Details on K&M .308 Bullpup Direct from Ken Himself

Putting .308 into a bullpup rifle is no easy feat. While many companies are working on a solution, it seems that K&M Arms is getting close to a solution with their updated M17S based design.

WeLikeShooting spent some time out at the bullpup shoot and got some details on the upcoming rifle from Ken McAlister from K&M arms. The prototype sports the same Elftmann trigger and linkage that makes its 5.56 little brother quite the shooter. Coupled with an aggressive brake, the design looks to tame the more aggressive recoil.

Barrel options will include a 16″ and 18″ model in 1/10 twist.

Nathan S

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  • Alex. D

    >Putting .308 into a bullpup rifle is no easy feat.
    Oh I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over the sound of the LSR-50.

    • Dan


    • PK

      Did those ever become available? For some reason I thought the company in question had been closed.

      • Seburo

        It’s now the LSR-50A1, under a new company and it looks a bit different.

        • PK

          Would that be “St. George Arms”? There is very little information about this that I could find quickly. So far as I can tell, here we are years later and no version of the LSR is available from anyone.

          • Seburo

            Yeah. Website hasn’t been updated in over a year. Though they did release a Youtube video over a month ago.

          • PK

            A shame to have such an interesting item stay unobtainable for so many years.

  • thedonn007

    Kel-tec RFB

    • Andrew

      ITT: we simply post names of other rifles

      • thedonn007

        Sorry, I thought I was following a trend here.

    • Bruce

      I’m kinda scratching my head at this. I love bullpups but to say it’s hard to put a .308 in a bullpup doesn’t make any sense. I do like the easy takedown and at least an attempt at parts commonality.

  • PK

    If they can keep a reasonable price point, I’m greatly interested in something better hitting the market, especially if they can keep up with demand. The RFB, for example, has been all buy vaporware.

    • thedonn007

      When the RFB first came out, I was all about getting one, but like you said they were hard to get. Then there were some issues with them. To be honest I forgot about the RFB until this article popped up, and I still don’t have a .308 bullpup.

    • Jared Vynn

      $1800 for their 5.56 bullpup.

      • PK

        And the estimate is $2,000 for the .308. Seems perfectly reasonable to me, and if they reach that MSRP I believe they’ll be selling plenty.

        • Southpaw89

          $2,000 is a lot of money in my book, but it is competitive with the current bullpups on the market, at that price it would have to be ambi to some degree, and I would definitely need to shoot one to consider buying one. Still, SBR size without SBR paperwork, along with the full length barrel benefits is very appealing.

        • Secundius

          @ PK.

          K&M say’s about $1,885.00 USD for the .308…

      • Tom

        It is as far as I know 100% American made which ups the cost compared to imported rifles/those using parts. Also its a low volume item so whilst not cheap its not exactly expensive for what it is.

  • Tyler McCommon

    Am I the only one who wants an M1A in wood? No?

    • the Boodge

      You’re not alone, I just picked one up myself…

  • Zang Kang King

    Still waiting for the Desert Tech MDR

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    How does this compare to the DT MDR?

  • DIR911911 .

    shares parts with the 308 I already own , sounds like a bonus. . . . damn my bank account.

  • Daniel

    Looks pretty awesome. They need to get these to market and sell all they can before the MDR hits.

  • noob


  • Darryl

    I would have liked to see how it shot with a can on it.

  • The Brigadier

    I hope its in the same price range as an M1A or a FAL S58.

  • The Brigadier

    I’m curious about the lead in. What are the drawbacks about this BP Nathan? Reliability, recoil, hangfires or all three?