Top 5 Reasons Guns Are Bad

Many people have been saying for years that guns are inherently bad objects for a plethora of reasons. Well, to see what that whole mess is about, we here at TFBTV did some digging of our own to find out what these reasons are. We came up with what we think are the five big ones.

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– [Voiceover] Hey guys, it’s Alex C. with TFBTV.

A little while back, I was running around town and I noticed on one of the stores, there was a sign like this on the front.

As a gun guy, I was curious as to why people would do this, as I’m quite fond of guns, always have been, presumably always will be.

As it turns out, I did a little research and there are actually large subsections of the population that say guns are bad.

It seems like if guns were bad, someone would’ve said something to me about this over the years.

So, I did a little bit of digging and came up with what I think are the top five reasons guns are, in fact, bad.

So, let’s have a look.

First off, prepare yourself to usually smell like common lubricants and solvents that you would generally use on your firearms.

I’ve actually learned to embrace this by starting my morning off with some No. 9.

After using deodorant, brushing my teeth, and hopping out of the shower, I either use this as aftershave or, often, as cologne.

Most people generally either ask, “What the hell is that smell,” or “What is it in this room that smells weird?” I learned to take that as a compliment.

So, this next one’s gonna be familiar to a lot of y’all.

Most everyone’s probably got their eye on that fancy new gun that they’ve seen every now and then on either the internet or in the counter of the sporting goods store.

You’ve probably even had the clerk hand it to you to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

And eventually, you get the money to let you buy the gun.

When you go to the store and make the decision, maybe tell the clerk that this day’s gonna be the day, it brings you to my next point.

Your wallet is going to hate you.

When they ask for the cash and you bust out your wallet, that comma in your bank statement’s gonna probably disappear if you’re like me.

But, the fun doesn’t end there.

Of course, you know ancillary expenses are going to cost you more money.

You stack it on (laughs) and stack it on, and pretty soon, that comma is going to be permanently gone.

So, this next one’s gonna be a little unusual.

And that’s that guns can actually hurt you.

At any given time, I’ve got four or five different boo-boos from a strange gun, from either field stripping one or even modifying a gun I’ve had for a while.

Even experienced gun people can get bitten every now and then, and I’m going to demonstrate here with this science marker what can become of even your most seasoned Garand shooter.

The plague that is Garand thumb has been taking its toll on shooters now for a couple of generations.

And I thought a science marker might be a good stand-in for an actual human thumb, much less my thumb that’s already messed up from a pre-existing gun injury.

As you can see, the damage to the science marker was pretty extensive and it cracked the body.

This is proof that guns can, in fact, hurt you.

As for my fourth point, I’m going to title it, “Goodbye Free Time, Hello Range Time.” You find that, once you get deep into firearms, most of your free time on weekends is going to be spent at a gun range.

You’re also (laughs) going to waste a whole lot of ammo, so this plays into one of my other points as well.

Basically, your social groups are going to be comprised of the people you find at the range, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

That said, your wife and/or girlfriend will probably get upset and wonder where you are.

So, as for the fifth and final point as to why guns are bad, that’s gonna be entitled, “It Doesn’t Stop There.” Maybe you’ll find that you really like collecting firearms and get into the history.

Maybe you find out that you like hunting and begin stalking deer.

However, it doesn’t stop there, (laughs) and you need an additional rifle for other animals.

You also need a very nice shotgun for dove and duck and goose and what have you.

And then you find that maybe you can cut some of the cost out by reloading, the paradoxical effect of this being that you actually go shooting more and then end up buying more components to fuel your reloading addiction.

Anyways, guys, this was kind of a fun video to make.

Obviously, it was silly and poking fun at some anti-gun people.

That said, I’d like to thank our sponsors, Grizzly Targets and Ventura Munitions.

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Thanks guys.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • ostiariusalpha

    Not to be too dark here, but the unmentioned 6th reason is that they’re not always the best friend to have around when serious depression comes a callin’. Thankfully I’ve only ever had the minor glums, which a shooting session works wonders for.

    • Whenever I get depressed I go to the range. Works wonders.

      • Anonymoose

        What Alex said. I’ve been in horrible suicidal depressions many times, but I’ve never considered shooting myself or others, and doing a little paper-punching always makes me feel happier.

        • Major Tom

          Buckets and glass bottles filled with water are amazing catharsis tools. You feel much better after those.

        • iksnilol

          Can you really call it a suicidal depression if you didn’t consider shooting/killing yourself?

