Dual-Wielding Belt-Fed 9mm Machine Guns

Ok, I admit it, I am completely awed by Freedom Ordnance’s upcoming 9mm belt-fed upper receivers. Yes, the practicality of said weapons is likely to be minimal, but the fun factor is off the charts, which is an excellent reason in my book to make and buy a firearm.

GY6 vids is one of the first to get their hands on the upper receiver. While they have not fully tested it yet, they have at least taken the time to dual-wield the weapons. The results, especially with the slow-motion, is spectacular.

And yes, I would probably put my tongue out too under the circumstances. It is likely that fun.

Nathan S

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  • Brian

    You can smell the AWESOME!!!

    • Arturo

      The scent is called ” ‘Merica” by Freedom…

  • Jsim

    Is a belt considered a magazine? Cause if not this might be the greatest loop hole to the safe act, belt fed ar15s

    • CrankyFool

      It’s considered an ammunition-feeding device, yes. So in California, for example, I can create a belt, but only with up to 10 rounds.

  • Lance

    Going full Rambo with them I see!!!! 🙂

  • Jeremy David Thomson

    Why carrying handles attached at the muzzle? That’s got to be the least balanced position possible. Just for looks? Like the unused quad rails.

    • Xanderbach

      Could be the barrel changing handles. Could be I’m guessing.

      • PK

        They are.

  • Dan

    If you didn’t stick your tongue out while doing this, I would have to question what kind of person you are.

  • toms

    Suppressor and 147 grain ammo! They could have some battle utility if not just plain cool factor. You could carry a but ton of ammo and lay down a lot of suppressive fire short range. Would suck past 150 yards though.

    • iksnilol

      Don’t forget short barrels. 9mm works perfectly fine out of a 10-15 cm barrel.

      • NDS

        Absolutely right, my 9mm SBR AR has a 4.5″ barrel and runs awesome. Lets me load cheaper 124gr ammo and stay subsonic as well!

        • iksnilol

          124 gr ammo is subsonic out of a pistol length barrel? That’s handy info, I personally like the heavier ammo.

          This belt fed thingy would be awesome with a pistol length barrel and a silencer.

          • NDS

            124gr can be handloaded to be subsonic, the bullets are about 70% the cost of 147gr FMJ.

            I do prefer the 147’s, especially Hornady XTP but they are pricey even when I get large bulk so those aren’t shot in quite the volume of the 124’s. I can’t imagine the ammo expense of the belt fed, but I agree it would be awesome!

    • PK

      For what it’s worth, mine feeds 147gr standard velocity JHP just fine.

    • john doe no name

      9mm Rounds per pound ~ 38.10rds
      5.56 Rounds per pound ~ 37.21rds
      I feel like you’d be better off carrying 556 for more effect to your butt tons of ammo.

  • Geoffry K

    Too bad nobody can buy them.

    • mosinman

      yeah it sucks

    • Patrick M.

      Why wouldn’t you be able to?

    • Reef Blastbody

      In CA or other enemy strongholds, yes, but in Free America, no reason why you can’t. I’m sure they work just fine on a semi auto lower.

  • gunsandrockets

    Impractical? Hmmm, maybe.

    From what I’ve heard the 9mm Colt is pretty durable compared to the 5.56mm. Of course ordinary 9mm ammo is about the same weight as 5.56mm, so that still seems like a bad tradeoff.

    But how light would aluminum cased 9mm with a composite-copper bullet weigh? Half as much as M855a1?

    For some short-ranged application, I can see the value of this 9mm belt-fed.

    • Bill

      Like corridor denial or closet assault. Though if you had a cell-block riot, a couple hundred rounds or 9mm ball ricochetting around might quiet things down pretty quick.

      • gunsandrockets

        “closet assault”?

        • PK

          REALLY close quarters, apparently.

  • PK

    Upcoming? They’ve been delivering pre-orders for weeks now. E-mail him and see, you can order one right this moment to be delivered in under a week.

  • claymore

    DUDE it’s pronounced AMERICA. Maybe his giant tounge sticking out causes his speech impediment.

    • Jake

      “Murica” has been a thing for a while, man. It’s satire.

      • claymore

        Stupid satire

        • itsmefool

          Yep, I agree…plus, 9mm Luger is a foreign cartridge, some might argue. I’d love this much more in .45 ACP!

  • Chris Earp

    Can someone explain to me why this exists? It’s awesome, and I love it. BUT- given that a civilian can’t even legally own a post-86 machine gun (dealers, manufacturers, etc. can, I know) why would they create this? If there’s a semi-auto version, I get it… kind of… Their target market has to be absurdly tiny. That said, I feel like the fact that they did this at ALL is commendable…

    • Cynic

      Because its just an upper if I have a legal pre 86 lower I slap this on and have a cheap to reload low recoil belted machine gun.

    • iksnilol

      It is still useful even in semi auto form. Would make a good SBR and doesn’t require any fancy proprietary magazines with limited capacity.

  • itsmefool

    Would love to hear our dearly departed Col. Jeff Cooper’s thoughts on these belt-fed poodle shooters!

  • Steve

    What the hell?