Big 3 East: Torrey Pines Logic T10 Micro Thermal Sight

Carl Bruce, a patent lawyer with Fish and Richardson, came out to Big 3 East to show off the Torrey Pines T10 thermal sight. Torrey Pines is one of his clients. I was sitting at the wood benches, eating Sonny’s BBQ and mentioned the tiny thermal sight that was announced last Shot Show. Then one of the guys at the table pointed to Carl and said he has them. I immediately went over to Carl and asked if I could see the T10 sight.

The T10 is very small. You can see it mounted on my CZ Scorpion Evo 3. It is only slightly larger than my Burris Fastfire III.

DSC_0090 t10 scorpion


You can see the predator like vision of the T10.

IMG_6491 IMG_6492

According to Carl, the T10-M has an aiming reticle. You can see the rectangular reticle on the screen below. Torrey Pines Logic claims the T10-M has a 120m range.



The T10 thermal sights are the cheapest weapon mounted thermal sight on the market. The only thing cheaper would be a FLIR iPhone case but then you would have to figure out how to mount an iPhone to your weapon. The T10 are $499.99 – $699.99 depending on which model you choose.

Having it mounted to the Scorpion, I did find it a little difficult to get used to the small screen and close focal depth. My eyes have to focus on the screen and not down range. Considering my irons are co-witnessing, it may be possible to use the irons for aiming. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to shoot with the T10 mounted.

Nicholas C

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Ill pass, all you have to do to fool it is cover yourself in mud.

    • Nick

      Doesn’t work. Mythbusters tried it, and what happens is it quickly warms up to above ambient temperature.

      Surprisingly though, these cant see through glass. Glass may be transparent for visible spectrum, but apparently is opaque for the IR wavelength used by thermal optics like FLIR.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        What about pudding?

        Bean dip?

        • El Duderino

          I bet if you covered yourself in a foot of concrete…that might work!

          Article fail…where are the nighttime shots? Who cares about thermals in the daytime?

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I feel that may hinder my operational operability.

          • El Duderino

            Nonmetallic Operational Protective Environment: N.O.P.E.

          • Victor Lourenço

            When you need to spot that one guy with Ebola in an airport terminal and ventilate him……. on second thought, that would be a terrible idea.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        Not very surprising. Glass is a pretty good insulator. If you hold you hand on the glass for a bit, you´ll see a handprint eventually.

      • skusmc

        What people forget is that FLIR is line of sight. It cant see through things like every movie seems to think it can, hence why it usually has problems with seemingly transparent things; it’s actually just reading the surface temperature. I was a FLIR tech in the military for 5 years and the only time I could see ‘through’ something was a water tower that was about half way full.

      • Sam P

        It depends on the type of glass and additional treatments. Glass can range from transparent to opaque to IR. Note that window glass often has treatments to make it reflective to IR to improve energy efficiency (keep heat inside in winter and outside in summer)

      • The Brigadier

        Perhaps the Predators are using old tech.

    • Freedoooom

      Yeah and EMPs too, I’m gonna stick to my iron sights shooting 1/8 MOA with them…

      • Mark

        …until YOU get older and get presbyopia.

      • Matt Bennett

        Yeah okay bud. Holding your muzzle up to a piece of paper and shooting through the same hole repeatedly isn’t quite legit.

      • jeff k

        bullshit your shooting 1/8moa with irons .. from what 10 feet?

  • iksnilol

    So much want. Would be good for a sci-fi build.

  • Mister Thomas

    Interesting idea. Perhaps instead of mounting this device in the normal position like this, it would be better to attach it at the 9 or 3 o’clock position on the weapon. Turn it on only when you need it, and hold the weapon any way that works – such as – to use this to aim the weapon around corners or doorways. As long as you can see the small display at whatever angle you happen to have it, you could fire the weapon without exposing yourself.

  • john huscio

    Seems like it might be good for night use….if only the screen were bigger

  • kahrmudgeon

    This is very cool and i can see it applicable in specialized situations. My concern is that you always must identify and confirm your target, difficult with a heat signature because one orange outline may look a lot like another. It definitely deserves a second article with a practical test. I also need to know if zombies have a heat signature…

    • Bill

      I’m not a zombie fan. Theoretically a dead person assumes ambient temperature, but typically decomposition, being a chemical process, implies heat, like the center of a mulch pile. Further, if they are consuming protein and exerting energy, they would have to generate some heat in the process.

