavor

    • kregano

      I’m honestly torn between the X-95 (which IWI is apparently bringing to the US) and the RDB. That said, new Tavor accessories always give it a slight edge over newer designs, since they don’t have after-market support (yet).

      • Regulus

        When’s the x95 supposed to come?

        • kregano

          I think 2016, but I don’t know much beyond that, since IWI hasn’t put out a press release, just shown off the X-95 at a few events.

          • HSR47

            I wouldn’t hold my breath for the X95: The design is screaming to be offered as a factory SBR but, given their history with the Galil, they appear to be unwilling to get into the NFA market for non-government customers.

      • John Papadopoulos

        The Tavor is battle proven. The RDB is a new design by a company with a not so stellar track record for quality control…

        • kregano

          I’d rather have a bullpup with a good trigger out of the box and a lower MSRP, than a more expensive bullpup that I have to add a $200 trigger to it to get it shooting decently.

  • Nicholas Chen

    Sweet. I love the look of Sven’s upgrades.

  • Rick5555

    Miles, your first two sentences are run on sentences. Use a period every so often,

    • hikerguy

      How would you edit and revise this? Just curious.

  • John

    It’s an interesting design. But I keep wondering if they’re overdoing it. Put a couple of solid squares of metal or heavy plastic on each side, screw them in, and it’s virtually flawless for what it does. No snagging, no breaking, no worry about the springs failing or anything.

  • Pvt Shekky Goldberg

    As a member of the IDF I can’t recommend this highly enough- I can get off even more shots at unarmed Palestinians in less time.