          • Anonymoose

            There are plenty of other, presumably better ways of killing yourself. I cannot recommend any of them though. I’ve seen too many pictures of people who tried to blow their head off, only to end up alive with their jaw or face missing. Also, guns used in suicide are DESTROYED by law, and my family would likely destroy the rest. Also, my turtle would probably starve before they found me, and my dogs would almost certainly eat me.

          • iksnilol

            That I understand. I just thought it was weird to call it suicidal depression if the individiual didn’t want to kill himself.

            I think the one thing I really fear is shooting something and it survives. Like, if somebody wants to ruin my day and I shoot them in the head, imagine them surviving. They’d be pissed and I’d be super embarassed.

      • Otm Shooter

        Roger that. And remember, no single member of the firearms community is alone. There are always others out there who share your same interests and can relate to your woes, even us folks that creep around TFB….

        • Thats the truth. Anytime I hear that someone is in a tough spot, I ask if they would like to go the the range to help cheer them up. I have done this for many people and it has always seemed to take their mind off of lifes problems for at least that short time.

          • Tassiebush

            It’s often the short time frames that matter too.

          • TheSmellofNapalm

            Chris Kyle did the same thing…. Luck of the draw I guess

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            That didn’t work out too well for Chris Kyle.

          • Wolfgar

            There is difference between being suicidal and homicidal,not a good example.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Well, im not a mental health professional but I believe that depression is a component of PTSD. Eddie Ray Routh was also a schizophrenic.
            Im just saying if somebody tells me they are having issues with depression or anxiety my first impulse is not going to be to put a gun in their hand.
            Fishing maybe.

          • Wolfgar

            Agreed! Diagnosing mental illness and treating it is sadly lacking in this nation especially for our veterans. They deserve better.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Absolutely, Chris Kyle struggled with it himself and did an admirable thing by trying to help that guy but he wasn’t equipped to deal with that problem. It got him killed unfortunately.

        • GaryOlson

          I may shuffle, clump, hump, hobble, grumble, dither, walk, hike, hoof, or double-time around; but I do not “creep”. The range bag does not permit a creep function.

          • Anonymoose

            But do you stalk?

          • 11B

            On point with the memes!

      • Renegade

        I can back this one up. Going to the range has brought me out of more than one funk. The methodology, the rhythm while shooting at the target, making the adjustments during a shoot… Plenty to concentrate on.

        • Duncan Idaho

          I told a Buddhist friend that shooting is the American form of meditation.

          The mindfulness at the task at hand, the concentration, the ritual of the aim…and the mag dumping.

      • MrEllis

        Clinical depression doesn’t quite work that way. But some lead therapy always does cheer me up. I’ve never suffered from true depression, we’ve all been down in our lives but I can’t even imagine what a person with clinical depression is going through, doing something fun isn’t.

        • Tassiebush

          True that things can get beyond the point where actions alone would work as interventions, but mental health matters at all levels and doing something enjoyable and healthy for yourself is very important for people suffering any level of depression where they still have that capacity.

    • iksnilol

      That’s a true one. Though it helped me find a reason to live, I don’t know the reason I didn’t pull the trigger about 2-3 years ago.

      • Tassiebush

        I’m glad you didn’t

        • iksnilol

          Me too, I just started thinking back to that time because ostriusalpha mentioned suicide and a guy I really disliked killed himself last week.

          Though I do occasionally think of “timelines” as a consequence. Like, what would have happened if I did do it? How would things play out up to this point? Y’know?

          I am just glad I am “done” with that part of life. Imagine one day waking up and realizing you can’t trust anybody, and those people you can trust are too far away or you’ve lost contact with them. And I wasn’t being paranoid. I will always remember the words of my neighbour in Bosnia: “relax, ain’t your time to shine… yet”

    • Having depression is no joke (BTDT), but there are, frankly, lots of ways to shuffle yourself off this mortal coil. The best way to prevent yourself from doing any of them is to have a strong support network, and that also happens to be one of the better remedies for depression itself, in my experience.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Very true & valid points. With the acknowledgement that a suicide attempt has many complicated factors to it, I’ll put forward that of the 7 attempts by people I’ve known, the 3 men were all too successful with a firearm; of the 4 women only one was successful (none used a gun). That’s just a personal anecdote, but it’s still testimony to the truth that a firearm is a horrifically convenient & effective method to end one’s life.
        Anyways, I hope this bleak crap gets buried at the bottom of the comments, because Alex’ video is friggin’ hilarious and spot on, and that’s what should be focused on. I don’t want to spoil that.