    • Brett

      Short answer: Maybe, Long answer: It depends.

      I stand by the words of Mark Tufo, and Toucan Sam, follow your noise.

  • Joe

    Much more compact than a phone.

  • Kelly Jackson

    That’s such a n00b attachment

  • Nocternus

    I saw a post on these on another forum and they said the downfall is that they have a 9 Hz refresh rate. So if anything is moving they are worthless.

    • Pseudo

      If that is actually true then it’s a gross oversight by the author not to have mentioned that since it would be glaringly obvious seeing it in person…

      • Nocternus

        Just follow the link in the article. Says it right in the specs 9 Hz refresh rate.

    • nova3930

      The t10m, which is the $700 one, has a 30hz refresh according to their website

      • Nocternus

        The $450 one has a 9 Hz refresh rate and only works out to 35 meters.

        • nova3930

          Yeah I got you. Wasn’t disputing you on that. Don’t think that one is worth it for the price.

          I was just pointing out there is one that’s 30hz @$700. Although now that I look again their brochure says it’s only good for 35m too. Seems like they need one that’s 30hz and 100m to make it worth itit.

          • Nocternus

            I think I just misunderstood the niche that this optic fills. If you are not moving and your target isn’t moving either and your target is within 100 feet of you then this optic totally shines. Like in one of those sniper moments when you need to take one of those super difficult static 100 foot shots.

          • nova3930

            Lol yeah, totally not ready for prime time yet. Maybe a few years down the road….

    • rob in katy

      That is the first thing I thought about…if the refresh isn’t instant it won’t be any good for qcb or squirrels.

    • Bryan

      Only the low end model, the one pictured in the story is 30Hz.

      • Nocternus

        Even the 30 Hz $700 model is only effective out to 35 meters. Makes it pretty useless as a rifle optic. I suppose it would be a pretty awesome airsoft optic.

        • Bryan

          Makes a great shotgun, pistol, or carbine optic. Not meant for long range engagements. You want that, you will pay 5-7x more.

          • Nocternus

            You know what else works really great at 35 meters? A flashlight and they are way less than $700.

          • Bryan

            And if you don’t want to give away your position or advantage of surprise? Also, according to their site, the T10N has a maximum effective range of 110 meters. As far as flashlights, specific tools for specific uses….Is this an item that will be used for everything ? No. But you seem intent of “shooting” it down because it doesn’t perform as well as units costing 5-7x more…. It seems you have steak taste but want it for hot dog money…

          • Nocternus

            And the T10N also has a 9 Hz refresh rate. This optic will illuminate the face of anyone using it giving away your position just like a flashlight would. I think it would be an awesome optic had they made it with a 30 Hz refresh rate and 110m range as a minimum. But that is not what is represented here. What is represented here is an optic that is best suited for airsoft.

  • Tassiebush

    Great to see this tech getting cheaper.

  • nova3930

    A thermal sight for $700? Would sure be useful for plugging coyotes at night off my back deck.

    • DIR911911 .

      or the crackhead neighbor coming over the fence

  • Southpaw89

    I’ve actually seen a means to mount an I-phone to your rifle marketed. Cant remember the name but it pops up occasionally, of course the end result looks pretty dorky.

  • Jahanabadi

    According to their site and brochure, the T10-S and T10-M only have a 35m range. The T10-N is the only one with a 120m range (with a 25 degree FOV)

  • JumpIf NotZero

    That’s FLIR’s new hobbiest they’re about $70 and I have one on my work desk. They are DEFINITELY not prime time ready gun optic components.

  • This is so cool. I want one!!!!

    (and it takes a lot to impress a jaded gun blog editor!)

    • DIR911911 .

      for hearing a bump in the night this would be astounding!!

  • Art out West

    Sonny’s BBQ!
    As a former Floridian, I do miss Sonny’s BBQ. Good food, at reasonable prices, unlimited “freefills” of your soda or sweet tea, and then send you home with a 32 oz. to go cup when you leave.
    This sight on the other hand doesn’t look like it would be of much use beyond 10-20 meters.

  • jay

    Cool gadget. The problem I see with this setup, is that, at night that bright screen would light up your face and in a two way shooting situation, you would immediately draw fire. It needs some sort of rubber sleeve to cover that up.
    For hunting, though, it’s pretty cool.

  • Just say’n

    I checked this out at SHOT, pretty dang impressive especially considering the price point. Very innovative too.