The Soviet 7.62×39 Tokarev-Mauser: A Forgotten Carbine

After the decision to create a new family of infantry weapons for the then-new intermediate 7.62x41mm obr.1943 cartridge (the precursor to 7.62×39), Soviet designers were tasked with creating new kinds of weapons in this chambering, including machine guns, selfloading rifles, assault rifles, and bolt-action carbines. This last category was apparently given a low priority, as it was only after the war had ended that any development in this area becomes evident. By this time, the 7.62x41mm cartridge had been replaced by the now-familiar 7.62x39mm round, which had a slightly shorter neck, longer bullet ogive, and steel bullet core.


The KB-P400 entry by Degtyarev, based on the Mosin system. Image source: Maxim Popenker


The weapons were intended as inexpensive rifles for rear-echelon troops, but the semiautomatic SKS carbines were apparently cost-competitive, and production never began for any of the intermediate caliber carbines.


ISS-11P-47 7.62×39 bolt-action carbine, by Simonov. Based on the Mosin system. Image source: Maxim Popenker


All the weapons apparently had 10-round fixed magazines, fed from stripper clips. Beyond that, the requirements are unknown. Even Russian firearms expert Max Popenker does not know how many designers worked on the project, but there were apparently three different patterns of weapon, two very similar Mosin-Nagant-derived weapons, The KB-P400 from Degtyarev, the ISS-11P-47 from Simonov, and a third Mauser-derived design from Tokarev.

11891854_734898126655410_1581149479270668501_o (2)

The Mauser-pattern Tokarev submission, index unknown. Image source: Maxim Popenker


Thanks to Maxim Popenker for the information, and his help ensuring technical accuracy. Also thanks to Retiv for his help translating.

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  • Major Tom

    Sounds kinda like the same or at least similar train of thought that brought about the Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine. But for a completely new round.

    In either case, the weapon came along right after the point folks realized “Why are we using bolt actions when semi-autos or better are just as cheap?”. Cue the SKS, AK-47 and FN FAL (L1A1).

    • Anonymoose

      There was the SAFN, too, before the FAL.

  • DW

    Too bad CZ527 does not accept a bayonet

  • BattleshipGrey

    That would be fun to own. This is the first I’ve heard of these, which probably means that we won’t be seeing them imported, which is too bad since the AIA M10 isn’t available to us either. I like the surplus factor over the newer CZ527, probably because I’m cheap.

  • Vitsaus

    Similar to what the Spanish would do with their 9mm Largo bolt action carbines. I like the concept in a way, a shoulder arm of lower power, handier size, for the sort of forces who are unlikely to need a shoulder arm, but if they have to use one, they have something easy to control and unobtrusive to carry around.

  • Very interesting looking weapon.

  • Don Ward

    It’s a good day on TFB when you learn something new. This is one of those days.

  • iksnilol

    Am I really wanting too much? I just want a handy lightweight bolt action with 10 round mags.

    Something like a CZ 527 that accepts AK mags and SKS stripper clips would be perfect. Is it really too much to ask for?

    • Salty

      that Enfield K conversion by Special Interest Arms looked great, I wish they still did that.

      • iksnilol

        Man, why did you have to mention it? Now I will have to hunt one down in the next year or two. Especially when I saw that it can use single stack AK mags. Also I’ll need to reduce the weight on it. Would be a nice project. But first things first, the Hacksaw Mauser will be the first rifle and project.

  • Bob

    Oooooo… Do want.
    Been thinking of what kind of custom gun I would make if I had the resources, tools, time, and skill, and a bolt action that accepts AK mags is pretty much my main train of thought.

  • tony patric

    very intesting! now i really want to find one!