        • Undoubtedly convenient, but I think that has more to do with their perception as weapons than their actual capabilities. It would be cheaper and just as easy to, for example, duct-tape a drill to the wall, and…

          I’ve said too much.

          • Tassiebush

            Hideous mental image there. That’s definitely got to be written into a movie script!

  • Darkpr0

    Garand thumb is one thing, but holy Hakim thumb batman. Those of you who haven’t been munched up by a Hakim, find yourself one, stick a hot dog in and see how much is left afterwards. It’s not pretty.

    • Otm Shooter

      I’m not putting my hot dog anywhere near a Hakim, or a Garand for that matter!

      • Anonymoose

        Not even for AMERICA?

    • Hakim thumb is legitimately dangerous, I know someone who pinched a nerve from Ljungmann thumb and could barely move their hand for a week. Garand thumb is just a love-bite compared to Hakim/Ljungmann thumb.

      • Tassiebush

        I wonder if those designs had lasted longer if they might have lead to an evolutionary pressure to develop a thicker right thumb within some nations. Kind of like the uneven claws of male crabs or the Hitchhiker from the mighty boosh.

    • Zebra Dun

      The oldest Grandson got a 10/22 finger!
      He placed his left hand on the stock magazine and his fingers curled around and in front of the ejection port and bolt.

  • Major Tom

    Garand thumb? Try scope eye! Nothing like getting punched in the face by your own gun!

    • Nothing like getting scope-eye as an experienced shooter and having to work out a flinch because of it all over again.

    • Zebra Dun

      M-14 eye, I had one first day at the range.
      Placed thumb against check just under eye and fired.
      I had a black eye two weeks out of three at the range.
      I was not alone.

  • John

    The only thing this article needs is the word “ass” at the end of the title.

    • Cattoo

      I must be in somewhat of a mood cuz I read that “ass” as if there was a comma a space in front front of it. And I was “why would he say…? Oh never mind”

      • John

        Actually, your title would be funnier.

  • Marty Ewer

    I’m not sure if Obamacare covers “preexisting gun injuries.” LOL Great video, Alex.

  • nova3930

    My first thought was “they regularly lighten my wallet” followed by “not enough space in the safe”

  • Anonymoose

    Guns r bad, mmmkay.

  • Tassiebush

    I now know what love potion no9 is!

  • Mike123

    I get that this video was partially done to amuse, but real don’t put cologne on the bottom side of their wrists. That’s what women do, not men. Even if it is on the Axe commercials, men don’t do that.

    • ostiariusalpha

      It was part of the joke Mike.

  • Lew Siffer

    That sign was supposed to mean “No Firearms?” I thought it meant “No Berettas” and since I was carrying a Ruger, I ignored it…

  • Zebra Dun

    I have asked what’s the difference between a gun murder and a hammer murder and got a surprising answer as to why guns are bad and hammers are OK.
    A Gun was designed specifically to kill with and nothing else.
    A Hammer was designed to drive nails with and nothing else.
    See it’s the designed purpose that bothers folks, not the actual use of either to kill with.
    They will ban guns because they are made to kill yet not hammers because they are not.
    Even if a gun is used to drive a nail and a hammer to kill.

    Owning guns is bad for me because I must struggle to decide which one to shoot first, next and last.

  • RickOAA .

    My only gun woes come from the wife. Apparently “one more” or “last one” wears off after half a dozen times

  • durabo

    “Most guns be bad ‘cuz dey be black” (at least according to Feinstein, Schumer, Obama and Clinocchio, among other Marxists) but nobody accuses them of racism.

  • Peace-full-one

    Hoppes #9 is great !!! but i wouldnt use it as after shave.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    I was surprised it took until almost the end of the video to expose the “reloading to save money” fallacy/rationalization. Guilty as charged. I tell myself that I don’t suffer from a reloading addiction. In fact, I quite enjoy it.

    You know you got it bad when you go to your favorite range because you need to test some new rounds, and realize it’s getting dark three hours later and you’re still picking up brass and you haven’t done any shooting.

  • Simcha M.

    I always assumed that when there is a red circle with a slash through a cartoon depiction of a semi-auto pistol that the owner/operator of the establishment only allows revolvers to be carried within!

    All joking aside, I live in Arizona and we have some businesses that would prefer you to not enter carrying a gun. I ignore them.